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I was sent an Innov-is 900 sewing & embroidery machine from Brother to take on a test drive and I was really impressed with the results. A massive upgrade to my 1960's Singer, this computerised sewing machine offers professional stitching made easy, along with an attachable embroidery unit.

The Basics

The machine is sleek and compact with a helpful LED to light up your work and an easy-to-use touchscreen for selecting your stitches, choosing embroidery patterns and setting up the machine. Threading up the machine and filling the bobbin is so simple (something that was a nightmare on my previous machine), with cleverly situated thread cutters, and a lever to thread the needle for you - so there's no time wasted fiddling around trying to slip thread through the eye of a needle.


With dozens of stitches to choose from, as well as a feature to design your own via the touchscreen, this machine can tackle virtually any sewing project. The use of a foot peddle is optional, so you can start sewing with just a touch of the button. It'll even do all the back-stitching and cutting of the thread for you, which gives your sewing a tidy finish with no loose threads!

The machine comes with a wide range of feet and attachments including, allowing you to sew in zippers, attach buttons, make button holes, set eyelets, sew appliqueing stitches, decorative edges and do blind hemming to name just a few. There's even an optional side cutter, so you can overlock and give your projects a professional finish. One of the best extras included with this machine is an attachable sewing table, which slides on to the machine and gives you extra room to sew.


With an attachable embroidery unit, you can transform the machine in to a powerful embroidery machine in a few easy steps. This model comes with dozens of inbuilt designs, allowing you to stitch monogram initials, words with a range of fonts, decorative borders and a range of other designs including butterflies, animals, crowns, flowers and many more. The machine allows you to change thread colour on the designs quickly and with additional software (such as PED) you can design your own patterns - so if you've ever wanted to sew your name on everything you own, this is the machine for you!

This may all sound way to complex for us average crafters but when you get your hands on the machine, it's really instinctive and easy to use. There's even an in-built help on the touchscreen, with animated tutorials to sort you out when you get stuck.

Instinctive, sleek and powerful. The Innov-is 900 has completely modernised the way I sew, making projects faster, easier and more professionally finished. Now my sewing project possibilities seem limitless, I can't wait to get started!

You can find out more about this machine at Brother >>

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These save bookmarks are so geeky cute. Just print them out and you'll never lose your place.

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Featuring vintage knitting and crochet patterns from 1920 - 1949, A Stitch In Time by Jane Waller & Susan Crawford is filled with reto-knit fashions while will look just as chic on today's fashionistas as they did back in their day.

Approaching a hundred designs, the book includes patterns for a wide range of garments from swimwear and lingerie, to cardigans and evening wear. Knit and pearl some one piece slimline undies, a frilly cardigan To Greet The New Season, a shocking red Sun-Ray Ribbing sweater, comfy easy Winter Woolies undergarments, and even some cute crocket belts & clutch accessories.

Promising vintage knitting for the twenty first century girl, this book will teach you how to knit old fashion glamour for your modern day wardrobe.

You can pick up a copy of the book from Knit On The Net now >>

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Love it or hate it, these marmite cupcakes are very unique!

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Turn bottle caps in to cute retro clock-style magnets.

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Candles add the finishing touches to any home and create a relaxing atmosphere, no matter where the location. Now you can create your own with the help of Elaine Stavert and melt a candle for every occasion.

Including all the basics along with detailed information on ingredients and herbs as well as a guide to colour therapy, you can tailor candles to meet your specific needs. Make a Green Tea cup candles, an extravagant Sundae Best ice cream-shaped candle, Dine With Me candle sticks, candles in the sand and many more.

With 30 unique recipes, you can make a candle for every room of the house.

You can pick up a copy of the book now from GMC Publications >>

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Bake yourself some sangria pie for an authentic and boozy Spanish treat.

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Keep your stash organized with some stitched stash baskets.

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Smart tips, funky ideas and original projects for any machine, Marion Elliot will teach you how to Get The Most From Your Sewing Machine.

The book is filled with tips, tricks, advice and technical know-how for getting to grips with your sewing machine. The book also comes with step-by-step tutorials for creating a wide range of clothes, homeware and accessories. Sew a Plastic Fantastic tote bag; a Mean Jean Machine, denim sewing machine cover; a Magic Makeovers skirt; Scrap Style obi belt and Ravishing Rushing pillow.

Get over the fear of your sewing machine and start getting the most out of it!


Readers can order this book for the special price of £9.99 (RRP £12.99) with free p&p (UK only).  To order visit RU Craft and quote code R11246 at the checkout.

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If you love gin, then why not try making your own with your own choice on botanicals.

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