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Quite Gothic but still very chic ;)
One of my favourite creations!

It's just a black necklace and what I really like about it is that there are many small couloured beads in between (Grey and Blue) which makes the black look softer.

While wearing it, people used to tell me it looked gothic but I don't mind. I think it's very chic, quite like for old times :P

Tell me if you like it :D

Posted by Sophie from Milan, Lombardy, Italy • Published See Sophie's 4 projects »
  • How to make a beaded choker. Black Necklace - Step 1
    Step 1

    yellow--> the black rounded beads
    blue--> blue rounded beads
    grey--> grey rounded beads
    the clasp is one with three heads so that you can put three strings in it but you can sure find one with two or even more.

    Follow the picture at the left and right at the end of each round (when you arrived again to the blue bead), pull on the string so that you have a circle. keep doing that until the desired length.

  • How to make a beaded choker. Black Necklace - Step 2
    Step 2

    You want to keep the same format, way of working, except that when you arrive to the grey bead, you don't add one, you just pass it through the one of the precedent line of necklace.

    But however, on the other side, the left one, you do not have any other bead to rely on, so you just add the grey one like usually. keep doing this and you will obtain you beaded necklace :D

    Note: you want to attach at the end of your line, the chain to the clasp.(both sides)




The Mad Hattress
The Mad Hattress · 5 projects
That is the coolest necklace ever!!! The diagram makes it so easy to understand. Can't wait to make my own!! >-<

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