"What? Lead? Me? No, no, no. No leading. Bad things happen when I lead. We get lost, people die, and the next thing you know I'm stranded somewhere without any pants."
- Alistair from Dragon Age: Origins

Hoy! I craft... magic spells. Well honestly, I'm not so experienced in the crafting realm. I just like looking at the pretty projects on here. But it doesn't hurt to try new things. I could really take advantage of this website and start improving my wardrobe a bit. After all, it's not like I go outside and buy myself new clothes... but you don't care right?

Aside from looking tidy, I feel that the projects on this site encourage me to occupy myself with different activities. Maybe I'll be able to make crafts of my own. Happy


Personal Interests (No, I'm not looking for a date.)

People: Freddie Mercury, Felicia Day, DailyGrace, Zach Braff, AngryJoe, Loki The God of Hokey Pokey, Nicolas Cage ;)

Movies: Forest Gump, Inception, Toy Story, Fried Green Tomatoes, Remember the Titans, Black Swan, Up, The Lord of the Rings (Ha! I had a crush on Orlando Bloom...)

TV Shows: The Guild, Game of Thrones (Because Tyrion Lannister is a badass), Arrested Development, Modern Family, Wilfred, 30 Rock, Mythbusters, NTSF:SD:SUV:: (It's a stupid show but for some reason I like it.)

Video Games: Skyrim, Kingdom Hearts, Soul Calibur, The Sims, Roller Coaster Tycoon (Oh, aren't I hilarious?), Dragon's Dogma (It's fun but I have no clue what the hell is going on.)

Bands: Queen, Florence + The Machine, Mumford and Sons, Coldplay, The Black Keys, Emilie Autumn, Lykke Li, 30 Seconds to Mars, Blind Guardian, Avenged Sevenfold

Pastimes: Writing, Thinking, Listening, "Playing video games, it's you, it's you, it's all for you."

What I like: Comedy, Fun ("We are young."), Philosophy, Music, Art, Fantasy, Chocolate, Cookies, Doves, Cats (I'm a kitty cat, and I dance dance dance, and I dance dance dance.)


Thank you for taking your time to learn about this boring and sad human being. But seriously, thanks. Happy

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Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my sweet flave cookie monster friend.XD
If you like to write your thoughts and your personel things, ideas and so on, feel free. I will read them with interesting , we are friends so that's were friends are for.LOL
I'm moved to Haarlem to my new home, it's great i love the new city the better admosphere , (people are kindlier and friendlier then the formale city-D)
and.... helpfuller
i love living in the old centre of the town, it's full alive but quitly as well.
and h ealthyier.
special for my longs the air is much clearer for me, i have less long problems.
and.... finely i received revalidation therapy in the revalidation centre really by the sea.LOL
and i making health progress, so i'm sooo glad with it.
Only the house isn't working still, the electric wiring is done badly so some of the doors and sliding walls are acting like they are ghosted.LOL
but... the frontdoor is now fixed. It suddenly opened by it self and wouldn't closed anymore. but it often was raining so i made jokes okay i can keep toads inside and frogs for a new pet idea.LOL
and i told some of the institute that had to fix this situation i can hang in the shoppingstreet an add to come in and take my still too many boxes.LOL
it's all packed and wrapped, they couldn't laught of this joke.
after two weeks they fixed the frontdoor, so i felt more secure, but the slidingwall is still ghosted.LOL
i'm waiting for more help my sis will come to help me every week to drill holes in the walls and to hang those things up to it.
it's now more like camping.LOL
my furries loves it here, they love the mountains of the boxes and loving it when i having a free day off therapy.
so...and the end i glad that i had t he guts to move to a new town and a new live;-D
oooh and happy new year, i know you have your own new year as well but now i can say it twice.LOL
humm i thought the last week too of you, and thought ooh i must try to connect to you again, so i loved it that you had the same idea.
i think internet is great but not all t he friends are real. some are feak, and not good. i hope you haven't expiriance that allready-S
I have-S
but some are great and that's why i'm still on cok with some real ones.
With all of them i have something else to share, that's the good thing of it.
and it helps to understand each other better. because of our differences.
humm. glad that there are good things happened as well, i know it's always hard to learn how we really are or opening up.
And be your inner friend, be just friendly of whom you are. it is a process.
i have learned to be friendly to myself on the revalidation centre, t hey told me when you would speak of this with a friend you would say more friendlyier things to your self, so please act to yourself like you are advicing your friend.
it was a great idea. perhaps it\s one for you as well.LOL
wooow a photocamera , awesome, just play with it, it's the best way to learn the camera.;-D
and a lost uncle awesome , yeaah those are really importend issues. ;-D
You're young so please take your time to open and experiance your self how you really are.
you still can change . when i was 18th i was a hippie now i'm still a little bit a hippie but i have learn more other things and idea's as w ell. I'm a mixure.LOL
but i really try to be myself, that's t he best and efen the not fine carachter habats i try to embrase of myself. Mayby strange, but that's me.
my new neigbhour told me wooow you're busy , i only said yes i'm .LOL and thought and you're for me too boring.LOL
he told me oooh you're not good in match and i said correct. why must i, i 'm much better in other things.LOL
he came with an idea and i thought first that's great but later i thought i mustn't act like that, that's not me.lOL
so i made my own plan.
now i didn't done anything with xmas i'm some weeks in front of it having my birthday, and my sis and Karin with her daughter came by. that was enough.LOL
i didn't had a tree this year, i'm still having too much boxes in my house.LOL
it will cost me i think more time to unwrap them all-S
last week my sis hang on the sliding wall on the norht side some art work , and it \s now almost a real house.LOL
and i'm working on the art present for my f riend Jeroen, like last year.
i have lent my sis her sewing machine and had asked Gerard to print some picts for me , b ut he didn't done it right, so i'm working still this time on the other parts of this art piece.
so i'm busy, but i must be done still between my therapy time. it's heavy.
but it's feeling good and great.
i don't think i will be healthy like before but all the little bits are helping;-D
i can travel in a normal car laying down in a chair , so that's real a big step forwards;-D
my migrains are still bad and my sight problems as well, but i think i can managed them better.
i 'm learning to deal better with them.
to take my situation much seriously;-=D
hey if you like to talk about the rest just write to me by mail, that's more safely i think then on this page , more private;-D
hey have a good crafting inspirational year, and a good cookie year for us all.LOL
grunchhhhhh grunchhhhhh. yummmie
your fellow cookie friend;-D x0x0x00x0x0x00x0x00x0x0x00x
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hello my cookie monster friend
i was a bad o ne last week.LOL i was sooo worn out lately that i became a crumpy crafting girl.LOL
don't know i have thankt you for your fave on my teaset closet, but thank you for it. (perhaps it is the seccond time ).LOL
wish you have a good nice weekend with fun and some crafting time as well
all m love hugs and kisses
and some cookies and cake .LOL
You're fellow cookie monster friend. grunch gruch.......LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi cookie monster friend
wooow i have now see your tumbler site. don't understand it, and facebook is something i hate.LOL
i have there an account but... don't use it anymore.
too much and to much energy to follow everything.
on cok is enough for me.LOL
it's not my age thing it's just too less energy levels

aaw that's sad that you didn't had a great firework, we have firework on newyears eve and that's like everyyear much noices and boring.LOL
it's always the same.
i like those firework demonstrations .

humm strange to leave your room for an guest.! but i think that's what all growing ups does when they have a stay over guest. to give the kids room to sleep.LOL
he can now join your dolls.LOL
just teasing.
LOL poor you sleeping with you nude sis.I have slept oftenly with my sis and my mum in a bed but my sis was making herself big so my mum and i had sooo small places that we both felt allmost out the bed.LOL
And now i don't like to sleep in the same room no more with my sis she is snorring loudly._S
hummm a telphone is great and a game room hummm if i was you i didn't slept much hours then.LOL

the moving is agian postponed, hummm not funny any more.
yeaaah it s a big mistake.LOL Gerard said that he would glue something on the window of the toilet.
i had planned to go today to the grave of John but i was still to ill of the bumb of the elevator door that hit me throught the boyfriend of my neighbour , it was nice and kind guesture but it all went wrong.
i knew it , and it was showing the same eve so i have migraine and normal headages again for 2 days.
i could only cry and almost puke so we didn't go, i did only my croceries shoppings and now i have took morphine and have slept some hours before the tele.LOL its sooo boring.LOL
wolfje and muis likes this they can lay above me , like they are glued with the best glue of the world ever.LOL
i have uploaded some new projects, one is the closet toy that was all fake.
i have made a real closet of it.
showed my sis it, and she loved it, she told me that she didn't liked it at all but Judith my niece wanted to have it,
she gave it to me, with other toys of her, so i have promised to make something of her toys for her as well.
i heard of my sis she is doing great now she will go to live on her selfs on rooms.
like it, have send her a normal card , hope she will received it when she arreived there.
my sis both her kitchen things. and new other stuff.
it's strange that she is going to live now on here own. she is just 17th but for me she is still my little niece.LOL

Yeaah it's always good to have instructions , i think when you have make more of them you can do it more on your own.
it's just a matter of trial and error.LOL
Humm i don't think Muis is going really well, i think she needs to go to the pets university hospital for other meds, the small leasies are still going away but they still come back.
i think it 's hurting her.
she looks much better then ever, i must wait on my new brace for my neck.
i called this week and the heatlh insurrance turned it again down because they send not enough papers-S
i had to call today for more info but it wasn't my greatest good day ever so i have postponed it.

so this is my news.LOL
hey i will let you know when i finially knows when it will hapening the moving.
hey have a great fun n ice creative weekend ,much love , much cake and care and lots of kisses and hugs
your fellow coookiemonster XD xxxxxx
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1432 projects
Thanks for adding me xo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hello my fave yummy cookie monster.XD
it's all about doing things oftenly to become good skills.LOL
my first cookings weren't great as well.
i have learned it on school and the first time w had to make something it was a desert and i forgot the sugar.
so my mate took the sucar drawer and turned it on the desert of mine and it was aweful the teacher didn't want to taste it and we had to eat it -S
some years later i was a better cooking girl.LOL
specially in the last year we cooked only cakes , i loved it.
but times and tastes are always changing sooo John told me that he was a better cook then i, so he cooked everyday.
and when he was ill i had to do it, and john only told me bleugh.LOL
only the one thing he couldn't make was cakes and pancakes, we have a different kind of pancakes then you know, it's a very quick job and i love those quick ones.LOL
i'm totally impatiencend.LOL
Muis is almost better but my vet wants to go with her to the special vet for skin problems. it's very expensive and... i'm still not able to travel.
i'm now again ill.
again a virsus infection in my longs.
at first it started with an asthma attack and i felt suddenly sooo worn out that i didn't understood it.
but thursday i noticed that i was the whole time out of breath.
so i knew why i was soo tiered out.LOL
tomorrow a plumber will come to gave me an inbetween solution, they told me to wait three weeks, but that's not great for me.
i need a very special tab for my s hower.
so tomorrow i can wash my hair by my own.
I'm not sure if i smell , i hope not.LOL
I'm working on a lot of craftings for my new home, they told me unofficial that i will move in august. i really hope so;-D
i make now curtains of all kind of recyling materials.LOL
only i'm running out of them-S
for one i have the half made almost and the other, less so i must make boring commen ones as well
for the large sliding glass walls i must hang glass curtains as well.
and my toilet is on the galery side and has a large window, so everybody can see how you will use the toilet.LOL
sooo funny and stupid.LOL it's like a joke.LOL
Karin and her son has took the measurings for me and took a lot of picts.
so it felt now more real then ever.
this next week my province got summer vacation , it would be silence ;-D
i had hoped that the neck brace was ready for me, but i heard last week that the seccond approval was gone wrong.
so i have called the shop to call the health inssurancy of me to make a better one.
now i must wait again.
not fun any more.
i like it that you do more things in this summer vacation.
you must make plans. what you want to make or to do.
other wise you will be boring your self toooooo much.LOL
and i think writing is a great idea as well.

oooh by the way thank you for your fave and the support on my wind kettle chime
he's now hanging for an other window still glad i have made it.LOL
I 'm working now as well on a name- number tag for my new home.
think it's a crazy strange tag.LOL
poor new neighbours of me they will chocked of me.LOL
one of the neighbours had a family member that want to make me a offer to move.
he told me about it that he has seen those houses inside so i thought okay this isn't any fun . and i found him inproffesional and rude, so i don't want to hire him.LOL
in the offer he told that we had a nice conversation.? no way it was a very unpleasent one.LOL
he thought that muis was a siamees cat, argh, i told him she was a birmees one and that it wasn't the same with a siamees cat.
later on he saw it as well.
he loved wolfje, LOL but both wanted food from me, LOL muis is the hwole time hungry of the meds.
she is looking and acting finely like a normal tiny cat.LOL
like it, she plays and shase after wolfje.LOL
so this is my summer, there was suddenly weeks of rain and it felt cold, next week we will got higher temps ,i 'll see and wait.LOL
hey have a nice summer and have fun with all your cookings
much love hugs and kisses of your fellow
cookie monster firend;-XD <-> xoxooxoxooxo
Batgirl · 10 projects
Thank you for faving my project! XD

Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi, did i say thank you for the pocket woodland scene project?
no then thank you very much.;-D
must make an other, Karin my friend her feets are too damaged that she can't walk any more.
she is very sad, which is very understandable so i thought i must make for her a one as well.
she loved the one i had to gave to my sis.
hey how are you?
lots of love hugs and kisses and be crafty and have fun;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my dearest cookie monster.
aaaw that's awesome summer vacation.
On here the schools are still open , they must spend still some months on school.
some less.
not the whole country has the same summer vacation.
In the north they will have it on the half of July till august.
i'm busy with the moving still.
they told me that i will move in august. finely. i t hingk this time it will be .
so i try to end only old projects.
but of my niece i have gotten awesome old toys of here and suddenly i got new ideas.
i have safed several years dollhouse teasets and she gave me a kind of closet of plastic. It was fake and i saw on the damaging she had tried to open the doors like i did.LOL
so i thought i must make them open and i will make for the tiny teasets now of that a real closet . think that will be fun.
i found a small wood plank which i saw off for a shelf for inside and must do a lot of more.
about why i come up with things .
hummm i know a lot of creative technics and i always have a jumping brain so when i watch something i will got more ideas.
always try to remember them or i draw them in a notebook with some text, because i must make my head empty for getting to sleep.
i know of others that they haven't inspiration, sometimes i having the same, but then i can go back to my idea book.
and when i pick out some i got some idea's again.
Yeaah saying goodbye isn't fun, but it's wise to do.
fot going on further.
but i'm glad that it was a good year for you, proud of you how you learned of all the things and how you going passed it.;-D
perhaps this isn't good lines in english.LOL
always must try to think in english and n ot in dutch.LOL
but some thoughts are difficult to translate .
i'm doing my best.LOL
i 'm still stucked to my home, and still waiting i have found out allready 1.5 year.!!!
way to long!!!-S
but... what can i do ? when i'm trying to make some steps it's only getting worse.
so my hands and arms aren't like they were in front of this all.,
it's all about damaging of my neck and damagings on my main nerves.
so i have problems with the movements of my hands and arms and it's hurting.
but i'm used to t his all.
try to adjust the whole time to this new situation.
my pink wheels aren't still not ready-S
i can drive with it, but... in front of t hat they must made one thing some h andier
Saw that the battery is still hanging too stupid for chaning it or reacharable him.
more waiting time.
hey must go to do other things
all my love , take some cake and take care and... fun and hugs , one notion for you for getting a less bored vacatio n
make plans in front , for going out or , blogging or reading or gaming or .... crafting plans.LOL
make some new things for school or your room
it will help you.
hey wish you a great fun summer vacation ;-D
more hugs and kisses ^-^
your fellow cookie monster friend;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi my dearest crunchie friend;-D
awesome that you're back, and woooow that awesome as well your that your brother will serve the temple for a while.
and so your sister.
aaaw so sad for your sister but you're right about it it's all for the charity.
LOL toothpaste.LOL poor girl.LOL
Did you know that you can paint with it, by adding by it food dye?!!!
only don't eat it.LOL
not healthy for your bowls.
i think that you need sugar for your brains, you've like i jumping brains and i had have that too the specail needs for sugar, i couldn't resist it al all, and it made me very ill, i'm allergic for sugar.
i found out that it was for me something like a drug to ease my brains.
What you can do is change it in honey, that's much better and because it's expensive it's much easier to let it stay.
i only use sugar now for bringing up the blood suger level in my body by eating drop. I have made my self a promise i'm alowed to eat only in the morning 3 or 5 drop pieces.LOL
but i need help with my eating very soon.
hummm i have found out that i will got the new house to be 1 august not fine because then most people are on vacation.
so.... and still don't know about the balcony door aargh.
what i disliked the most of the story that people haven't spoken about it with me, they have without discussion decide it for me.
so some minor points for fokus.aaargh. i made me angry that fokus worker, he said i have told you that in the beginning, he didn't!!!
so it was a yes and no conversation.
i don't like such a liers, he said later on see you soon, bleugh.LOL
my neck is going worse so my arms and hands as well.-S
yesterday i couldn't lift my head up so i had to use more morphine -S
and my hands and arms didn't wanted to do what i wanted to do.-S
it's still not okay, so... i must wait and see , not super -S
The leasie on muis her lip is almost gone!!!! for the first time ever she hasn\t bold spaces in her fur, and... she is less troubled with hayfever by the prednison.
My vet and i have decided to give her three weeks mor prednison, because the leasies are not reduced till needle points, i hope they will disapeair really.
must laught of muis she is playing again and she is miauwing loudly. she has the law voice of a siamese cat so...... ugh.LOL
wolfje had a m uch lighter vocie , higher so it's less worse, glad because wolfje is talking the whole time to me.LOL
Wolfje is flabber gasthed about muis her behaviour.LOL
i have finished finely some gifts for some friends, the problem was that i had toooooo much ideas for the innerside.LOL
so that was the meancause it took so long, but later on i thought jet stop with all the plans choose one.
and in that proces i had just one change.LOL
but n ow i'm glad with them.
i will make a tute of it.
Hey are you graduated as well? if ,..... then congreatulations.
in holland the schools are still open.
yeaaah sometimes i'm saying bad words too.LOL
often i use street langues.LOL so when i have to talk with special people or to do speech or to give lessons for a group i must always pay much attention for that.LOL
but sometimes i thing it's not soooo bad those words curses are worse to use.!!
I had a very strickly friend a while and he asked me to stop with those words so i explained to him, i don't ask you to change so don't do that by me, and it's better to use those words then the curse ones.
so we where friends.
they are moved so i don't see them anymore.
hey my friend i must call Haarlem to ask them if they have sorted out my questions so i must going to write a letter to a higher appeal don't know how to translate this-S
english and dutch and all those differendses in countries. some of them it's hard to share because our law is differend of yours;-D
oooh i 'm making a lot of webbing of woollen fibres and gold and blue angeline fibres and then sewing them together by machine embroidering.
it's i think a great idea.LOL
only much work.LOL
hey have a great creative week my friend, i will think of you much fun with your new lighting toy and.... much greetings and hugs and kisses and hony cookies for you;-D
your fellow cookie monster.;-D xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
The Petite Shop
The Petite Shop · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 16 projects
Thnx for the fav. on my "Mario Mushroon Nail Designs"
More nail designs are to come...
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi agian.LOL
thank you too for your fave o n my fake cake bunny tower, and now you must build one as well.LOL
poor family of you, no cups and plates any more in your house to use.LOL
xoxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxo and cookies.LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaw thank you too for your fave on my paper tape project, much fun with the making of;-D
and cookies!!LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi ny cookie monster fellow friend, aaaw sweer of your to fave my teapot bunny tower , it's fun to make really and it give less scraps for your mum in the kitchen.LOL>
hey how are you?
i was really frustrated until yesterday about the postponing moving again and i found out that one of my balconies wasn't be driveable, i have finely after a week trying i found the right persone on the community of Haarlem.
they didn't could give me a answer but it's now open, and i must wait.
so i'm trying to be brafe.LOL
hey have a great creative fun week my friend;-D
lots of kisses and hugs;-D and take some cookies.LOL
your fellow Cookie monster;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my cookie monster fellow friend;-D
yeaah i saw your new avatar , loved it , i thought okay then i had understood it well.LOL
i have only done computer work today, had to stay at home and wait for the postman and later for a call which isn't happened.LOL
yeaah i hate it this stupid postponing and all the messing up with all those new appartment things and adjustments-aaargh.
i thought it will be perfect, but i don't think that any more it's the same troubles there as well.;-D
yeaah it's great to see how she is doing Muis she is looking much more like a normal cat.LOL
still tiny but then i didn't had to call her Muis.LOL
When we didn't know why she became bold in the first year, we went to a special skin vet md and they told me at first oooh it's here name you didn't had choosen mouse for a cat. Couldn't laught of it, because we knew it must be something seriously.
so later on we were right, because at first sight they wanted to give her an antipsyhcotic med. which i know it's horrible.
Later on my own vet told of an other cat that had to take those meds and he told me it's horrible. i told that i knew that as well.
which suprised him so i told about my proffesion.
so i was glad that we told the md to search for other causes as well.
they are both sitting besides me to beg for food.LOL
so... think i must give them something.
they are i think my clock.LOL i'm horrible with my inner time clock. so i'm glad i have those two pet clocks around me.;-D
humm like the idea of buying a light sword , you can pimp that too.LOL
love the idea of that story, i will read it on your blog one day;-D
John and i did the same only with drawings so we had later on a whole comic story.LOL
it was fun to do, still have them all.
but i think they are stored as well by Karin. i don't like it anymore living surrounded with boxes-S
it's not working -S
when i knew i would move about two months it wasn't a problem but this is too long -S
so ....
hey yeaah of course i m patiencend LOL
but it's strange what is happening.
Everybody think the same of it.
but my pink chair is taken with the builder to make it right , okay it took him two months but, i hope less time to bring him all right and fixed back.
they were afraid that i didn't were alowed to move that wheel with me , i don't know if i 'm may, still a big question .
but that's not the problem i have ordered it so they must deleving it allright.
so it 's bullshit of them.LOL
yeaah i can say horrible words as well.LOL
love your religion with those many celebreathing days. but we have them here as well. it was an aweful week the half dutch people were having a free week off and the rest had to work normally , and of course i needed all the people that were on vacation.LOL
so nect week will i hope given some answers of some problems.
hey my friend love you, many hugs and kisses and take some cookies.
i don't have real cookies only crackers at the moment , but nobody want's to eat them because they are not tasty it's made glutenfree.
i love that taste because it's comment to me.;-D
hey have a great celbreathing time this week and good luck with the new lighting sword;-D
your fellow cookie monster;-D xxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxoox
Nancy! · Shawinigan, Quebec, CA · 64 projects
Love your profil!<3 Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my dearest fellow cookie monster friend
Yeaaah i was missing you as well!!! thought all things , but glad i have heard from you.
humm here it's strange too, the moving is postponed again-S aaaargh.
don't like it anymore, and... one of the most importend driveable adjustments isn't going to happen, i found out this week..-S
so i have called t he whole time , but in holland there was a may vacation so the half dutch people was free the other part was living there normal week. and of course i had to do it with the people that was just free-S
so next week i must fight about it.
they told me that i had to ask my "friend"??? or family???? to open that door-SSSS
and i had the normal problems with holding up a card, i thought oooh that just a small thing to do, no way.!!!
it costed me the whole afternoon.LOL at first i couldn't found me new number plate for my backside, every year i have a new one, it's a sign that i have an assurancy for driving outside.
so that costed me again a whole hour to find it and to fix it on my big wh eels.
and then i had to drive to the centre to make small pictures of myself for the card i had to catch.
but the shop was disapaired and was change in an other clothing shop-S
so i drove in a bookstore and asked the people there to google a shop for me.
They did, so sweet of them!!!
it was on the other site of the centre, but i needed them so...
okay after that i drove back to the cityhall and had to wait an hour for my parking card.-S
and then to drive home again a whole hour.
i was very tired out.LOL
my neck isnt' going well so i have problems with my hands and arms specially about the movements-S it looks like i'm clumpsy.LOL
i'm working at the moment on making my own webbing for making glass windows and.. the men goodbye gifts, i have almost make ten of them allready.
glad off that, it's boring work.LOL
humm and i uploaded again this morning a new project, but it's not appaired allready, so i must be patiencend;-D

hey why not pimping your sword. then you can show it on here!!!
or on your blog!
just think of it.
How is your tirness , do you still are tired?
then please go to the md to check yourself!!!
Oh and... muis is going better, she is still swollowing meds but it's going really better, only it will come back-S
so i hope it will cost more time. she is becoming weitght so she feels like an normal cat in steade of a bonycat.L)OL
hey take some cookies my friend and sometimes it's good to take a time out of an site like this.:_D i have done that my self as well.;-D
hey good that you're back.
have a nice good funny crafting weekend and take care of your self, lots of greetings and hugs and kisses my fellow
cookie monster xxoxoxooxoxoxooxooxoxooxoxo
JossieAyame · Pretoria, Gauteng, ZA · 150 projects
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LaLiLuLiny · Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, DE · 20 projects
hey Happy
thanks for the fave on my pants!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Love your story.LOL
nooo when you have like me jumping brains then you must have problems with the time, i'll try to learn a better time feeling but.... -S
a hour can feel like it is just a minute ago a day ago can feel like a month ago and so on-S i have learned of Gerard to say the date.LOL
so then the other must think or if somebody asked me was this a day ago and then i said it was on monday or...
hey i 've been with Gerard to the shop again. and... i got paris plaster bandages on my neck for the model of my neck. Finelly.
the man said you must sit neaked i didn't i have kept my bra on.LOL i only have those things on when i must do this kind of things.LOL
i have too less, the man didn't liked it but so what.
he wrapt me at first all in plastic ( not fine, he said wait just a minute then i make a hole in the plastic but that was too long, i couldnt' breath, so i made directly a hole by my mouth so i could breath.;-D
had asked Gerard please stay with me.
he did and helped me later on to dust my self of all the plaster-S
must take a shower now, no energy.;-D
Gerard had awesome m usic on in the radio , loved it.
but then he coulsn't talk with me and had to keep his mouth.LOL
it was good this afternoon.
muis is feeling her selfs much better, Karin my friend saw it as well.
she likes suddenly to eat.LOL
wolfje want the same food -S and becuase i had taken a sleeping pill this night i was fallen asleep beside their food on the ground. so wolfje noticed it and was eating fast all the food of muis.LOL
she took just on big mouth of food when i picked her away.
must laught of her sooo cheaky.LOL

oooh great that it will be your fave quote.
no the others having the same problem everybody fiths with the same batles of life, only we think that they haven't those same battles.
because we can't see what's up in their minds.;-D
only some like us having more troubles with it, so don't be just your self then it 's okay.
oooh i understand suddenly that you are really a aziatic gril. Is that right.?
because you have written this some time ago and i couldn't place that .LOL
and now you're speaking of the new year , Jam is a thais girl so she had the same celebration;-D
so suddenly all felt together.LOL
humm i'm just an ordinairy white girl from holland.LOL
love you even bettter and more.LOL
hey are you getting ill? hope not, take good care my friend , mayby extra cookies and hot chicken soup as well.
wish you much better soons and have a good day will think of you.
try to drink a lot of your throat it will help;-D
love and a lot of dutch greetings , fun and craftiness and ... cookies and kisses;-D
your fellow cookie monster;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
humm don't like this of your dad.
poor sis of yours good that you will be there for her.
love you for that.!!!
People are afraid to be noticed as a individy, they are like cows , love to be in groups.LOL John was always making cow noices when he saw a group of people coming in the same space where we were as well.
i always felt ashame.LOL
So they try to dress them selfs like the most populair people , it make them feeling their selfs safe, that's the mean reson why people does this.
sad, I was i think as kiddo more like you , never was fitting in a group still doesn't , always i'm differend not always great.
sometimes it feeling very lonly, but on the other hand i'm just me and that's why i'm Jet , i can do my own work being creative and making and doing the things i like to do.
it's a kind of freedom as well, but sometimes it's hard.
okay. And when people tell that they are scared of you , it's telling that they are scared , it's telling onlly something of them selfs.
not of you, i don't think you are a scarry cookie monster.;-D
i love you, and your sensitivity a nd kindness.
People love others that are big talkers and love to be entertained but ... i love those silents people much better, i'm a big entertainer myself so i love those silents people much better, but i was that on your age myself as well so it all can be change in the future.;-D
don't worry about the others, just be your self.
write the line on your door , i'm good because i'm me:-D
Because that's the most importend one in your own live!!! sound strange but it is!!!
hey hope the ceremony of your sis is good and lovely wish her luck.

