This week the Sidekicks are trying out the Multipom in our Craft Test and making dozens of little pom poms to craft for a pom pom letter, Up house mobile and festive pom pom wreath.

Pom Pom Letter by Sophie

I found the Multipom really easy to use and loved the variety in size and fullness of the pom poms I could use it to create. This really cuts down the time-heavy aspect of creating pom poms and allows you to have more fun using them!

Up House Pom Pom Mobile by Kathryn

I thought the Multipom was such a simple, but ingenious design – I made more pom poms in the space of a few hours than I’d previously made throughout my entire life! It took a bit of trial and error to get small pom poms that were still round and fluffy, without a visible centre line, but I think I cracked it.

Festive Pom Pom Wreath by Katie

I really enjoyed using the pom pom maker and found it simple to use. Although it was very difficult to tie the individual pom poms together and they ended up being a bit loose which was a shame. I can see it being great fun for projects that need lots of pom poms and it would save you a lot of time!

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