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12 simple tips
I know this isnt really a craft,but these are some simple tips how to make things easy in the kitchen.Almost every tip I learned from my grandmother.So here it goes:

Posted by violetta from Temerin, Vojvodina, Serbia • Published See violetta's 207 projects »
  • Step 1

    1.If you are cooking rice,just put a small spoon in the pot before the rice and it wont stick to the bottom of the pot.

    2.If your braising onions and you burned it a little,just add a bit of salt and the burned taste will go away.

    3.If your outside of the pot burns or gets smutty,add salt to cold water,heat it up and it will come off easy.

    4.You where chopping onions and your hand smells like onions all day?Just rub some salt on them,wash it off and put on some hand cream.

    5.If you added too much salt to your soup,add 1-2 potatoes and when their fully cooked take them out.The potatoes will soak up the salt.

    6.If the onions are burning your eyes,put them in the fridge before your using them,waight for a half our and cut the with a wet knife.

    7.If you dont have baking powder at home,use cooking soda instead.

    8.The most simple way to peel tomatoes is to cut an X on the bottom of the tomatoes,dip them in boiling water and peel them.

    9.If you soup is too greasy or oily just add some salad leafs,they will soak up the oil.

    1O.You dont have to use honey just for sweets,If you daub the meat before cooking it in the oven,it will get nice and crispy.

    11.If your making cake with fruits on the top just sprinkle them with some lemon juice and it wont turn brown.

    12.If your cutting board smells like onions,rub it with lemon juice and salt and wash it in cold water.

    Thanks for reading and I hope I helped with something.

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Senevilla · 10 projects
Cool! These are really helpful for people who tend to blow up oatmeal! (yes, I've done that 3 times)
† Wayward Deer †
† Wayward Deer † · Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US · 7 projects
Frog + knife = not safe
Lotusburger · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 11 projects
That frog photo is great!
Handy tips, thanks!
Mistress Nora of Madness
Mistress Nora of Madness · Potterville, Michigan, US · 33 projects
I agree with Lotusburger. The Frog pic is great.
elisha · Picayune, Mississippi, US · 41 projects
cool tips, and also if your hands smell like onions or garlic if you have a stainless steel sink or spoon or something rub it all over your hands under running water, i swear it works, and if chopping onions and you dont want your eyes to burn stick out your tongue and keep it there.
Emily B.
Emily B. · Montreal, Quebec, CA · 11 projects
Great Tips! Thanks!
ale_corason · Mexico City, Federal District, MX · 49 projects
I love it, thank you hun...

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