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Kaelah Bee, the blogger behind Honeybean Boutique has put together a new PR & Marketing ebook to help bloggers.

Here's what Kaelah had to say:"My PR + Marketing E-book was written to help the dozens of bloggers and small business owners that I get emails from every month. While I don't feel any more "successful" than the next person, I understand the appeal of seeking advice from others who are in similar situations. Personal experience and insight can really go a long way. I began brainstorming on this e-book in March 2011, but didn't actually start making it a reality until Autumn. I had read so many other e-books on similar topics that really only seemed like an outlet for the author to show off a bunch of pictures of him or herself. I felt like many of the e-books I had been reading took a "I'll teach you everything you know, but not everything I know" approach and I wanted an outlet to share what I had learned along the way. It's a first-person account of my varying experiences as a life + style blogger, as well as an indie biz owner. I touch on important topics such as choosing a name for your brand, dealing with criticism and haters, monetizing your blog and etiquette while working with large brands and companies. I wrote the e-book in the very same way I write my blog so there's still some grammatical errors here and there, and anecdotes sprinkled around. Hopefully if this e-book does anything, it'll help you realize that your blog can be a huge asset to your personal branding and business!"

Win a copy of the ebook

We've got three copies up for grabs and to be in with a chance of winning, simply leave a comment below telling us what makes your blog unique with a link to it! 

Good luck.

Congratulations to our winners Johanna I, emilylynnharris and Catherine F.

You can find out more about Kaelah and pick up a copy of the book from Honeybean Boutique now. Cut Out + Keep members can get 20% ($5) off with the code CUTOUT»




Ann S.
Ann S. · Caledonia, New York, US
this book is amazaing!!!!!!!!
Naomi A.
Naomi A. · London, GB · 1 project
My blog is important to me because its my platform for sharing my writing. I've wanted to be a writer since the age of seven, and what makes my blog unique is its mixture of fiction writing, and articles, which are mostly my thoughts on issues I feel are important regarding race, gender, class and society. I would love to be able to share my skills and thoughts on the world with more people and the book might help me do that!

Feisty Fidget
Feisty Fidget · 6 projects
Oooo forgot to add my personal blog as well. Its USP is that it is about trying to claw my life back from infertility and focus on being content with how things are now. It highlights the struggles of long term trying to conceive but the importance of not letting it consume you.

Ramblings of a baby making addict can be found here;

Feisty Fidget
Feisty Fidget · 6 projects
This ebook sounds fantastic! I am currently struggling with the divide between promoting my items but trying to to alienate possible followers with over-selling.

I think my blog is unique because it is about struggling with infertility BUT using a more natural approach to trying to conceive - I make jewellery containing fertility enhancing crystals, so far no followers Happy

Eszti · Tatabánya, Komárom-Esztergom, HU · 6 projects
My blog is about fashion, make up, nails, and of course DIY! It's special because I share my own ideas, and not copies from other sites. Win the book would be wonderful Happy
Bohemian Tragedeez
Bohemian Tragedeez · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 14 projects
The thing that makes my blog unique is that it's me, but the one other thing that can make it better is your e-book!
Luiza S.
Luiza S. · Brasília, Federal District, BR · 22 projects
My blog is mostly about diy and stuff that inspires me to diy, like pictures and videos and music,and my unique and crazy ideas make it so singular!
I really wish that one day I could turn it into a business!
MischievousRaven · Shrewsbury, England, GB · 51 projects
i wish i could win this ebook but i dont have a blog, always wanted to but i don't know where to start or what to even write about
Reve Maxeville
Reve Maxeville · Boissy-Saint-Léger, Île-de-France, FR · 6 projects
My blog, www.heartsofcolumbus.com is about the punk rock and burlesque inspired hats and accessories I make and sell. My blog is unique because I regularly update with weekly fashion shoots featuring my newest creations and model them with my favorite outfits. I also go to a bunch of fun burlesque soirées, so I post a lot about the interesting burlesque ladies of Paris and the fabulous outfits they wear and create.
Polly D.
Polly D.
My blog is unique as it journals my life as a full time crafty mama to three homschooled kiddos! http://thisenchantedpixie.com
Jill · Foster City, California, US · 27 projects
I don't blog often, but that's because I only blog about things that I'm particularly passionate or excited about. My blog has really kick started my craftiness and motivated me to teach myself loads of new things.
emilylynnharris · Amsterdam, North Holland, NL
I love Kaelah's blog! I just started blogging a little bit ago and I share my adventures while studying away in Amsterdam. I also have a little goal list and once I finish a goal I link a picture. I'd like to think it's unique. Happy I'd love to win this giveaway!

Johanna  I.
Johanna I. · Louisville, Kentucky, US
I'm so curious to read this!
Let's see, how is my blog unique? I try to be authentic and true to myself, which I think is so important when trying to stand out among the thousands of lifestyle blogs. I steer pretty clear of product reviews and fashion and focus on what I'm passionate about: cooking, craft projects and documenting my daily adventures. I'm obsessed with things of miniature nature, so I dedicate each Tuesday to a tiny wonder, whether it be animal, artwork or small object.
Kara C.
Kara C. · Arnold, Maryland, US
I have a landscape design business and am expanding this year to include some retail items like plant containers. I really need some help with marketing. I spent $400 on an ad last summer for 'Plant Parties' and didn't receive a single phone call! Help!
Carol C.
Carol C.
My blog is the only blog for grandparents that bridges the gap between the way the world is now, where our grandchildren are growing up, and the way it used to be when our children were growing up or we were children ourselves. It is designed to help grandparents not only have fun with their grandchildren (look for fun activities on Frugal Fridays, with materials you have around the house), but to prompt grandparents to write their own autobiographies for their grandchildren. Proceeds from our site go to support cancer research. http://newgrandmas.com
Sarah S.
Sarah S. · Bay View, Wisconsin, US
I want to start a blog!!! But want to make sure I do it right. Happy This would be perfect!
lauryn.mullins · Chico, California, US
I want to win! My blog "Lauryn'n'shit" is unique because, it's about me! I guess it is a lifestyle blog. It's just alot of my opinions and recipes and tutorials! http://thisisntaboutcats.blogspot.com/
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