sad that you must wait some years for soccer but try to think positive you can exercize much longer.LOL
hey have written a comment on your blog.
Well done my friend.;-D

Muis isn't so badly ill as i thought, she hasn't cancer it's a serious illness thought but she don' t h ave to die of it.
it's a strange kind of ulsers that can be much worse, i have seen picutres of it, horrible-S
she is still in the first stage of it, and must like i had to do swollowing prednison for three weeks, mayby it will go away other wise we must go to the vetclinic.-S
tooo expensive.
but if it must i will do that.
she is eating now much better.
my sis and my niece was with me this afternoon, Judith will become this week 17th.
i have know her as baby so i love her , she is like you very sensitive and like me a jumping girl.LOL she had painted a painting on canvas for me so suprised of it and happy i have told her that i will hang it on a top location in my new home.
she loved it, and she showed her her friend
she had given me all kind of old toys to recycle them in art and i have promised her to make something of it for her as well.
and i have finely got her new adress to send her her normal birthday card and to mail her cards.
she is for a year living somewhere else.
in the weekends she is with her mum and every month they will do something special and she had asked Karin my little sis to visiting me,
i had seen her for almost 1,5 year no more.
so i liked it.;-D
Had given her two big parts of cake for tonight in bed to eat.LOL
have left some parts over so that will be my meal tonight.LOL
choclate with nuts and apple and citron.
it's jummy.
hey sweety it was a very flavorful day for my i hope it sure was for you as well.
hey congreatulations of your exlamation points.!!! proud of you!!!!
hey love you and have a great fun good creative week without tooo much cake.LOL
or cookies
be wise;-D love you much love and dutch greetings (that are real hugs with three real kisses on the cheeks)
you're fellow Cookie monster;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaaaaw my poor cookie monster fellow;-S
so sad about your story, i had like you a not so fine week as well.
hummm daddies can be a pain in the ... LOL They aren't always very good in girls things and girls feelings and not like mums to cheer you up and talk you encourangements and talk you to the heaven.
I'm sad for you , my ex neighbour girl was a great soccer player and had played for years in the nationale first team of holland.
so tell him that it's a girls game as well.
Don't worry next time mayby you can try it again. think like i can train much more and become better or ... i have now time to do other things that are much greater finner to do.
i'm telling this for healing your mental wunds. but it can be a try to be funny like teasing you, not well d one but... Hope this is helping. sow next time don't take it tooo seriously.;-D i know your hurt my friend.-S
about goths and emo's you're not one. it's just i think his scareness that you will become one.LOL
i had the same when i was a kiddo my parents where always telling about hippies , it was just the 70ths and in Amsterdam we had much people of them that where sleeping freely in the biggest public garden there, and sitting on the dam.
Smoking joints and other stuff, so my parents were scarred that i would do the same and became a hippy as well.
so when they saw some changes in cloths more like the hippy style they told me the same things like your dad.
not fine , but i thought hummm i'm just myself and i'm going my own way.
and i was like you very hurt in my feelings.
it didn't helped so be only your self wear the things you like do the things you like that aren't hurting , it's your live and not his and he is only telling you in a strange way that he is scarred of the future and can't help you.
Not to blame you but it's his feeling of failure.
Growing ups can tell so strangely the other how much problems and scrarred they are or can't show their failures to help the other.
I had to learn that on my 50th. LOL so for you is there more and better hope because now you know this truth allready.LOL
Hey are you tired or ... if this will going on please go to a doctor to cheack yourself.
it can be anaemia;-D
Oooh i have been with Gerar and muis to th e vet. Don't know if i told you that, but she had something strange on her lip.
it's not deadly but, it's serious allthough , but now she got meds for it.
The vet told me your very quickly , so it's in stage one.
he showed me pictures of other cats with the same in a horrible stage.
so she must swolowed like i prednison.
i'm recovering of my last allergic reaction, now i must be adjust to the concerta again, poor Gerard . i was very jumpy.LOL
so he asked me Jet did you take your pills.LOL
The mover man came to late so he got a quarter to watch my house.
He told Gerard i haven't done it so quickly, Gerard saw suddenly oooh no jet is starting to entertain the man.LOL
so he gave me a sign to stop.LOl i had asked him please help me.
i had worked very hard yesterday and tomorrow to have a more normal house.
i asked gerard and.... how do you find my livingroom , then he teased me with humm i don't see any differents.LOL
The vet of the ladies is still thinking that Gerard is my boyfriend.LOL
he don't understand our relationship .LOL
so we play the game with him.LOL
humm i hadn't time to cheack your new upload of your blog i will cheack it this weekend.
and... i have uploaded a new project. not spectuculair i'm working on the tutes of the bunny table stand towers still.
lots of work-S
muis didn't smelll on her own smell so wolfje is grumpy on her. Poor furies.
she is sisssing and then i tell her puppuppup very strickly and then she stops but... she is telling me that she don't like this strange cat in h er house.lOL
so i must give both a lot of attention.
Now they are sleeping almost together ... there 's still space between them.LOL
i'm in my bedroom so they have choosen to lay on the same bed besides me.
poor cats.LOL
Muis is tired as well it was a big adventour for her.
she was very scarred by the vet , always , he is fond of birmees so i his always kind to muis.
gave her the first shot of prednison, so i must start with the meds tomorrow.
Muis is used to swollowing meds so it's not a problem.
otherwise i had to go often to the vet. not fine.
for the both of us.
okay sweetie i hope your strawbeary was sweet and soft and yummie.;-D
i have bought deserts a lot of them one is with strawbearries and the rest is one with cookies ( a dutch flavor cookie) and one caramel and two choclate.LOL
so...Caramel sounds yummie as well.LOL
i will kept them till later this weekend.
have to eat still something and take my own meds.
wish you have a nice eve, a great weekend , be crafty and creative and be sure your such a sweet kind sensitive girl , still love you.
so don't bother try to write on a place where you will look or come oftenly to write down i'm just okay ;-D and so my dutch friend is telling me.;-D
i have some text often too on places to watch it.
like on the mirrow , the text ; woooow you're gourgious.LOL
when i'm reading this i will give a air kiss to myself.;-D
sometimes we must help us self.
hey i will write on you new project still curious a comment , will talk later
and... all my love hugs, kisses much fun and cookies.
so much grunchies goodbyes.... your fellow cookie monster.;-D xxxxxxxxxxxx
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
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Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi my cookie friend, humm sounds like a horrible night.
i have slept less time as well, i was forgotten to wrap my bag for the morning, and i knew i had to spend more time in front of going away, so i was glad that i was at 6 allready clearly awake.LOL
then i got some time left over and forgot the time so i was again to late ready for Gerard.
the person of the brace was strange, if i would be alone i had left the shop he made those horrible unfemale sexicistic jokes, Gerard didn't liked them neither.
i have got a brace to try out but i'm not satified it's not fitting and comfortable.
and i can't wrapp him on my neck bymy self so i don't like it.
and he's not working either.
grrrr, so i got a migraine today-S
so i had to take my meds and slept the whole afternoon not fine but i knew i needed to do.
i had planned more things to do for this afternoon so it must be agian an other day.
and suddenly the weather is changed its cold again.LOL y esterday i weared my summer cloths and today my winter sweater.LOL
it like a normal holland weather weekLOL
we had agian those giantic big sized clowed were we are famous of.
hey great to hear that you have made again some improvement in your running.
humm mayby you must run the resfeshing on the brower, i have had those same problems you know what i talking about?
its often the x on the screen of the brower. or an other sign that will change in a x.
i didn't had time to check i will try this this week.
i'm still not fine with my head and neck-S
don't worryi will tomorrow i think my normal self.LOL
soooo, and i'm still to jumpy i see to m uch around me-S
don't like it/
but that will be for some more weeks.;-D
okay next time more.LOL
hey hope that you will have less troubles with your tiny vampiers.LOL amd that your light is fixed soon.;-D
hey have a nice fine eve and a better night, sleep well and nice dreams;-D
lots of hugs and greetings with kisses
your fellow cookie monster friend grunchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh;-D
Beads Unlimited
Beads Unlimited · Brighton, England, GB · 97 projects
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Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hummm don't be scarred my cookie monster, there are soo much nice kind robots allready. Did you know that there is made for elderly a dog robot and they loved it and make them much happier and less alone and healthy as well.
so don't worry and some can play piono or gitar. awesome.LOL
but i love my furries much better.
There is been a shooting in holland in a tiny city , that's strange because you aren't alowed in holland to have a gun , the boy shoot many people dead-S
it's sooo sad.
but hummm.
i will look later on your blog i have done today too much and i must answer some mails still-S
but then i will let you k now±!!!!!!!
LOl don't be quilty , sweetie think hummm this is nice and have fun or handy that somebody else did my job.LOL
then its much better to enjoy .LOL
they are talking to the minister and there will come some actions so i will wait, i hope that they will give us more years.
i was sooo excithing about getting a n=more normal way of live again.
so.... ?
hey next time more, i have worked the whole day with wrapping things and cleaning and sorting out so i',m very very tired
so till soon my cookie monster and think only of those robot pets , they were sooo sweet and lovely for those elderly.;-D
hey have a nice eve and sleep well my friend and enjoy your cookies.LOL
hey much greetings , love hugs and kisses;-D
your fellow cookie monster.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOl yeaah Karin had wrapped my fake fur fabric and i thought when i make the how to for that in the same tute nowbody will watch it because it will be too long to read.LOL
so ... i have found it , but think i had told you that allready.LOL
yeaaah i'm very jumpy.-S
my cats don't bother that too m uch but i having the problems with myself. it's tiring my self out-S
on those times i 'm tooo creative.
and yeaah i don't make commen populair projects like the others.LOL
but this is creativer i think.
hummm yeaah those technical things makes us not healthy.
in holland we have a lot of gymnastic working outs for children because of this problem , we hadn't such a lot of children with were to vet.-S
so ... i think it's good to tell parents that they must h elp their children of doing other things as well.
aaaw so sad that i 'm the only one that have left a comment, mayby when you have something new on it it will helps .
or asked sheila to jump to your blog as well.
i'm sure she will write a comment, but it will take some time i haven't heard for a while of her, i don't think it's going so well-S
sad and worried about that.
stupid i have got a letter that the fokus organisation will ending at the end of this year, my new home is a fokus appartment. The coverment has decided that. it's going back till the medievals i think.
not social at all, but i'm trying to think that i will have then had just a half year that help and caring and then going back to the same problems i'm having now.
not funny but i will live in a fave location. and nearby Karin and Gerard and nearby the sea what want a girl more.;-D
A lot of people t hat lives in a focus appartment must i think move to an instutute-S
that cost more money then this kind of living.-S strange.
hey i think i will go to my couch and i t hink Gerard was wrong with the flu i'm feelingmuch better now and soooo sudenly the flu couldn't go away don't you think?!!!!LOL
So don't worry.
lots of love and . must laught of your story, your sis muct be feeling her self anxious , sad. i don't see them either, only i can feel John the whole time asides me but that's a good thing, can't explain it, but its feelling like a good warm gardian angel .
karin told me the same of her Paul so it's i think normal in a sence of way.
Muis have got her soft food today and she had eaten it all so she has a very thick tummy , strange look, she is very tiny and then a large big full tummy.OL
Gerard said yeaah it was smarter when it was spreading it selfs on her whole body, but that will takes some time i think.
hey i go to my fave place o n my cozy comfy couch to watch tele.
and will search for cookies to think of you.LOL
love you have a nice eve and a great nice creative sunday.
lots of dutch hugs and kisses.and lots of fun.;-D xoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxo
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
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Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaw so sweet your comment and the fave on my paper bunnydog doll project.
the hardest time was for me to make a solution of the fur.
Last week i found where Karin my fake fur had wrapped.LOL
but then he w as allready finished.
Next week a mover will come to watch my house to see how large it will be the moving.LOL
Poor fellow he will be afraid. I have made the appointment when Gerard is with me.
I hope he wil do the talking.
still not so great the adjustment of the new meds isn't funny. feeling my self ill.-D
but it will be soon over, Yesterday , I have made Gerard made of me.LOL
i was all of jumping brains poor fellow.LOL
Gerard had to tell e oftenly Jet please ....LOL
and when i wanted to buy on interenet a solution he said nooo that's impulsive.LOL
later on by my shoppings i remmerber the whole time this can be impulsive.LOL
so i came home with lesser.LOL
had bought food for muis but when i was home i didn't got it with me, perhaps it's laying there still, i hope.
i had allready paid for it.
so i must go out again.
had wanted too much things for today to do, but.... i'm only laying down on the couch its' feeling i had have a flu, strange.
nog fine, my cats love me even now better.LOL
hope you have a better day my sweet cookie monster.;-D
so i eat a lot cookies now and thinking of you , LOL hey have a great fun weekend, love, hugs and fun with kisses;-D
your fellow cookie monster ......grmbl......grmbl.LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL funny .LOL
now she meanted i think that short hair will often showing vet , only in your face and not with all people but by some they will look very vet by their face.
Like my sis.LOL
she had long hair and it was growing fast, but then she lost it because of the chemo and now she loves to have only short hair , only it don't look great on her.
she is gettting to the wrong hairdresser-S
aaaw you will pick her bold .LOL poor mum of you;-D
i'm trying again the new meds not so fine, i must adjust to them so i must take too less doses so poor Gerard .LOL i was jumping allaround and entertaining .
so he had to tell me okay jet back to...
At the end i think he dind't liked it anymore. LOL
Yeaaah it was funny the kitschen story.
we have asked for offers of movers two were calling me today for an appointment -S
it would be strange .
and poor men because i'm not a commen persone with a commen household.LOL
Had bought soft food for muis but i think i have let it stand there on the paying desk-S
now they are allready closed so i must go back tomorrow.
don't like that.
have uploaded two tutes. so i'm waiting for theire approvoal.
hey last time i was checking your blog but i didn't saw new things , it that right.?
hey i make towers of bunnys and scraps out of the kitchen Karin is trying to wrapp all those kitchen things, which i don't like , but.. i have kept them out of the kitchen to make something of it, i showed it to Gerard and he said , must better idea jet.LOL
great of you that you will try it later agian, i'm sure when you're not the last they are much sportive to you and if not then you must say with a joke next time i want to watch you.if you can better.

