Space Cadet Yarn

Our sidekicks are stitching up mini skein projects with Space Cadet Yarn in today's #CraftTest and making a narwhal, yarn wreath, cat hat and diamond doily.

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Amigurumi Narwhal by Ames

SpaceCadet's yarn: SpaceCadet's mini yarn-skein club is a great way to try different colors and textures of yarn in a fun and an affordable way!

Yarn Wreath by Maya

I liked that it was soft, easy to work with and came in stunningly beautiful hues. It was a great starter yarn for someone who has never worked with fingering weight before.

Bunny Ear Cat Hat by Cat

These mini skeins are so pretty and perfect for quick projects. The skein I used for this hat had specks of glitter and looked absolutely gorgeous when stitched up.

Diamond Doily by Violette

Beautiful lace. Each skein has such a vibrancy and uniqueness to it. Perfect for a small project on a rainy day.

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