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All this with only 24 hours to complete it...
So every year my college's art program holds a 24-Hour Art Festival. At these festivals, participants are given a theme, random elements, and a necessary sentence, all which must appear in their piece. Their piece can be anything- a play, a painting, a sculpture, a song, a dance- but it has to be done within 24 hours of receiving the required elements and stuff. So here is my submission- it took a long time and this was a really hard challenge. If anyone's interested to know the necessary themes, or what my piece's story is, let me know!

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Emily · Naples, Florida, US · 132 projects
My piece's story goes kind of like this:

A child is lost in a post-apocalyptic world, full of desecration and destruction. He or she finds it eerily beautiful, this world without people, without life; when he comes upon a butterfly, so beautiful and vibrant among the litter. He puts it in a glass jar, and carries it with him as he explores the rubble. But he begins to see that the butterfly cannot live in the jar; its wings are fading and its flutters become more and more desperate. He realizes that before he leaves, he must let the butterfly go; even though it may die in this destruction, it cannot live in captivity. It cannot live without freedom.

My piece is meant to capture the moment when he sets it free; his eyes are the only conveyance of emotion, and even that emotion is questionable. Did euphoria set in? Did the butterfly stay or go? What will happen to the boy? These are things meant for pondering by the audience.

Hope you enjoy! It was a challenge coming up with the concept and then executing it all in 24 hours, but well worth it.
Emily · Naples, Florida, US · 132 projects
Well, TK...

The required elements were: blue, home, potatoes, a "pale" of water, chocolate, coconuts, and a glass jar. (These HAD to be in your piece somewhere.)

The theme was "Euphoria comes from letting go. The opposite is also true." (Had to be incorporated.)

The necessary sentence was: "Smiling like a god, he swung around in circles on the old rope swing, tied to a tree, down by the creek. Bats traced fancy designs in the air in and out of the laughter of the boy and his friends." (Had to be interpreted.)

And the story required was about "a boy or girl lost in a scary but beautiful world; they find a treasure but discover that the treasure must be left behind. To go or not to go?" (Had to be incorporated.)
TK Rainy
TK Rainy · Kennewick, Washington, US · 19 projects
I wanna know the story and such..
Maribug · Port of Spain, Port of Spain, TT · 35 projects
i love the part with the hands holding the glass and the butterfly coming out
very creative!!

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