Speedball Ultimate Screen Printing Kit

Our sidekicks try out Speedball's Ultimate Screen Printing Kit for this week's Craft Test and print up some awesome cactus napkins, a nativity pillow and Cut Out + Keep tote bag!

Cactus Napkins by Katie

This was my first attempt at screen printing and Speedball’s kit was definitely helpful! I loved that it came with everything that I needed for the drawing fluid technique as well as the photo emulsion method.

Nativity Pillow by Danion

I love how it turned out. The colors especially. I love the fact that it wasn't a crisp clean screen print (although I might not like it with other projects) because it it feels so much more like the messy, down to earth Christmas' I grew up with.

Printed Tote Bag by Pam

I really liked testing the different methods of screen printing. You can stick with the basics for quick easy projects or try the more complicated style for detailed prints.

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RareJewel · Richmond, Virginia, US
Screen printing has been on my to try list for a while now. I do wonder how durable the screen print is for items that have to be washed though. Thanks for the review of this kit.
Loretta H.
Loretta H. · Winston, Oregon, US
This would make so many projects. All the holidays would be covered so easy and so pretty. I have done projects of different kinds for over 52 years, but never tried this. I would love to try it. thank you.
cindyzs · Tampa, Florida, US
oh yes I would love to be a 'tester'!! would love to try that Speedball's Ultimate Screen Printing Kit first!! Happy Always wanted to 'learn' screen printing, just never the available funds to do so! But I think becoming a 'Sidekick' and craft testing is right up my alley! been a crafter for 47 years! (started at 6) Happy thanks for your consideration!
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