okay i think i must eat something my tummy is hurting woooow great that you're eating heathier.;-D proud of you.
aaaw don't bother about your sis she is just teasing. some people has a strange idea of what is funny .LOL
hey have a nice great awesome creative crafty funny weekend
till soon , lots of dutch greetings with kisses and hugs;-D
your fellow cookie monster grrommmmmmmmmm groooom grucnh grunch....LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi again, i read just the last comment of yours.;-D
hummm i hated that too when it's a team sport and everybody is telling of that was horrible though you did the best ever!!!-S
i'm proud of you , and yeaah people are always complaining and not sportive to the last one.
when they will do this again , say hey didn't you saw i was running my longs out of my body or heart. LOL and tell that to those others, i'm just a member of the team . ooor wooow are you much better then me? just show it to me.
I know when it's your first time and you have do hard work to get things to the best it's hard to say this, but when you will exercize those lines you know the next time to react.-D
Try the next time to be not the last one. that will helps as well;-D
and sometimes i don't know either to say something smart as well.
i was saturday very tired and was very slow riding outside , and then a biker came aside me and yelled to me hey don't go over the limit of speed.
i have heard this over years, so it pissed me off.LOL
i only said tired ha , ha that 's funny crumpy.LOL
i had to laught of my own crumpy line.LOl

Hey and not everybody is sportive , so try to put it aside you or draw her like a cartoon.LOL Gerard always given me that advice when i'm very angry on a person.LOL
or try to run because angryness cost a lot of bad energy so doing something with it , it will give you positive energy.
last time i have sow that branch in small pieces.LOL
be creative. you're are.
wooow that awesome you have reformatted your hard disk. i still must regread mine and then reformatted it as well don't like those jobs.
you're my hero LOL
hey sweetie love you.
today it's now monday Karin my friend was here and she helped me to set things back so i can drive now properly in my home, uhmmm not totally true but some better.
we had fun but i wasn't funny i got migraine so i tried to be nice but i wasn't doing very well.
i have taken some meds for it and lay down some hours so it's much better now.
have finished endly the drawing of the vw van , glad now i can finishing it all.
then i have made all those goodbye presents.
hey much love don't doubt your self, your okay sweetie.have a great nice fun week, and be crafty.
lots of hugs and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi , sorry for responding so late, but it's to blame cok. they have send me now suddenly all kind of emails of her-S
hate that.
so i had suddenly 60 new mails -S

yeaaah i was soooo glad and excithing of it the first week i stand in the list of populair projects on seven and then on 6 now i don't know.
but this week i was soooo ill of an overdose of meds-S
i had to take a new med for my adhd and they give me a to high dose of them, so when i saw that i have called and mailed about that.
so later on when i had to start with it i thought i will take less but it was stil to high and i was soooo ill of it.
but i'm now the normal me again.
i wasn't fun to be with.LOL it was easy to say no to everyone.LOL
i had a big problem with kitchens.LOL
the first day a constructor told me to come in my house to check which kitchen he had to order for my house, i told him i don't want a n ew o ne because i will move out this house, he told me i must have one.
so i said no and i'm tooo busy to see you.LOL
i told him that it was nonsences to give me or the next persones a new driveable kitchen because the new aren't renters but owners.
i told him just tell them that when i'm move they can build a new kitchen in this appartment.LOL
the next call was from a fabric which wanted to deliverng in my new home to be ten new kitchens i told him that's great but i think one is enough.LOL
he thought i was a constructor of a persone of the house cooperation.LOL
then i had to figth the last battle of a long one of my cooker to prosponed that , they told me that it couldn't and later that they must call me back.
and so one several where calling me of that fabric,
and because i was really crumpy they had a hard time with me.LOL
but on friday they told me i was right and they have prosponed all the other private kitchen suplies for just at the end of the appartments are ready to give free.
i was relieved and glad i wun all those battles.
wwoooo that 's greate those hover cars, mayby we will are still alive to drive in them. don't worry about that.
i read a book called 1995 at that time it was far away so it was a future book.
but when it was 1995 it was sooo not future looking anymore all those new thinks were allready used.LOL
so that's why i think it don't cost so much time.
LOL sound like you having jumping brains.LOL
i doin'g the same.LOL
so Gerald learned me do first al the things you must and don't like and then the things you like to do like a reward.
so i try to do that.
awesome a second is much this days so i'm proud and don't forget you have more talents;_D
aaaw sorry of that ,
did you hurt yourself?
hope not.
hope your sis is okay again with you.

the next comment i don't understand, so you can tell that later to me.
Hey have a nice fun eve and for sunday a nice crafty funny lazy day and all my love and hugs and kisses and dutch greetings;-D xxoxooxoxoxooxo<3
Thepotatolarcenist · 2 projects
Thanks for the fav on my wire wrapped marble Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi.
hey i think i have thanked you allready for the fave of yours on my papper bunny doll but i don't know it even more with the stange notifications on here.
it's getting me chaotic.LOL
humm i 'm working the whole week for getting a custome made brache for my neck to travel again.
i had called my gp and she send me a prescribtion but the firm that must make it told me i needed it of a md so today i got green light of my md.
such a rellief now waiting for that letter and.... the appointment.
it's not good for me to stay longer in house my condition is getting worse got more and more problesm with my health.
so i think this is the best thing.
hey love you have a great nice day and for tomorrow a nice crafty good weekend , lots of cookies and care love you, hugs and kisses
jet your fellow cookie monster
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi my fave cookie monster;-))))
hummm that's sad, don't bother about telling this to me, it's just sad for you.
My mum wasn't there for me either so i know the feeling i had to raise the others.
humm think i did a good job with them.LOL
but a question you've told me that you thought that you had adhd, often adhd is a family thing, In mine my mum , my real dad i think too , and my sis and me and my brother have pdsnos,.
So when parents has it and they haven't learn to coop with it , they are oftenly only busy with their own things or jobs.
Not great for the kiddo's. have seen it lately again with friends, i was stunned of how that woman was busy with all sort of things but not with her family.
sooo sad to watch.
my friend was getting a burn out of her, i saw everytime that he was much tired out then the last time, and he tought it was his job so he started to work less hours but that was i think the wrong solution.LOL
now she and her kids live some where else and my friend is going to recovering.LOL
but he has still grieve of his lost,
so it's not bad to ask them to go with you to things ,
don't know do you have on school a persone a grown up to talk about this?
mayby you can find together with the help of this persone some sulotions or a talk later with your parents and your brother and sister.
i can't think of anything else just now.
but mayby this is a solution to think of.
i'm sorry for you!!!
lol aaaw you can make them of fabric perhaps. like the idea of the alien family mayby a good idea for your website;-D
you can too draw them scan them in the computer and then printing it out on tranfer paper for fabric and then sewing it together.
or making just the front side of it and then you can cut it out and fill it with like a plushie and then make pendants of them or a keyring.

i don't know if they are real, but i loved the serie of star treck to watch, sooo much fantay and creative , awesome
and yeaah when we think further it can be scarry.
but the space is much romier then we ever thought off, so don't worry;-D
i think it will cost many more years to travel by light;-D
i have read some years ago a dutch book of my fave autor and she told in the book when we are young we love those fairytails and stories ,and suddenly we must read boring books without fantasy and other worlds, so SF books are the replacements of the fairy tails stories.;-D
i loved that idea.
so why not all things are in our imaganation possible what in real live isn't.
but watch out or be warned don't think it's happening in our lives yet , don't think of it in that way.;-D
hey must go for to eat something, i was up on 4 hour in the morning and drunk only a cup of tea.;-D
and of course my m eds.;-D
hey have a good week on school send you all my love and suport and thank you for sharing your problems , so i can help you by thinking of solutions.
love you sweet friend
have a great fun week, lots of hugs and kisses and some cookies;-D
your fellow cookie monster;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi my sweet yummie coockie monster;-D
i know but ilike it.
excithing.LOL the secret.LOL
yeaaah i think that i love it myself as well such a mega one.LOL
my hughe statues are allready stored so i miss them , must wait longer to see him back-S
yeaaah i knew that of Texas and of that coockie as well, we have such stange bets here as well.
we have some records too, only don't know it anymore what.LOL
don't think it was importend.LOL
saw some links that i wanted to share with you just for fun you allways can make it of other things.
but because we were talking about fruit and ...aliens
here they are:

