OttLite Craft Space Organizer

Our Sidekicks are testing out the new Craft Space Organizer from OttLite for today's #CraftTest and seeing how a natural daylight light can enhance your craft photos.

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Clover Charm by Pam

The best part is that I don't have to have a big professional set up to get natural lighting in my photos at home. There is a style of OttLite for every situation.

Paper Wildflower Chandelier by Mandy

The OttLite was extremely helpful for this project. I had to work with small pieces and the natural light made it so much easier to see the pieces. The adjustable neck made it easy to position the light in any direction I needed. I love the little compartments at the base of the lamp. Useful for holding pens and little knickknacks!

Geometric Cat Necklace by Cat

The OttLite has made a huge difference to my crafting and tutorial photos. It gets really dark here in Scotland in the winter, so if you want to craft in good light, you have to do it early in the day. However, I'm a bit of a night owl when it comes to creativity, so now with my new light, I'm able to craft and take photos into the night. To show you what a difference it makes, I've made a tutorial with photos using the light on the left and photos without the light on the right.

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