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Portsmouth, England, GB
Domo Kun Phone Sock
Sandwich! :D
Balloon Gift Bag
Voodoo Pin Cushion :]
A gift bag/box made from a balloon :D

This is what I made to put some little goodies in for my fiance for Valentines Day :D I have no idea where I learnt to do this as I was really young and can't remember XD
Of course you can do it for anything, I plan on making one look like an easter egg for him in easter :D


  • How to make a gift bag. Balloon Gift Bag - Step 1
    Step 1

    This is everything you will need :]
    Yes there is a pack of cookies I was hungry, they are not needed for this project XD

  • How to make a gift bag. Balloon Gift Bag - Step 2
    Step 2

    Start by pasting ripped up bits of newspaper onto the balloon. Use the brush to glue them on. By mixing the glue with water the glue will last longer plus it makes it easier glue all the paper on. Use the cup to sit the balloon on.

  • How to make a gift bag. Balloon Gift Bag - Step 3
    Step 3

    As you paste the newspaper on you will want to leave the top of the ballon uncovered like this as this will be the "lid" and where you put the goodies in :]

  • How to make a gift bag. Balloon Gift Bag - Step 4
    Step 4

    You will need about 3 or 4 layers of newspaper to make it strong enough but once you've done that you can pop the balloon. Only pop the balloon when it is totally dry. If it is still wet inside, as the balloon shrinks it will pull the inside layers of newspaper off.

  • How to make a gift bag. Balloon Gift Bag - Step 5
    Step 5

    On a piece of paper draw a circle a little bit smaller then the opening of the balloon and tie thread or a ribbon to it. It will all become clear soon this part XD quite cleaver even tho I've only got it to work once XD

  • How to make a gift bag. Balloon Gift Bag - Step 6
    Step 6

    Paint it! :D Now I didnt have a lot of time so I only painted 2 layers in red without painting it white first to get rid of newspaper prints. Make sure you don't start this the day before you need it XD

  • How to make a gift bag. Balloon Gift Bag - Step 7
    Step 7

    Put the goodies in! :D

  • How to make a gift bag. Balloon Gift Bag - Step 8
    Step 8

    Now this is the tricky part. The bit you cut out in step 5 needs be as thick as the rest of the balloon as the idea is that you stick that bit of paper on with one a few strips of newspaper so when you pull the thread/ribbon it gives way and the "lid" comes off. Hope that makes sense XD Once you've glued it on, paint it.

  • How to make a gift bag. Balloon Gift Bag - Step 9
    Step 9

    Then decorate it! :D Hope all this made sense, any questions just ask :]

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Balloon Gift Bag

Balloon Gift Bag

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Mallika B.
Mallika B. · Guwahati, Assam, IN
so sweet as you are
Luna's acesorios Lucii desu(L)
:O thant iis so usefull!!! thank you for the how to!!!! C:
(P.S. ii had a neiightbor named alex =e.e= ii hate hiim =r.r= :A)
Juliet Vickio
Juliet Vickio · Houston, Texas, US · 6 projects
This is so cool! Can even use it for other occasions! Going to try this Happy
kate v.
kate v. · San Pedro, Calabarzon, PH · 2 projects
Oh my..I love this?! n_n nice project.. Happy I'll try to make one.... Happy
Yaoichou™ · Portsmouth, England, GB · 6 projects
With the lid its a little hit and miss XD I've done it bofore and its worked perfectly and other times the person has pulled too quickly and the thread has come straight out XD
As long as the lid is strong enough it should work fine, I hope Happy
BlackxRainbowx3 · 1 project
If I happen to find a heart shaped balloon I'm totally doing this. Happy

How well does the lid stay on/come off?
Prinz3ssDoku · Lake Wales, Florida, US · 16 projects
very awesome ^-^ im gonna make one for my hubby ^-^
moonfae · Sunrise, Florida, US · 12 projects
an alternative to painting it is using colored tissue paper over the newspaper layers, that's what i do when coverin g balloons. May have to do a couple layers depending on the color you use
Lindsey  N.
Lindsey N. · Backus, Minnesota, US · 29 projects
So simple yet so amazing!
Love it!
moonfae · Sunrise, Florida, US · 12 projects
what a fantastic idea! I've made the paper mache covered balloon thing before but never thought it could be a gift box/bag! excellent!
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