hum i don't like that those plastic babes and looking on others, soooooo boring , think that a lot of people are afraid to be there selfs-S
so don't do that too if you respect your self!!!!
think always how must those boys and girls choose their partners.
they all look alikes of each other.
in holland we have those movies as well, i have seen horrible things of not well done jobs so ....
i have had some plastic surgery as well but that wasn't for becoming beautifuller.
i have had an accident and my arms and hands were full with ugly scares and always got lot of questions of it.
always remembered me of that time-S
so i got permission to remove them, but it all went wrong so after all i had let done one arm it is just one big hughe scarve now-S
so i still got more questions about it then ever. and it wasn't clean in the surgery room so i got a hospital virus in it and it started to inflame and the stiches bursted open -S and hummm it took me a year to closed the wound and healed so later on he would like to restore it but i have said noway you have done enough worse things-S
i was always walking in a bandaged arm that year so one time a student of the art academy asked me if that was a fashion idea of me.
stupid. later on i could laught of it.
she meanted it.LOL
must laught of your jumping brains on the end you're sooo like me.LOL
i think that why we doing so much strange things.LOL
i wanted oftenly too an other job to learn, but now i'm glad with this one.
i can do it at home and it's sooo fun to do.
i'm a lucky persone.
you never know sweetie just wait and see, i never had thought i would draw and illustrate books and i have done it.;-D
so.... don't know what i will do in Haarlem i will do some perfromances on stage but what.?
the worker in haarlem told me that they have an tear yearking song choire as well.
but... don't know if i will like it there too.
mayby something else singing in a band or playing drama's.LOL
theather, or just ...
first i must move
hey thank you for our nice chat, loved it.
have a nice fun rest of the day and take it easy the bracelet will be finished some day , make a appointment with your self of the date.
then it's coming to an end .LOL
some friends knows the problem of work and deadlines of me and they tell me oooh do it on your own time and way so it never got finished.
i have asked oftenly nooo you must let me know when it must be finished.
that's working , gerard was telling me the same.
and don't do it at the last minute but make a step programe, that 's working great.
hummm sound again like a mum, i'm not you have one yourself.LOL
hey sweetie yeaah i think bakeries are fun and great but i have heard that a lot of those people don't like it anymore when they working on them the whole day long every day.
okay have agian an nice eve and till soon lots of hugs and kisses and cookies.LOL
love you
your fellow cookie monster.LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL saw suddenly the other message of you.LOL
so hi hi again my cookie monster;-D
it's good to improve your work, i do that too, it's making you more prof then ever.
learning more skills and so on.
i had done some cheak play i didn't wanted to wait too long with drying i had bought some food to bake (i'm having just a tiny hotair oven) so i had set on top of that all the drying things now they are dried.LOLL Yeaaaaah.
like it now more then ever.
must do today more i think, meds and new prescriptions of my meds and ... my plalnts inside and out.
doing some cleaning which i hate to do.LOL
and take better care of wolfje and muis. wolfje don't like that.
she didn't want to lay by me this morning it was soooo cold and i had turned the central heating high on so she wanted to lay safely from me.LOL
she knows i must do some care things with her eye,
like that you have worked with lids, you can make those holes too by melting,but it's not healthy for you longs you can do that with a knitting needle holding in the fire of the gaz coocker or just in a flame of a candle.
it's less work
but do it in a well fantilated room humm thing its not written well. ventilated?
looks better.LOL
i have problems with reading and reading. but .... on here it's not sooo bad.LOL
hey take your time i'm very curious about your comic and just have fun,
that's the best , when you having fun you're work is showing it.
hey love you till later;-D xoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxoox
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi my fave dearest cookie monster friend,
have took a longer time on your new blog, must laught of your other story, like it and .... i hope that those aliens are just the most friendly people are i have ever met.LOL
but i think knowing you , it will be.
and woooooow you have games. Awesome, wooow you're sooo good in this.
i'm not that's why i have still problems with my own site-S
hey thank you for your fave on my paperbunnnydoll and the sweet comment.
Yeaaah in the usa is all things just bigger and better.LOL
don't forget in holland there are more people living alone;-D
like me so those mega wrappings aren't sooo smart for one persone, i have seen here some mega size wrappings as well but it's nothing for me, and.... other problem how must i take it with me to my home.
i'm just a wheelie with a lap and a backpack.LOL i don't have a car.;-D
but you allways can make then a mega size doll.LOL
i saw yesterday online in a old crafting book make your hughe hunk doll.
thought that's mega fun.LOL
so you can make your mega friend doll as well.LOL
just teasing you.;-D
but mayby an new idea.
i'm making now a dog on t he same way.
ooooh good news i have called all the people of my pinkchair and at the end of t his month we come together to talk, more waiting time-S
but glad that we can talk about it and that it mayby will solved later on.
can't use the pink one so i'm glad with my new not good frontwheels on the broken wheels i had.
so after all i'm happy.
hey other not good news i will live in this house longer , they have send me a mail t hat the appartments are delayed for one or two months-S
i don't like it, i was hard counting the months, and it will cost me more waiting time to go to revalidation therapy.-S
have written it too to Gerard , he told me that they have still time to help me but i don't hope it will be juli.
then i have big problems.
okay this was my not fun news, i will adjust to an other summer here.
Braces ... i have had them too when i was a child but in my time they didn't do it soo well so my teeths aren't sooo beautiful like now a days but it's just me,
i t hink it makes me m ore special. they had taken out some teeth out my mouth to make more space, i have a kiddo sizes chews. and a kiddo size head.
the rest is normal though.lOL
i have read and saw that most people are looking the same because of all those braces and cosmic fixings.
sad , but this is the mordern living time. I had to laught when a young girl saw suddenly my normal teeths when i was laughting and she said ooooh this is worse then ever.
huh....!!!! i told her that in my time this was just a correct teeth thing so it' wasn't freaking at all.LOL aaargh . told i have still all my teeth hony don't be scared you must look to more people that are my age with having her owns then you see worse freaking mouths.LOL
she didn't liked me.LOL
i could have made it worse , but thought don't Jet be brafe and kind to this rude child.-D
nooo don't do it anymore those cravings, it's not healthy and know of me and Sheila that health isn't to buy when you have lost it is often lost for ever.
hummm not nice to hear, (dutch mummy talk.LOL) i'm concerned of you;-D
when you feels hungry drink some water and go to bed again.
and eat healthy fruit things during the day i have learned this, don't like it but i'm doing my best to be brave.LOL
heard that the md that i had written two months ago will write me finely back.
it's about my future in Haarlem i was working on my eating problems and in the interview it looks like i got a great offer but after 5 times talking with a dieetist i heard of her that i had to leave not of that i wasn't motivated but she found it too hard to help me-aaargh.
so it's still a hughe problem. i'm doing tooo less things now so i'm not soooo skinny more then ever, humm not fine either because i'm looking that way but i'm not feeling that anymore.LOL
the community worker in Haarlem made a big problem of it. thougt oooh shut up please because i had told her i'm working on a solution and it's my own problem.
but it's not smart in a new situation to be angry on people so i must be brave and polite. told her only the same things over and over.
some people don't listen to others , think they find them selfs soooo importend;-D
Gerard is still ill but he must play in his first band , it's not nearby but all his family members are ill too, so ... hope he will find a solution.
i hope it's a big succes, two of their sons playing with them along
one of the old memebers is just gone last year. Gerard told me he was still grieving, like Jeroen it was too early and too suddenly , like my John as well.
I understand this !!!!
but working on the prize for Jeroen had helped me very well.
okay this was all my thoughts for now, much to read for you.LOL
hey have a nice good day , still proud of you, aaaw hope your tummy is okay again today, i have always longer problems.LOL
so ... humm i'm totally not brave.LOL
hey lovey you and loved your suport and big complements , it's making my day.;-D
hope you have wun of her by t he game, much fun and love and hugs and kisses and cake or cook with care;-DLOL
your fellow cookie monster ....grunch ..... grunch.;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi, goodmorning sweetie, it's here now earlly in the morning,
LOL yeaaah it was a typical comment of me.LOL
i thought you will love it, you're always suporting me so i thought i will give it a try by your site as well.
I think it's helping us to suport the others to got a better kinder prettier envirement. so i always smile it's helps me self as well, i'm less complaining and less crumpy.
i have learned it on a zen boedhist lesson, i always try to smile when i'm angry doenst' let it show to the other!!!! they will only got worse.LOL
but in my self, it keep your calm down and... when i must go up i'm smiling my girls love it, always telling them with a big smile goodmoring it's almost cat food time.LOL
Don't think they noticed the smile of me but only reconizes the sound of food.LOL
and the line of me oke come on but then in dutch of course.LOL
my sis her dogs have learned english commands so nobody else can do that, it's smart now they only listen to her and her daughters.
well raised dogs, hummm wish she did the same with her daughters.LOL
hummm must call today again for the solution, think i have more issues that i don't want to accept, saw that the arm suport was very strange as well.
i had order a handy suport which was short but now they have set them only far away of my backseat they are strange looking.
and those other things.
if they had called me back yesterday mayby i wasn't so critical but nobody called me back don't like that.
so okay a new day new chances to get.
glad i have more free time to try to solve this problems , Gerard is still ill, it must be pleumonia i think , not good.
he has a bad long condition normally so when he got a cold it always turned out worse.-S
we are taking the same meds .LOL the last time he told me that he was glad with my vacuum cleaning because he was forgotten his meds i thought must i offer you mine, but later on i forgot to mentioned.
tooo jumpy brains you know.
ooooh must laught of you, about eating humm i was at your age the same but later on stop with it, but now i think you can , humm don't know that really.
i was a bad eater , still and didn't want to eat on the table my mum didn't like to watch me so i only eat alone in the kitschen -S
didn't like it, always fights of food my sis had the same my brother was even worse.
think it's a family matter as well.LOL
humm i'm growed up like the others so it s now my own problem.
wish i was allready living in Haarlem, i don't like this waiting any more and all the wrapped boxes in every room and still needs things of it so i had bouoght allready too much new things-S
okay i must clean my self and get dressed hey wish you a great day and be crafty have fun with your bracelets and comic fly cartoon mayby it's time to uploaded it as well on your blog , !!!!
hey love you , lots of cake , care and creativity.;-D hugs and kisses;-D
your fellow cookie friend.LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi, again, found my computer online , was going to bed it's very late here all ready, so i thought humm must check my mail and saw your comment.;-D
it made me smile , a hughe smile;-DDDD
you're very welcome , i hope they will be enthousiastic as well, and when they aren't, think you're just starting, so it will be interesting later on more and more!!!! but i think they will love it too you done a great job!!!
still proud of you.;-D
but i liked it so far-D so don;t worry;-D
hey have and take for now a good time sleep sweet girl.
i will. had hang on the couch covered up with two glued down furrie ladies.LOL
couldn't move but they have had just their food to go asleep again.
but then glued on my bed-S hope they don't fight for the best place to night.
and will slept me some more hours, they always wake me too early , it's getting earlier light you know and they think they are alawed to wake me up for their feed.LOL i have spoiled them tooo much.
i can only blame myself.LOL
it's all about that they need differend food so i can't let it stand for them.
and muis is too skinny at the moment so i give them four times some food, wolfje eats too much she loves food to much so she got just a tiny bit but muis got plenty.
hope one day it will worked out.
wolfje lesser and muis bigger.LOL
it's like i'm having a private weigth watchers club for cats.LOL
hey sleep well and tight , love you just keep me posted about your new project of your website, love it !!!!
till soon and lots of greetings and hugs, fun and kisses:-D <3
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi i have just looked at your website awesome girl!!!
love your design, well done , very impressed of it.!!!!
glad that i have got you some inspiration , and yeaaah be curtain i will do that, when you didn't have made one.LOL
Hope you will sleep this eve better , it's not good to stay up sooooo late without some rest.
(told a dutch mum.LOL) don't will tell you that anymore, you're mum will do that as well.LOL
will give you an longer answer next day i'm now realy tired and must eat i think.
haven't eat the whole day and it's allready eve-S
must think to eat choclate >LOL
hey till soon and for tomorrow a great creative weekend love you eat much cookies and cake and care as well. LOL
love and hugs of your fellow cookie monster.grunch gruch and rommel rommel tells my tummy.LOL;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my dear cookie monster fellow friend
LOL poor flys ;-D
yaaaah it\s all teribble and horrible , we have in holland two nuclear power installations as well one is off duty but the other is still working, but we have a lot of green power installations as well, think that's the best safes solution.
When in Chernobil (don't know how to spell it) in the Sovjet Union it melted down we had miles a way too much problems with the radiation, it's a not ficable danger , there are lot of people still very ill of it when they have surfave the deasaster.-S All kinds of cancer.
Have seen it on tele this is going sooooo wrong and badly , poor sea animals as well they will be inflected as well because the polution is going too in the water.
it inflects not only asia but more parts of the world.
Don't worry to much about it you are living just on the other side of the earth.
but it's a bad lesson for the whole globe to learn to choose for other power installations.
i have been always against this bad things they often are standing on boarders of the countries of course of the danger.
in the 70ths in holland we have fight to close for them all, but now with the bad economic the stupid couverment of us is choosing for it again because they are more cheaper then the green power installation parks.
aaaw so sweet to tell you me that your dead could fix my new wheels.
i will call to day about it, it's not good and i'm now better , but i will go lesser strong in my arms , it's a slow (not really told my sis) process with me to get worse. I think she is right in 5 years is going too quickly bad.
but that's oftenly. but you know me i will surfive and still having fun.
humm have uploaded a tute yesterday mayby when it's appaering you can does make it this vacation.LOL
it's about making beads of just branches. i had made them much sooner and had made last week the tute and suddenly i saw on an other blog the same idea, aaargh so i thought i must do the upload allready.LOL
i think we all have the same ideas in crafting land.LOL
Hey why not making a comic of the fly story.LOL i like that idea, poor family members.LOL
Hey your soooo creative and having like me jumping brains so do something funny with it, be just creative, you will have a much better vacation!!!!;-D
do you have made the friendship bracelets allready.
you can uploaded them. i'm curious about them.
Just have fun sweetie, time is flying you know and suddenly you will back in the class room;-D
i will call the dealer about this not correctly dilevering have some strange other problems as well which i must find a solution of, have found out that the chair is much longer because the 5th safety wheel behind me is tooo long so i can't make the turn in the elevator any more so i can't go out the elevator my self aaargh.
soooo stupid.!!!
and about those tights sooo stupid on paper on the order all was written down correctly.
have put my old special cushion in it. and last afternoon i had to laught. I was allready affraid of.
in November last year i had a check up of my old broken down wheels and they where agree with me that i needed new tights and frontwheels an battery, but they all went wrong .LOL
so they will areived finely this afternoon , 4 months later.LOL
sooo stupid.
oooh it will be okay i know that , but it was a bad disappointed must be patience again. LOL Not my fave issue.LOL
will thing uploading an other project have done much more strange things lately.LOL
must sms Gerard i must go with my furrie ladies to the vet they had some health issues not seriously but it's not going good. and Gerard would go with me .
Wolfje and muis together in one case isn't sooo good , so disapointed about that, muis and her sis were much better in that, but wolfje will bite muis and can behave her very badly-S
so two cases i can't hold on my lap, so i need help of Gerard and too the vet has a too high doorstep to ride over so Gerard must pull me over on it.
My vet loves my brands of cats and is always a sweet persone to me and them , i will miss him, Last time he thought that Gerard was my bf.LOL
Gerard didn't explain it , and we had to laught a lot later when we walked back to my home.LOL Cheaky LOL
Got yesterday of my friend a sweet mail she was sooo proud when i told her that she had such beautiful sweet kiddo's , LOL
must laught of it, and we spoke about sitting late in the eve on my balcony eating chips and drinking cocacola, and saw some horrible green candy popcorn and shared it with her the recipy with the massage or we can eat this poison dangerous green popcorn.
she loved the idea.LOL
humm i wish i was allready in Haarlem then i knew more about the new solutions , oooh i have talked with my t herapist and we are working friends again.LOL
he was glad that i startted the issue and told him more nicely the problems, he had have thought of it as well and was glad t hat i had the guts to talk about it, so he was relieved as well.
and he will go to Haarlem with the other institute when i'm living in Haarlem i told him then i can show you my new home, he told me that he loved that.LOL
so all t hose issues will come okay i think.
must call my own sis she had called me thuesday and i was almost a sleep , when she had to call off of a working man that came by i didn't want to speak with her anymore , she is always complain and telling problems, i love her but when i'm sooo tired out i don't must listen to this.
told Gerard about it i told him i know that she don't will hear my issues but it's revance of me to do that.LOL he said Jet your just a human.LOL
but it's strange to do that,LOL
so i thought when the phone rings okay now i'm sleepy i wasn't i was only watching tele and try to read a book in the same time.LOL
humm some women can do two things in the same time i'm not.LOL
so after all it made me more tired out.-S
always hope that i will fall asleep of the stupid movies on tele.LOL
About couching and choking my mum does the same.LOL When she is angry on me and my sis , we know this .LOL
so we will tell her aaaaw you've got a bad cold.LOL
but we knew she is only very angry.LOL
hope she is well soon. yeaaah fly's could be annoying we still having them it's still to cold here.
a bee i love those animals poor animal you must give him a better place then just on the stairs.LOL
do a project how to bury himLOL
humm i'm teasing you.LOL
hey sweetie do something funny with your spare time you will love it even more, and feeling a tiny bit better
hey eat some cookies and cake my dear cookie monster friend.LOL
love you thank you for your sweet words they have helped me;-D
hey tons of love and hugs and kisses, love you!!!!!
jet x0x00x0x0x00x00x00x0x0
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Aww...bless you. CRPS doesn't get better. I can only try to slow down the spread to other limbs. There is no real treatment. Just have to learn to live with it. Will probably end up like Jet with wheels.
Had to laugh at how you described your insect visitor. My cat was jumping around the room last night trying to catch a moth with her front paws. It made a break for the hall way and all I could hear was the cats claws clicking on the wooden floor. My cat eats them so there's no little bodies to get rid of...Lol
She carried on jumping about and fell of the top of the couch. Found her behind all dopey. Think she had knocked herself out. She's ok now, but she must have hurt herself as she refused kitty treats...Lol
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Hi there. Spring break....sounds fun. Have a great time while you are young and carefree. I won't be posting any of my projects but I will let friends have them if they ask. The person who ripped me off lives in the next city from me. The problem I have is if people think her work is mine because she has poor construction skils....grrrr.
I will drop by and say hi when I'm well enough. I got some hand splints today from the hospital so it's hard to do things. Enjoy your spring break sweetie. Much love xxx
Jam J.
Jam J. · 6 projects
Thanks for faving my DIY Wall Decorations From Old Cd Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my fellow cookie monster, grunch grunch.LOL
hummm i'm not glad and happy he's not okay the wheels.
they have done some big mistakes aarrrrrgh.
saw it directly and thought humm how must i tell this nicely.
so after i while i told him my big disapointment and he had find a solution which i thought of later that it wasn't a smart one either i think they must do it over.
and i dind't got the right tubes and one wheel is not the right measure-S
at first i couldn't sit in it so i have again a bad hip-S
after two hours i was broken but okay it will get a following up.
the colours are okay at first i was disapointed of it as well.
but when the person was gone and i was laying on the couch it felt better and thought humm think it's a great colour but i must do something with the cushion that will help
and later my community worker of Haarlem called me and she asked me very much things and suddenly it was allready 19 hours she was calling at 17.00 hours
and didn't still after this conversation what i can take with me or not.
i had asked them that several times , to call Utrecht and talk about money.
and i started about an other subject that is a part of it, and i was suprised that they had other rules of the same things so i asked you must talk about that too because other wise i will got great problems.
so ... must wait longer.
hey i'm very very tired i will be next day much better and much funnier then now.
but thank you for your enthousiastic congreatulations love you for that.
and yeaah it is a beauty of chair.
now it must e fitting to me. must be having more patience
hey much luck with the fight.

