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We've got our hands on a Selfie Toaster from Burnt Impressions for this week's #CraftTest and have been toasting up recipes featuring the face of Crafterella and Jesus for you to try at home. Tuck into a Grilled Briesus, Superhero Pop Tarts, Holy Guacamole Pancakes and a Mac N Cheese Grilled Cheese.

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Come for a #CraftRoomTour around Candice Ayala's sewing corner in Los Angeles.

My most favorite thing about my sewing space would have to be my “Happy Shelf”. It’s a little shelf right in from of my sewing table where I put all my little trinkets and memorabilia of things that make me happy.

Heidi from Hello Speckless recreates the look of Amelie for #DIYTheLook

Amelie -- the dreamer, the do-gooder, the imagination run wild. Here are a handful of tutorials to get Amelie's look: very simple, a little vintage, clean lines cut with a bit of feminine . . . a notebook to record adventures in and a gnome to share them with!

Our Sidekicks are testing out the new Craft Space Organizer from OttLite for today's #CraftTest and seeing how a natural daylight light can enhance your craft photos.

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Learn how-to paint a watercolor effect in #TechniqueTuesday with Elena from Talons et Bonbons and then make her watercolor envelopes.

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Mix a Rebel Iced Tea, Hazelnut Russian and Saigon Cooler cocktail in #ABiteToEat with REBEL, Cork.

We head to Madison, Wisconsin to meet Hannah, a thrift store legend!

How did you find CO+K and why did you join?

I found CO+K through a Google search many many years ago. I joined because I had never seen a space full of people who were just as weird and creative like me! (And I still haven't found one quite like it.)

What projects are you currently working on?

I'm kind of going through an accessory phase and have been making a lot of clutches & purses. It's getting out of hand!

Dunfermline, United Kingdom •

Learn how-to cook traditional Scottish Tablet in #AroundTheWorldIn80Dishes with Jackie in Dunfermline, Scotland.

Our sidekicks are stitching up mini skein projects with Space Cadet Yarn in today's #CraftTest and making a narwhal, yarn wreath, cat hat and diamond doily.

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My name is Freya and I'm a freelance children's book illustrator who lives in the South West. I love to conjure up strange characters, animals and multiple eyed monsters and create fantastical worlds and places for them to inhabit and get lost in.

I completed my studies at Falmouth University amongst the Cornish beaches and tropical gardens, receiving a first class Hons in BA illustration.

I have two pet cats and two pet rats.

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