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Punk Jean Vest
Tutu Cuffs!
Checkered Skully Dress
Arrow Dress!! From A Long Skirt And Shirt
From boring tank and loooooong skirt, to something facing all types of directions.

This was in December: My first project done with a friend's old clothes and a donation box full of other clothes and fabric [I hit the jackpot!!] for an upcoming school event in February. It's called Fashion and Recycling, and the few Environmental Committee members and I decided to take donations of old clothes and reconstruct them. This one popped right into my head once I sorted through everything.

It took about 30 minutes to an hour to sew everything all together, and 4 hours to let the fabric paint dry. I even made a matching choker. Innovative!


Diy Loose Summer Dress

Diy Loose Summer Dress

Cute and loose summer dress!

♥ 3
Two Piece Dress From Scratch

Two Piece Dress From Scratch

A two piece blue flannel dress

♥ 2
Quick And Easy Summer Dress

Quick And Easy Summer Dress

Just six seams and some hemming.

♥ 82
Gogol Bordello Shirt Dress

Gogol Bordello Shirt Dress

Have you ever been to an american wedding? Where is the vodka, where is marinated herring?!

♥ 25
Diy Empire Waist Dress

Diy Empire Waist Dress

Simple and flattering!

♥ 5
Unique Dress

Unique Dress

dress from pattern

♥ 8


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