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Get creative and turn that drab room into the dream Arabian douboir!
I had one wall green in my room and the other white and it was seriously drab. I felt like adding red but I didn't want to paint a whole wall red so instead I used a homemade stencil.

Posted by Bohemiansky from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa • Published See Bohemiansky's 14 projects »
  • Step 1

    To make the stencil: print out any pattern that will work as stencil and trace it on an old x-ray. If you are confident in your drawing skills you can even draw anything directly onto the x-ray. Cut out the necessary parts and there you have a stencil that costs you nothing!

  • Step 2

    You’ll perhaps not see it on the photos but my stenciled pattern has a glossy effect, it certainly does look better than a normal matte effect because it seems almost embossed on the wall. The main problem is that it is an oil-based paint, which that makes it incredibly difficult to use. Firstly, if you ever want to paint over it you have to remove it with turpentine and only then will you be able to cover it up. Secondly, it is a “sticky” paint and thirdly you will struggle to clean your hands, so use gloves!

  • Step 3

    You can use a brush, which will make your paint seem darker but the problem is that it takes long, your arm will hurt and you will ruin the brush. I used an old piece of sponge, which was quite effective. Another good idea is to use a piece of material that you bundle up in a smooth ball or I have also heard it is best to use a small paint roller.

  • Step 4

    To create the whole Arabian effect, add it around windows and doors. It looks good to use one pattern and change the way you use it, as I made one on the corners and used only half of the pattern, but different patterns will also work, if you plan well! It is very important to first plan were you are going to stencil, how many repeats and the spacing.

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Bohemiansky · Cape Town, Western Cape, ZA · 14 projects
I got mine from the hospital, but if you know someone who has been in the hospital a few years back and won't use their old x-rays again, you can use them.
AgitProp. · Dublin, Dublin, IE · 4 projects
Where on earth do you get an old x-ray?
Bohemiansky · Cape Town, Western Cape, ZA · 14 projects
Definitely, I would suggest that you check out http://www.craftsmanspace.com for more pattern inspiration, this specific site is great because they give you the outline of the pattern, making it easier to use.
cupcake gangster
cupcake gangster · 64 projects
i'm redoing my bdrm w a india theme & this will look so good in there!!!
Emily · Brisbane, Queensland, AU · 4 projects
it looks so cool!
SparrowFae · Carthage, Missouri, US · 41 projects
Beautiful!!! I love the idea of a room that looks like the inside of Jeannie's bottle(from I Dream of Jeannie)
Elizabeth · La Celle-sous-Gouzon, Limousin, FR · 46 projects
that's pretty great!

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