oooh the friend is okay , only he is still in Tokio , and we are still worried about him because of the danger of the fushion power stations.
it's not really safe there.
i had the same strange thoughts so i asked Karin is he hansome and she said my sun is just beautifuller. LOL nooow he is just straight and not like those other models , so i was suprised of it as well.
but i have this often with some other models that i think humm don't know why you're so special ,
but happely it's not my problem.LOL
hey good luck and have a great fun creative week
lots of hugs and kisses and of course cake and fun and my love
and cookies my sweet cookie fellow monster.aaaaaarghhhhhhh.LOL
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Hiya, I haven't been about for a while. Yep, I'm taking drugs....Lol. Got tramadol, co codamol, diclofenic and amitriptyline.
My condition has deteriorated. I took my projects off the site after one of them that I designed and made the pattern for was ripped off by a person with no scruples. They have their own web site and are selling my design (down to using the same fabric) and claiming it was their idea. I've left messages on the site but she hasn't got in contact.
Hope you are ok. Things are tough all over the world at the moment. Natural disasters and people standing up for themselves against bad leaders. So much change in a small time. It's hard to keep up with everything. Many blessings for a good week xxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my dearest yummie cookie monster friend
that's sounding a lot better, glad to hear that you found new friends.
better ones and great to make those friendship bracelets

yeaaah not good, we having the same problems not only in education but on different issues as well, like care and so on.
not good, i''m agree with you
we had some stikes of students and teachers i was glad of it.
don't know if it will helps but it better then not showing your disagreements.
hummm today we Karin and i started to sort my kitchen out.LOL
it was strange to do that.
and yeaaah suddenly Karin was tooo enthousiastic and then i'm not thinking any more so we had almost wrapped my thinks i still need as well.
suddenly i told Karin noooo i need that. LOL
she had to laught of me.
She told that Gerard is ill.-S not okay.
again his longs i heard it on friday.

their friend is still in Tokio waiting for his flight to New york he has to work for Kevin Klein, he is a model.
i asked Karin is he really such a hunk. she said jet i know him from his 12th and i think i'm predjedist because i think my sun is much beautifuller.LOL
i think the same.LOL
but she told me on pictures he is stunning. LOL
but it's not safe in Japan at the moment.
i'm still woried abouty those nuclear power stations-S
and all those dead people on the cost-S

hope he will come soon to hollland back.
hey great great big news, i will got tomorrow my new pink red wheels.Yeaaaaaah!!!!!!!LOL
i have waited on them for two years, that tooooooooo long
and friday i was almost hit by a scoot mobiel driver, aaaargh!!!
she drove suddenly backwards but not watching so i had to yell to her,
she didn't reacted-S
very impolite-S
i'm woriking at the moment on toooooo many projects not good-S
but yesterday eve i have finished one.LOL
Karin had to laught of it.
and... i had to laught because she found it great to have my plastic plates for her and her daughter to use. I have changed them in to crafter as well.LOL
they are safing a lot of things now too.LOL

she was puting those things in her trunk in the car and suddenly she showed me her special shoes, i was flabber gasted of that she wanted to share them with me.
her feets are a big problem and she don't like it , i don't must say anything about it, so it felt like a hugde honour and ... told her oaaaaaw so sweet your tiny feets.
she has size 36 sweet huh.LOL
like that ;-D
so this comming morning i will be a pink gril.LOL
think i will do some pimping on it, but that must be later on.
don't have to tell to much,
ooooh love it that you will use cookie monster.LOL
and love to see it some day.

hey sweetie glad with your good news have a great vacation time and we will talk some more to each other.
be creative and have a great fun day
lots of love hugs and kisses
and cake
your fellow cookie monster grunch gruch gruch.lOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hello my cake monster friend;-D
almost is awesome, we can't be in everything brilliant you know.LOL
i think your great in computer things. the rest i just don't know.
but i was scared as well to jump over those hurdles so you're much better then i was.LOL
so i'm still proud of you.
hope and will cross my fingers for you that you have passed your taks test.
and congreatulations with your mum give her my congreatulations and wish her a good new liveyear as well;-D

On your next comment i had to sneeze L0OL, so thatnk you for your blessings.LOL
must laught of it,
hey have a great awesome fine nice funny crafting creative weekend
lots of hugs and kisses and cake !!!;-D
humm cookies are nice to take as well
so i think mayby i must bake some;-D
i will think of you when i'm eating them grunch grunch ;-D
your fellow cake monster aarrrrrrrgh.LOL
Ms. Nikell
Ms. Nikell · Charlotte, North Carolina, US · 52 projects
Thanks for the fave on my bag!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi, my dearest cake monster friend;-D
yeaaah i think that does friends, you do t he same for me. ;-=D
but thank you for your compliments;-D You make me blossing, woooh now i'm looking very healthy.LOL (i'm often looking very pale.)LOL
one time a persone of t he choire told me the next time we must performe on stage please use some make up for a healthy look. i was flabber gasthed.
didn't do that, i thought without those things i'm more Jet and they will love me and laught of me because of my acts too.
and i was right.lOL
No ooooooh your'e not a quirky , you're my cake monster fellow friend;-D
and we all needs some lifting up work of others;-D
i'm sure needs them oftenly too.LOL
or they must tell me to slow down.LOL but i 'm having a jumpy brain.;D

good that you've reconized that she does this more oftenly. People uses often those diagnose wrong, ocd isn't fun in real. my little niece has those problems.
I love her , but i know i'm not her mum or teacher so it's easy for me to deal with her.;-D
she is still a sweet girl.
oooh about those things to tell sombody, i often think that too , hum had told them that answer.LOL then i think ooooh some day i willl telling that.
and somestimes it 's happening.LOL
i have done some excersizes with some words to say them , i told my sis you must learn them to say so you can use them everytime you wanted.LOL
But laughting or just smiling is okay too.;-D
Gerard is always m aking jokes , and last time i had used my migraine meds and then my brains are working very slow so he had to spell out all his jokes couldn't understand them.LOL
it wasn't funny for him any more.LOL
he had to do a lot of reading, i couldn't read all my letters i had got of t he mailmen-S
so he filled them in too for me, there where again some forms-S
Glad off.
and i think when people have made something and posting it on cok it is always a part of them, so i can't be hurting aweful when we don't be careful.
i have learned to give bad critics too, but first you must started which the good ones.LOL
but why must we do that?
We aren't at school.LOL
other wise i could give everybody ten points.LOL
and from good t hings we always learns a lot more.

hey how is your crafting going?
and have you ended the historic paper allready , hope so.
Have a great fun sunday and a awesome fine school week, you will find one day you're new friends and you' ll say someday all the thinks you wanted to say;-D
hey have a lot of yummie cake as well and lots of love and hugs
the other fellow cake monster;-D

Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
I laughed at your sister wanting to play. My brother is 43 and is so boring. I'm older than him but I'm the one who will be 19 till they die...Lol
Maria S.
Maria S. · Melbourne, Florida, US · 8 projects
lol you're welcome(:
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Had to laugh at your comment. You would beat me in a race. I've had little old ladies with walking frames go past me. My foot is affected by CRPS now so I'm snail pace. I'm so slow I don't scare birds away...Lol. I'd go for a field even like discus or javeline 'cos there's not much running ;)
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Hi, sorry I've been a while getting back to you. I've been to hospital twice this week and seen specialist nurse at work...grrrr. I don't have the energy to be ill...Lol. Algebra eh...umm..I remember that. An unknown being given a letter.....and then a = sign in the middle. Transposition...erm... + and - or x and divide depending on how you move the quantities across the = sign....takes me back so long ago. Have a great weekend xxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my fave fave cake monster friend.;-D
you don't have to choose think of it, and try it out what will be the best for you.;-D
take the time.
i think you're a funny laughting persone as well, sometimes we are quiet for a time , that's okay you will be soon your old you again.
don't worry, sweetie.;-D
about adhd people always things that they know how adhd will shows , but not every adhd-er act like the other and there is a big differends between a boy and a girl.
i can sit very long too, too when i could walk still.
only i was always drawing or playing with my hair or playing with other things in my hands, so it looked like i was sitting still.LOL
and not every adhd-er has it in the same way. That's why some kiddo's don't have later on those problems anymore, Gerard has an adhd brain as well, but less worse then i have. so he can coach me.
when he had it in the same way like me i would be crazy of him.LOL
So if you think you have it, i can't tell you that, then you must go to the gp to aske for to sort it out for you;-D
Most people don't know what it is only of documentairies. and often not in a good way very negatively-S
like they are criminals.LOL
i can comfort you by telling i'm not a criminal.LOl
and not all pepole are fighters with adhd often they are great entertainers.LOL

yeaaah i like my newest project, i'm over the half of it now.
but i love kitschy thinks because my mum didn't liked it.LOL
and of the silyness of the those things.;-D
About yellous ... it's always not fine to see the boy you want to be in love with an other , so don't be to harsh on your self.
some day you find a better one for your self;-D
i'm sure of that.;-D
And thank you for being my valentine and i' was yours too.LOL
thank you ,i have only one cake monster friends you know.LOL
wish you lots of succes of your math test.
and someday you will finished the crafting project as well , i'm patiencend you know.LOL
hey loving you , be gentle to yourself it all willbe come okay and lots of fun and lots of cake , and more hugs and kisses
your fellow cake monster, grunch grunch gruch.lOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my sweet cookie monster friend;-D
thank you fo your fave on my kitschy necklace project .
it's really kitschy huh?!!!!
hey love you have a nice day sweetie, talk to you later;-D
hugs, kisses and fun;-D
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Hi, we went to see 2 bands called Bad Taste Barbies and Devilish Presley. They are goth punk and goth rock bands. It was a good night as I managed to wear my going out clothes so I got to be me for a while. I took my daughter to the Download festival when she was 15. We camped 3 days in a field and listened to rock music. My Chemical Romance did a set, but one of my faves was Bowling for Soup...so funny...there was a guy that crowd surfed in a blow up dingy. Sounds like you had fun with the make up....enjoy being young and don't grow up too quick. It becomes all about earning money to keep a roof over your head and thinking where your next meal is coming from....Lol. Good for you, learning to cook is such a good thing. Pre-made meals are so expensive. Till later xxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
crunch crunch ccchchchchchchch(=translation hello my yummie sweet cake monster fellow)
Yes i know at those moments it's not feeling great but don't forget that when you are a nice group of your own two is a group i think it's better then to act like the others.
When i was your age i had the same problems and i felt sooooo alone too.
but when i had just one friend it was much better and being yourself is only the best thing to do.
Changing don't help anything then you are joining a group where you are too a on the lowest part of it. because in every group there are a higher and lesser persone-S
And those populair persones are often only populair because they are sooner sexual active , that will stands your education in the way. Humm i try to tell something that is not real english .LOL
sorry, but often those people don't have tooooo much education because of that.
and all the other problems of sexual disseases and so on.
so be your lovely self and be smart to study some more and stay away of those not so kind people
hummm hope you understand this. you're sooo nice and kind , that you will change in a bitter not smiling girl that will be selfish as well. Okay now i 'm telling a thing in black and white but i have often watch this, of course there are an in between;-D
Yeaah alone isn't always fun, i have often those periods as well, but i know that i always find new ones, so don't give it up.
When we don't search we find new friends because we are ourselfs.
i think that's why i became a friend of Karin.

