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Don't forget your pets this Christmas. Here's our top ten crafts to make them:

  1. Dress your cat up with a Kitty Cat Pirate Hat.
  2. Rodent Hammock makes for a cosy bed for small animals.
  3. Treat your doggy with Cheese, Carrot & Parsley Dog Biscuits.
  4. Make sure your kitty doesn't get lost with a Simple & Easy Cat Collar.
  5. Groovy Pet Bow will look cute on any animals.
  6. Your cat or dog will love a Suitcase Pet Bed.
  7. Kitschy Cardboard Box Cat House is the purrfect new play home for your kitty.
  8. Haute Couture Dog Lead & Collar is exactly what every posh pooch needs.
  9. Watch your kitty go wild over a Cat Nip Mouse.
  10. Terra Cotta Birdbath is an essential gift for any bird.




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