This week we're testing out a set of nail wraps from Jamberry Nails, giving our US readers a chance to win a set and teaching you how-to apply them. As well as offering over 300 designs to choose from, you can also make your own custom wraps via the Jamberry Nails website, so Cat volunteered herself as this week's Craft Test Sidekick, designed her own and shared her tips for applying them:


Cat's Notes:

The nail wraps were nice and simple to design using the website and the guides to get the print just right. The beauty of nail wraps is that you can have a really complicated design with the tiniest of details, which would be almost impossible with traditional nail varnish. I don't have a lot of experience will nail art, so I found the application a little tricky and it took a little longer a than I had expected - so I'd recommend applying them when you've got free time on your hands, rather than an hour before you have to leave for a party. The end result looked amazing and it was so much easier than attempting to paint a similar look.




Lillystarky18 · Elmira, New York, US
I get them through A friend and absolutely love them. After the first time you put them on they go on so much easier because you know what you're doing. I've put mine on in 20 minutes before. My friend does games and give samples away. She makes it fun to go nail design shopping. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=559166177532354
Shannon G.
Shannon G. · Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, US · 6 projects
Feel free to contact me with any questions! I have Jamberry experience! Happy
NaileditBOOM@gmail.com or http://naileditboom.jamberrynails.net/
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