I was in time.LOL i had worked the whole night and in the early moring as well.LOL
so when Gerard came i was tired and got eye migraine-S
but it was funny but we have talk about things which i must dicuse again.
And for the first time i have asked to rub his feets before he came in.
He always runs throught the park and he wearing high profile shoes so always when i have vacuum cleaning the floor there is after him again dirt.
proud of myself.LOL
and bought some kitschy things for my goodbye kitsch presents to make.
soooo much fun to buy those things.
and then i got migraine so i must do it today slowly and easy.
still under the meds-S so it's feeling dizzy.LOL
but i will finishing today my art gift. yeaaaaah

about the cleaning the problem is that when you are like me an artist with an adhd brain you can use all the things you will found on the streets.LOL
so i have a lot of materials and lot's of unfinished projects.LOL
much more fininshed ones too.
so that why i must work hard and at first i thought i clean them away of working with it but that wans't working .LOL i bought more new materials as well.LOL
Often i was standing by t he paydesk and thought Karin don't like this Jet.LOL
i have told her that and she had to laught.LOL
last time i suddenly bought yarn for knitting more sweaters and later on i thought i must hide this for Karin, don't work, but only of this thought i had to laugh.LOL
A friend of here told me the same.LOL so i'm not the only one.LOL
hey sweet yummie cake monster friend of mine take cake enjoy the snow and have lots of fun , love hugs cakes and xxxxxxxxxxxxx and have a fun saterday;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaw my cakemonster friend that's really kind and sweet of you to give me again a fave on my love message match box project.
LOL you know her too.LOL
You both are on the same date having your birthday.LOL
funny and for me easy to remember.;-D
and wish you just the same pleasure and fun whitch i had with the making off.
the cleanin today is a big deseaster.LOL
i have got only more mess all around. hummm i m ust write to Gerard that he must take extra meds for his longs-S and don't be too frighting of this.LOL
but i have done a lot of sorting outs only where i must set it?!!!!
but my bedroom is more empty then ever , only the living room-S
hey till later
much greetings love and cakes and fun, with hugs
and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
yummie crunch crunch.LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my fellow cake monster friend;-D
nooo that's not true , you're talking about real things , which made you worrying so don't say this anymore.
You're totally not self fish. it's good to share those things , i'm telling my problems to you too.LOL
i don't find my self selfish at all. it's just life and how others are reacting or those things where we afraid of
so i still love you and it's not complaining, because you share other stuff with me as well;-D
but i'm glad that your mum is helping you. and i'm doing a small tiny bit i hope as well, that's friendship!!!!;-D
Must do a lot today but i'l have spend still to much time to write comments and letters to others.
so i must go back to my art project. You know he is almost ready.Yeaaaaah
i don't like to work on it anymore , that's always a sign that i 'm almost finished
so i must hurry to finished it and then making some picture for here.;-D
but i think i can do that only when i have given the prize so it will be after the 17th februari. i will try to go to that meeting as a board member , my other friend will try this too, i don't think that Fuat the last friend is still out of the revalidation centre, then he had to stay there for more then 3 years.
wooow times fly.LOL

oooh that's sound wise of your sis i think we are telling the same .
and it's good to help each other with trics that working well, and share those and other things , but i'm glad
humm poor animal, yes you have told me that story of the dogs.LOL
hey mayby you can look for an organisation that rescues animals we have those ones in Holland as well.

today there is a small sun shining through the fog and i think now mayby there are more things to find, but i don't like my community anymore.
wooow they have a strange not good policy in social sphere any more it will set disabled people again behind their windows-S
glad that i will move to an other city, those citys has in every town a differend policy ,mayby this move is better to Haarlem , let we hope.LOL
And my therapist and Gerard will help me to find an other solution so i must stop with the bad feelings of yesterday but thank you for your understanding.;-D

i always must laught your sounds wise and smart so i speak and talk to you on the same way i would with an persone of my own ages, but that's good to make people eagle to each other.
Yes i understand the problem but when those boys are falling for those populair girls they aren't nice and good for you.
You want to be yourself and those boys will profit of the girls whom are polulair so they are selfish too. . I have had those problems you have now too, i didn't fit in in an other group so i started my own group , but i was always alone.LOL
hummm not always , i found sometimes a persone with the same idea's and then we were a group too.LOL
We hadn't those cloths that the popluair girls were wearing but we made our own style, in that time i did other things okay crafting too but finding out what i really like to do, and where my interrestings were laying.
i think that's the best thing to do.
but every schooltime given those troubles , when i was allready 33 and got back to the art academy the same strange things were you are talking off where happing there as well.
So i didn't like that, but i loved it to study and with my friend i had much fun.
i was not a brave schoolgirl.LOL but because some of my teacher were a year younger they thought that my friend was making the jokes.LOL
but i was sportive to tell other nooo i started this.LOL
they didn't or couldn't believe it..LOL
only later much later.LOL
okay now i must go back to my work must do some cleaning still.
my livingroom is covered up with things that i have pull out a closet monday eve .-S
and okay i have told this to Gerard but i don't like that he will see it with his own eyes.LOL
hey have a fun nice day,
love you sweetie, and take some cake and take care.LOL
my cakemonster girl , be ware of bittings of me , yummmie yummie , aaarghhhh;-D
Lolly.Bot · Enfield, England, GB
Aawww poor kitty... Hmmmm I can't see that one, on my profile it's a christmas piccie and when i look on my comment here it's a photo of my cat... weird that I can't see my new piccie but thanks. It's to go with the theme of my online shop...
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hummm that's said to hear , but glad that you have made of two one.
Next time better;-D

humm about the other thing,
when we have read something that has made us scared we always think of that in our subconsciousness, that not the same as your normal thinking. Everybody has this, not thing to be scare off;-D
when we awake it's like that, you're not really awake but we think we are and then those things can be happening.
not of ghost to do.
but i' know this is scarry, but you don't have to, it's the scarness in your subconsciousness that is more on the upside of our brain and makes us believe that it is real. Brains can do strange things with people , i call them always my tricks of my brains.LOL
hope this is helpfull.
this hasn't to do with ghost or with brain controling at all.
And sometimes when i 'm far to stressed out i have the same strange awarness of toughing of other people but i know now it's not real, it's my mind that is telling me Jet take it easy do some less take rest.
but that's nice of your mum that 's is sleeping next to you.
Hope this is helpfull.
You don't will be crazy , just take it easy and trust on your mum her care.
you have deal with big problems with your friends , and sleeping not well make is tired out !!!!
try to read nice things you like before you go to bed no more scarry issues.!!!
i read everyday before i go to sleep some pages too of a nice book or i wil listen to a ipod story.
wich isn't scarry.LOL

I will upload it all .
the fellow called me back he told me that they don't want to help me out.
that i didn't had to move to a better house-S i had to try to safe my money. told him that if you are soo poor as i'm you can't safe money.
he was agree and that was it.
Felt angry and upset later on i had a call with my therapist he was upset as well he told me that he will speak to some more people to try to find some other money for my move.
when it wasn't sooo far it wasn't a problem then we could hire a big van and ride till the two houses but with this distance it can't
it's sad but i must now think of other solutions.
Happily my mum has promised me that she will pay for my floor covering.
that's a major cost as well.
Told the man that he only was telling their new rules so that i didn't like it but not was angry on him personel.
told him too about that the last time when they screened my situation i thought the whole time that i would recouver but that i have found out in december that i don't will.
so that my house wasn't no longer adjusth but it didn't change his idea-S
i have asked for a letter so i can show it to others , he would give me one

so... that was not such a fine day.LOL
it was a grey cold day and yes my furries where heating up totally.
must always laught of that.
Muis has a birmees furr it's one layer only so she is always feeling cold, she loves to lay under my sweaters on my lap. and then suddenly it's tooo hot and she showes her tiny head.LOL
she is sooo tiny, wolfje is much bigger in weitght as well.LOL

I think i will do the last parts tomorrow on the torch thing and then i will start with the other things that i must still do.
I think that Gerard will help me on friday to check out which kind of things we can do about the money problem.
i have some savings but not too much. -S Most times i had to buy things that where broken down or the vets of the cats.
life is expensive.;-D
and because i can't eat all kind of products is much expensive.
but that's my problem.
but crafting is not expensive .LOL
thats a great thing.;-D
hey try to calm down and rest , and i hope i will see your puppet on here as well.!!!
hey love you my fellow cake monster, all my love and hugs and kisses and for you too stay warm and cozy. ;-D
grunch grunch grunch xxxxxxxxxxxx
Lolly.Bot · Enfield, England, GB
Thanks... do you mean the Christmas one? That's the only one I can see and I put a new one up the other day but they don't seem to have changed it Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my fave cake monster friend.LOL
you must go back with your just bought make up box, this isn't fair.
it wasn't for free. just give it a try with changing it.
don't wait tooo long.
and don't tell them that you have openend in the bus but at home.
and ... take your bill with you;-D
wish you good luck;-D

humm i think she don't will change , it's not a nice persone , real friends are caring for each other not only you for her.
think of it some more.
or you must except this.

said a dutch friend.LOL
oooh it's a grey cold raining day in here, soooo cold , my furry ladies are sleeping on top of the central heating , i wish i was a cat too.LOL
have allready two sweaters on but still brrrrr.

I'm better , only dissapointed of an interview with a commmunity worker.
i told him that my appartment wasn't no longer okay for my , but he said i lived in a appartment that was still okay.
so i started to be angry -S i told him didn't you hear that i said to you that i can't open the elevator door no more and that i'm living on the fourth floor.
he told me he had written it down.
he will call me back.aaargh.
so i'm not happy at the moment
but i have almost finished my art gift , sooo h appy with it.
i will buy tomorrow a better male connector that will fit in others as well.
the winning building is a new building so they can't use mine so it is much smarter to use the right one.
then i must wrap it and i 'm ready. yeaaaaaah!!!!
i'm working now on a design for to say goodbye to my tear yearking song choire
it will be a tear yearking heart brooch with the name of the choire.
i will posted it on here as well.
and must do some other small gifts.
i'm running out of time-S
still do lots of other things.
Administration and cleaning my materials for the moving.
it's still a lot to do-S
but i like the idea of the heart, only i have asked for how much members there are on the choire but they didn'lt send me an answer back.-S
but i can start with the project .;-D

hey about those issues' don't be to scarred of it, they don't does that whit you, just go with good friends along and don't joining strange religous groups of politic ones which are not commen.
talk with your parents they will telling the same.
and about crazy you aren't crazy.;-D i'm not thinking that of you.
it's a big word so i know you're still okay;-D
hope i have eased your scarring thoughts a little bit down.
hey must go now must go to my work.
doing two thing at the same time, not sooo smart.lOL

hey love you my sweet yummie cake monster friend member LOL aaarrrrrrgh LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaaw poor cake monster friend of mine;-D didn't like your story. they aren't real friends for you.
they play with you-S You must stand up for your self or search for better ones.
Hey some people don't know how to react or behave like you, i have found that out on my 33 th, i had helped my classmates with taking great pictures and when it was my turn i hadn't had help. i was upset and crumpy of it, and told that, and they said to me oooh you had just asked us for some help.
so that has shaking me awake.LOL We aren't all raised with the same rules and polite manners.LOL
sometimes we must help others but just asking them ;-D
but ... it can be too that they aren't real ones, that's something that i don't know for real, because i only read your stories.

wish you luck with it and strenght don't let it be you too upsetting you.
mayby talk with your mum about it or some other older family member that has some experions with those issues;-D

i'm busy this week with all my adminstration working hard on the art project and have made a new tute in between for here.
Sleep to less hours, don't know why, i think i'm often sick in my bed , humm not fine, Gerard noticed my tireness too -S
We talked about some issues that are still going on and did some forms that has to be filled in and to send away.
so i have done a lot this week, it was a chaotic week and not fine.
Okay i had fun but i had send too a lot of thoughts and critical words on a article for the yearlly prize of our organisation-S
there were lot's of stupid mistakes made-S
didn't got soon an anwer of my other board members, one is laying for 2, 5 years in the hospital almost 3 years, in februari.
so he don't answer , but later on i thought Jet you are ill as well, for almost a year.
and i answer all those things ?!!! but that 's my problem.LOL
i'm too dutiful.LOL
have filled new things for the community for Haarlem in. stupid i had have had a talk about this allready. this isn't going too fast.
My own community workers are complaining of it. but i'm in the middle of it so they must take contact with the others by their own. i can't only fill in forms.;-D
Humm good n ews. i have called for my new little wheelchair which i'm waiting for for 1.5 year he will areived in februari that's very soon.LOL
my own chair is still broken , still waiting for a new battery and new front wheels.
have called for that one as well they didn't know that they had to order for a new battery.-S it's such a stupid not well working firme , that's why i have made a change all my new chairs i order them by a new firm . they are doing a great job.
very polite and okay some issue's are going wrong too by them but they always offering their accuse to , that's fine, and when they promised things they always does that.
so i'm glad in the neighbourhood of Haarlem is one store of t hem as well.
Hope that they are just working like the one i have found.

Hey hope and wish you have a fine good weekend , much wisedom and be yourself you're a very dearest fine persone!!!
don't forget that, my fellow cake monster friend, LOL
watch you're self other wise i will bit you.LOL aaaaargggggghhhhh
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Hi, had to laugh about the gummy worms. I was munching on a packet of gummy snakes last night ;D. It's hard being a teenager and trying to make sense of all the stuff that goes on. Just be yourself and like who you are. I think I pretty much hid myself away till other people decided to grow up. That's what got me into my crafting so it wasn't all bad. I didn't go out on my birthday either. I'm going to see a band on Saturday so it will be like a late birthday thing. I have so much difficulty getting dressed because of my CRPS that I've been in night clothes for the last 5 days. I'm saving my energy for Saturday Happy Keep smiling, it confuses people x
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Hi, I got a witches book of spells and some jewellery for my birthday. It was a quiet day. I'm still going through pain management so it was a wrap u warm in front of the fire. Hope you had a good day and got lots of nice gifts. thanks for the friend add. Happy crafting Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi , hi a tiny bit birthday girl cake monster friend of mine.LOL
hope you have eaten all yummie things you liked the most.
and having now a warm cozy tummy;-D

hummm i thing those populaire people aren't so great at all, they are like you said yourself sooo selfminded and it's always of them and not of their friends.
sometimes i watch those movies on tele and always thingking my gohs those people are sooo boring me with their only me stories.
not interesting at all;-D
so you better be off her . and if she don't want to talk with you , then she wasn't and isn't a great friend , so she isn't you be worthy!!!
and people are always changing sooo that can be the problem with her, changing of interests and idea's or whatever so think you will have some room in your heart for finding a new friend,;-D
but it's not feelling funny , i know , My new friends are telling me always that i must think not of my lost but of what i have had with those friends and what i have just now too.
and that's helping. At first i thought i can't find new friends anymore but that's not true. Really.
And i don't share any longer all with one persone, some have other interests and that's great because i can go out with more.LOL
My little sis Karin loves to go with m e to museons and others loves to do other things with me so i can do all what i like with my differend friends.
My sis is my friend too, she is like a twin sister, but not in real, we have a very strong band with each other.
she look like me by her carachter, sometimes we fitght still as well because i always knew when she doens't is speaking the real things.LOL
She is little or smaller then i but because i'm sitting the whole day i like a short persone.LOL so she is calling me now big sis and i little sis.LOL
but i'm fond of her.
Yeaaah i love the sea too, soooo beautifull and after my move i can go to the sea by my own often it's not really nearby but i can drive myself with my big elektric yellow wheels to the sea.LOL
love that idea.
And Karin my friend that's helping me too have promised me to pick me up often to drive to the sea together.

