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Season 6 Winx club Fairy Forms
Bloomix- the newest Winx club fairy form give to the winx girls by Bloom, who gave them part of the dragon flame. However the Dragon Queen did and does not have the dragon flame. But she earned hers by jumping in front of a former enemy and taking a hit for him. At that moment she earned an incomplete Bloomix.

Mythix- Little is known about this form, but surprisingly the Dragon Queen earned it when she let go of her negative past and its painful memories.
A wand she owned became her transformation scepter, and as she transformed she was crying, feeling the amazing power of freedom from the chains of hurtful past.

Its unknown how to earn the form of Mythix, but I feel like you earn it or might earn it when you let go of something, but I don't know, I could be wrong.
I don't own Winx club

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