Selfie Toaster

We've got our hands on a Selfie Toaster from Burnt Impressions for this week's #CraftTest and have been toasting up recipes featuring the face of Crafterella and Jesus for you to try at home. Tuck into a Grilled Briesus, Superhero Pop Tarts, Holy Guacamole Pancakes and a Mac N Cheese Grilled Cheese.

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Grilled Cheese Mac N Cheese

If you love Mac N Cheese as much as Crafterella, our crafty superherom then this is the grilled cheese for you. Filled with a thick layer of macaroni and topped with extra cheese, this sandwich packs enough punch to make anyone feel super!

Holy Guacamole & Salmon Coconut Milk Pancakes

These wholesome and holy coconut pancakes are perfect for Sunday brunch topped with crushed avocado, smoked salmon, dill and creme fraiche.

Superhero Pop Tarts

Even Superheroes need to eat breakfast and these peanut butter & jelly pop tarts are so easy to make that Crafterella can save the world without an empty stomach!

Grilled Briejus

Stuffed with melted brie, cranberry, Quorn ham and crunchy walnuts, this grilled cheese tastes like it came from heaven.

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