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Learn how-to cook smoked mackerel, beetroot & apple fritters and chermoula paste with Edinburgh's Broughton Delicatessen.

How did you get started?

Just over 8 years ago my husband and I (we had just got married in the December - our honeymoon was the business!!) got the keys to the cafe. It took us about six months on a very tight budget with help from friends and a lot of slog from us to get the property the way we wanted it, so in September 2006 we opened the doors. We began with very simple ideas with a simple takeaway menu, six months later we opened the cafe and we have not looked back. Our menu has expanded but I have made sure that all our ingredients are top notch and made into dishes that have a homemade quality.

Where are you located?

The deli is located on Barony Street which is just off Broughton street. This part of Edinburgh has a lovely feel about it, it is quite bohemian, very relaxed with an amazing array of customers. We have lots of lovely crafty shops nearby, a local butcher and fishmonger and a fantastic health food shop - Real Foods, so Broughton Street has a lot to offer.

What are your specialities?

We seem to have built up a very good reputation for our brunch, people seem to come from far and wide to try them. We also make lovely salads, which are very popular with the lunchtime customers. We make around six different salads each day and customers can buy a pot of salad with all of them mixed together - sounds a bit strange but i promise you it works!
So much effort goes into making everything from scratch it is hard to single out a few things. I think every tart, dip, cooked ham, salad, cake, bun, chutney, jam - and the rest, all work to make everything our speciality

What's your personal favorite thing on the menu?

Definitely our salads - i think i am a bit of a salad freak, the combination of flavours and textures just really makes for a very satisfying meal, which i find hard to find elsewhere.

What's on the stereo?

I really should know, however that is my husband's domain. He runs a record label called Athens of the North which specialises in sparkly modern soul and disco, he makes the playlists. So i think a bit of all that stuff!!

Where else should we visit in your area?

You should go and visit L'Escargot bleu a delicious French restaurant, curiouser and curiouser a really good gift shop and picture framer, Concrete wardrobe a craft shop and Life story a lovely home store with just lovely things in it. oh and Narcissus a beautiful florist that has beautiful flowers.

Do you host any special events?

Sometimes. One of my members of staff is in a string quartet so we have had a few evenings of food, wine (BYOB) and music, the cafe is really gorgeous at night and has a lovely atmosphere. Apart from that we host other one off parties for birthdays, retirements etc

Is there anything else you'd like us to know?

Do you have a favorite cafe, restaurant or bar in your town that we should feature? Send us a message!




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