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Famous for making cakes that are gory yet beautiful at the same time, Lily Vanilli is back with a new book, A Zombie Ate My Cupcake.

Including 25 deliciously weird cupcake recipes, which will look too gruesome to eat but taste too delicious not too, celebrate Dias Los Muertos with Day Of The Dead Skulls, wake up to a Zombie's Breakfast cupcake, freak out your friends with Shattered Glass toppings, indulge in a Sweeney Todd's Surprise pie-shaped cupcake with finger, stick your fangs in to Dracula Bites, tuck in to a bleeding heart and feel like a zombie nomming some Blood-Stained Brains.

Perfect for making a gory Halloween treat, this book is sure to please little monsters everywhere.

You can pick up a copy of the book now from CICO Books »




Lindsey B.
Lindsey B. · Indianapolis, Indiana, US · 2 projects
I love gross out food! This is awesome!
Trickypixie1208 P.
Trickypixie1208 P. · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 12 projects
i def want this book omg that would be awesome for halloween!!
lolEffects · Fort Worth, Texas, US · 1 project
Ok, I don't care if this is fake, this is creepy A$@ $#@%, LOL! And if it happens to taste good, then maybe I will try this for Halloween...
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