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40's hair
I love 40's style hair, so I found some pic's of my grandmother and went from there. This was my first attempt and it came out well I think. After some practice I really have it down now and can do many of the 40's style hair.

You can find how to's on youtube.....(wish I had known that before lol) Anyway have a go at it. They really are nice styles to do.

Posted by Lady Grim from Whigham, Georgia, United States • Published See Lady Grim's 5 projects »


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Dayana M.
Dayana M. · 5 projects
i love your red hair *-*
Please, make a tutorial ^^


CO + K User

I love the combination of the modern colour and the vintage style.
Lady Grim
Lady Grim · Whigham, Georgia, US · 5 projects
lol yea it takes a bit to get them right but once you get it your good to go. I do suggest that when trying to do this hair style for the first time (and even after) it helps to use a curling iron. It makes it easier to roll.
ErsatzEpiphany · Seattle, Washington, US · 105 projects
this looks great! i admire your patience, i always just give up on hairstyles.
Lady Grim
Lady Grim · Whigham, Georgia, US · 5 projects
Thanks ^^
Cherry Kitten Bomb
Cherry Kitten Bomb · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 19 projects
Love it! I like the picture of you and your sweetheart too. Happy
Lady Grim
Lady Grim · Whigham, Georgia, US · 5 projects
Yea the pink dose look good with this style.
I've tried the hair rats but they didn't work as well for me so I just roll it until I like it then use lots and lots of bobby pins and hairspray. Though the drawback to using the hairspray is it slowly strips the pink out, but I have to re-color it every month anyway so no biggie. But yea, just as soon as I can find my web cam (I just moved)I'll do some how to's on 40's hair...maybe even one on how to color hair without damaging it.
Arty Kitkat
Arty Kitkat · St Albans, England, GB · 61 projects
you should check out the tutorial on Mooky Chick - theres a really good one using foam rollers. I love the fact that yours is with red hair - it kind of undates the look Happy
Lady Grim
Lady Grim · Whigham, Georgia, US · 5 projects
I'll do a tutorial soon for all who wanna know howHappy
Minimax · Antwerp, Flanders, BE · 56 projects
Wow, looks awesome. I've been trying to get my hair like that, but it hasn't worked so far, no matter how much hairspray I use :p
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