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Black Lentil Fennel Salad and Tangerine Champagne Vinaigrette
What a succulent and refreshing salad this is, not to mention it’s very healthy. I love the texture of the lentils, the crunch of the fennel and bell peppers along with the amazing flavor combination of the tangerine and Asiago.

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  • Step 1


    Sort lentils to make sure there are no rocks then rinse and drain.

    Add the lentils and water in a medium pot and bring to a boil then reduce to medium low and simmer. If you have an electric stove I find it best to bring to a boil on one burner and have another burner on at med low to transfer to.

    Cook until just tender approx. 15 – 20 minutes, you don’t want them to soft or they will be mushy so check them at 15 minutes.

    While the lentils are cooking start the vinaigrette.

  • Step 2


    Add mustard, tangerine juice, zest, salt and pepper to a medium bowl and whisk together.

    Next whisk in the champagne vinegar, then slowly whisk in the olive oil. Stir in the garlic and shallots.

  • Step 3

    The rest

    When the lentils are done drain into a mesh colander and rinse with water to help them cool down. Allow to cool to room temperature.

    Stir in the dressing (I add the whole recipe because I like the extra flavor and I don’t mind the extra liquid. If you want you can add less.)

    Mince the garlic and add to lentils.

    Cut the stalks off the fennel and cut in half then cut out the core and slice as thin as you can then add to lentils.

    Cut bell pepper in half then cut out the core, dice and then add to lentils.

    Grate the asiago with the fine holes on grater, add and stir all ingredients well. (optional)

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