hummm i told you before i like to talk with people but not all my friends in the list are friends like you and Sheila and some others.
i don't write often with them, that's okay.
because otherwise i had to stay online and glued myself to my computer the whole day long.LOL

Have made the hanging for the art piece, humm i have sawed a piece of wood in a design and made of copper wire a hanging thing, now i have to do more of it, but i have fixed the holes in the wood so i must wair till its dried.;-D
and i'm embroidering.
so mayby i'm in time still;-D
i like people and like to help others and motivate them. i like to see the progress of people thats a great gift backwards.
mayby that's still the teacher in me LOL
i heard of my therapist that i can give art lessons there in Haarlem
thought noooo i don't must do that.
i don't have the energy for that , so i think i will be a student of those others.LOL
smart of me. or totally not.
i like to work on my own. When i was working every week in creative therapy i always was working in an other room then the others, The therapist knew that i was good in that.LOL
and it worked great, hope that in my new place they will understand that too.
but first i must got stronger of my health in the revalidation center and find some new friends. Hummm must fingured out a lot new things there.LOL
but one thing not , Karin my friend and Gerard will move with me, and i had made planes that Karin and her daughter comes to me monthly to craft by me.
Nikki knows allready what she wants to learn.LOL
she wants to learn felting.
and sewing.
like that, Don't know what karin wants, mayby i can ask later some others , like my sis but .... don't know if she has the energy for that and stay out of troubles.
but that's for the future.
like the idea that your friends will come to you, hope you having a great fun party and lots of presents and fun.
hope you an awesome good weekend ,and i'm glad with your friendship as well, you're a sweet gentle wise cookie monster.LOL
so thank you for being a real friend of mine;-D
hey thousend tons of hugs , fun and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Happy Birthday sweetie. Have a great day. I'm another year older too....but not much wiser....Lol xxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Congreatulations huraaay huraay huraaay for my birthdaycake monster.LOL
hope you have an awesome fun happy birhtday. With lots of presents and fun!!!!
lots of big kisses and hughe hugs for your birhtday of me
your fellow cookie monster, but i will eat some cake and think of you today;-D
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Hahahaha....just saw on Selina's page that it's your birthday on Friday....me too! ;D I saw My Chem' at Download fest a few years ago. They did their older stuff and Gerard and his bro walked behind me and my daughter down the food bit. We said hi to them and they went for lunch....cool. Have a great day on Friday x
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Good that you have made up your mind of what to do accept or decline.
now it's out of your mind.
yeaaah friends are not always fun.LOL We always thinks that friends are for ever and ever, but that's not always happening in real.-S
i have lost some dear friends and very long old good friends too, at first i was upset but now i have thought hummm i have some open place for a new one.
We are not all polite and nice or not good for each other, or having too much problems which the other can't deal with ,
and we are changing as well oftenly so i think it's okay to have friends for a special time to share those special thoughts with them, and some friends are really for ever or just for a very long time as well;-D
I understand your problems and your hurting feelings, this is not funny but, when people aren't good it's better when they are gone out our lifes don't you think, new start with fresh friends.;-D
and sometimes i make with new friends the wrong disicions as well.
soooo.... think of your almost birhtday my sweet friend.
almost time to eat your birthday cake.LOL

still for me 2 nights to count, yeaaaaah
and then you will be my birthday cake monster. yummie !!!!LOL

hey have you uploaded those new project allready hope so i want them badly to see and to fave.LOL
sounds very interesting.
have good news i had to speak for an intake in Wijk aan Zee for the revalidation centre and they called me just bakc to tell me that i may come for treatment after my moving, at first they told me come may but i think i will be better off when they will help me june , so i'm just a tiny bit seatle down.
like that sooo glad so they will try to make my arms and hands stronger and my neck so i can do more things again , like i did before.
sooo glad of this offer.
now i'm tiredout after two days traveling,
oooh i have watch the sea it was just beautiful, very calme and really a dutch shy like the old paintings of dutch painters with big clouds awesome, loved the salt tast of the air and the salt smell.
feeling if i was on a holiday ;-D
hey wish you a fun great two other counting down day's in front of your birthday.LOL
hey love you, and much love , hugs , kisses and fun , till later my almost birthdaycake monster.LOLxxxx
melindadanielle · Atlanta, Georgia, US · 9 projects
exciting! happy early birthday!
Art Princess
Art Princess · San Diego, California, US · 8 projects
Thank you for favoring my shieldHappy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi my sweet cookie monster;-D
if you don't like it, you must not accept h er.
or you accept but don't write with her, i have some friends that don't write that's okay for me, but i think you like to write so don't and stay safe and deney.
with some friends i have bad feelings too, not in the beginning but later, so we don't write and fave each others projects anymore.
hummm childnesslike but... she has started it, and now i think fuck you as well.
sorry for the bad word.
not polite.LOL
just back from the neurologic he can't do anything i was afraid of that allready.
he told me i can't do anything with your problems soo sorry , so i said thank you for your honest answer and told him i find that very cool of yours.
he had to laught.
laying in the car is helping me a lot , lesser problems.
only i had to ride on my sportwheels that hasn't a motor so Gerard had to push me a little.
strange when people does that, only some of them are alowed to do this job.LOL
i'm very strickly in that.LOL
but i must take my turnings more bigger because somebody walks aside of me.LOL
Gerard didn't like to push on my shoulder and was walking very strange and had to less breath , poor friend of mine.
so i must think of how further. he said i only can give you migraine meds but i had those meds allready.
Asked him about my arms and hands but he couldn't do about that either -S
soo must make a new plan.
Have done again big cleaning of materials with my friend Karin. we had a lot of fun again.
oooh and Gerard is playing in some rock bands . He is playing the accordion, bass gitar and keys, but he preferes the accordion.
i had found a tute of making an accordion with inside a calender of this year so i have made that last eve and give him that today, he loved it.
glad only saw that i hadn't glued it too well.LOL
gerard said to me Jet i have glue at home as well.LOL
okay that will do for today, must take my meds and drink something and give my cats some food.
they were sooo impatiecend that they jumped on the keys and i was suddenly a lot of text lost-S
hey only 3 night , yeaaaaah
must laught of your lion story, sneaky.LOL
hey have a nice fun day , lots of love hugs and kisses from your fellow cookie friend. ;-D
melindadanielle · Atlanta, Georgia, US · 9 projects
+10 points for adding me back Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL then it was too spicy, and drinking don't helps of water and juice you must drink milk!!!
thats the only thing that will ease your tummy as well;_D
and still counting, i 'm !!!
have done some cleaning of things for the moving and we wrapped some boxes have send an email to the communtiy of Haarlem hope they will give me now some answers.
still must write to the house cooperation of my house to be.
of their rules.
and have made all the edited pictures made in pritable sizes so i can print them on the fabric.
Showed the flame shade to my friend she loved it.
not feeling weel think i have got a cold, and must travel still two day's not good and fine-S
now that was it for now i have to count only 4 nights and then .... congreatulations!!!!hurayyy!!!LOL
but cake must you still love, i love birthdaycakes sooo beautiful often with those candle lights on them;-D
once i have made a cake for a teacher his 40 birthday and we had lighted 40 candles on it the whole big cake was covered up with them.LOL
and the top was all with holes when they were blown out.lOL
too much.
so later on i used those candles with numbers
smart huh!!!!
just heard on the news that a man that has lived for more then 10 years in my neighbourhood on the end o f my street that was escaped out of a prison of Belgium. not good.
Glad that he wasn't living in my flat, there were a lot of problems with him.
our mayjor was very angry because there wasn't a messages out to the other countries of his flight.
hummm must eat some more and lay down for this eve , hey did you had a nice last day off, hope so wish you much fun at school
much love , hugs and kisses
my fellow coockie munster grunch grunch .LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
wooooow so you're almost a birthday cookie monster Yeaaaaaah.
i will talk with you before the 21 i bet!!!!
you're sister is sweet to lent you her crafting materials, mayby your mum can sew? You have picked out her white hairs, hummm hope she didn't get bold now.LOL
no you're right when you love something it's not nice to teas you about it.
i love to sing alone always.LOL
i'm must try to clean more things up still, have made it o nly worse.-aaargh.-S
have packed some things as well.
and have cleaned the bathroom and the toilet, so i'm realy tired now.
Karin will come a little later so i can do tomorrow something too.
must eat something it's now eve here and still haven 't eaten it's now20.30
still not hungry i think because i'm too tired and my sickness.
but still glad of my progress of the art gift.
hey dearest monster, hope you have a great fun crafting time , let me be flaber gasted of your project.LOL
hey much fun with the counting down, do you give a party and hope you got a lot of great presents and cards and kisses;-D
Yeaaah my cats are funny, more dogs because they act like dogs.LOL
wolfje must on dieet she is too big at the moment.-S
not healthy but she loves to eat it's her hobby.LOL
muis must grow more so it's hard for both of them to become smaller or bigger.LOL
stupid problems
till soon, love you my coockie monster. all my love and i will count your days tooLOL
hey lots of hugs and kisses;-D
you're fellow cookie monster, grunch grunch yummie.LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello dearest fellow cookie monster;-D
of course i will send you a nice fine comment, i'm only a cookie monster not a real monster.lol
yeaah you're right those people are not okay for you, good of you to noticed that as well.
scarves is at that moment mayby awesome but to have them as a grown up it's bad , i have some scarfs and don't like them , always have to explain a lot and cover them up for the sun , sooo don't make them your sefs;-D
Not because it's a statement for to adjust to a group like some does because we all become much older and scarfs don't desapearing by their self-S
but i think you are smart enough to think of that allready.LOL
yeah i thank that's the best thing to do ignore it and hope it will end or hoping they will find an other victime-S
wish you strenght and wisdome and some luck by it.;-D
have finely made the recovering of the lamp shade with the webbing and made just yet a try out for the pictures on the fabric.
that's only white coton so i think it will be working great.
found out that i must change some pictures a little bit lighter of colouring, and some must be bigger.
but glad that i did this .
now i can go further.
was scared of to make the next step it was tooo importend.LOL
think it is worked out great have made some picts for Akkie Jeroens brother.
still not ready.
oooh my little sis called me too long chat we talk about her live and my moving.;-D
she will help me with painting and the moving glad off.
must got some more help and later as well.-S
Nooo i don't think you're complaining you'are telling your thoughts and what's going on in your life.
and about worries, sooo don't worry , you're not complaining.LOL
only interesting to read , i have learned some new words LOL
hey i'm courious of your new project, and some are sometimes the same but that's not a problem specially when it's and other version!!!
hope you will show it.;-D
hey must do some other things my cats are begging for food and must do some cleaning have made a mess when i was at the phone to check out things to trow away.LOL
but was tooo nervous of getting to late for my project to work on it and to take some pictures of the steps.
but now i 'm ready and thought must write still your comment.
hey have an other day off, lucky lady.LOL
hey much suces with your project and have much fun.
till later, love and kisses and greetings;-D
of a pj cookie monster, aaargh.!!!!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hey cookie monster.LOL
Have first cheched out what emo means now i understand it.LOL
i read that you hated the word so i thought what will it mean, you know i'm not your age, but i try too learn all new things ;-D
but those people are nog nice and great , they are bulliers and the hate every one els that looks their selfs or does things they didn't like .
I don't like those kind of people that are bullying others.
they only try to make others to follow them in their foodsteps and so they became the leader of you all-S
I have seen those people when i was a kiddo too and later when i was grown up as well-S I have been bullying too , because i was sensitive and trying to be myself and try to find my own looks, and friends. When you are following a group and not trying to find your self you will have lesser those problems.
but thats not good.
Have found out that everywhere bullying is going on all people have excepted that as normal;-S
Noo it's not!!!
Have tryed to do something with that issue. i have made with a friend a radioprogramme of this issue and a lot of people were chocked of it.
I was too, because when you heard your story on the radio it's not longer your story anymore but you will hear it of the other side.
John knew the whole story allready and was wise enough to turn off the radio.LOL
Later on it was send out for an other time because it was such a great interesting radio issue, my friend had won a prize with that.
but i didn't know so suddenly i hear my voice on the radio and thought huhhhh?
My mum told me always hard words break no bones, but that's not really the true it hurts mentally much more.
Mayby when you don't react or telling thank you for your complement it will help but i don't think so , i think they will try to find other words to yell at you.-S
but please don't change you have the right to be you and your just a nice kind frienly persone.!!! and creative!!!!
and who your friends are , that 's not their busness but i think they just prejudiced and tellling their parents word out lout to others , they don't think of their selfs just take the words of their parents over -S
so sad when people does that.!
People always don't like others that are not like their selfs, they act to me that way too, because i'm a wheelie, so sometimes they are sooo bad behaving and discriminates me and others. I allways try to th ink first and then react of just thing humm they aren't wise !!!
and say nothing, sometimes it's the best, always have had complained to my mum that she hasn't learn me to coop to discrimination acts of others.
My sis is living in an envirement where her family is the only white people .LOL
told her so your daughters learn to coop with predjudist people that 's awesome.LOL
It's only because people will have power of an other-S
and the others are just afraid to becoming the next victimes of those leaders-S juck!!!
so try just to stay away of those horrible ones and try to be your self, you're really okay and a lovely wise friend with a lot of compassion to others, that's often difficult for your self but i love you for that;-D
Don't know if you have had anything help of this word but i don't know what others to say.
only sorry for the hurting , and you're not a emo which was okay too but only your self!!!;-D
hey thank you of your big complement that when you don't know what to do that you look at my projects.LOL
hey must write some more comments and then start to work on the art gift.
Next week i will be sick again of migraine-S Must travel twice this week and that's a problem still, my neck damaging don't like those travelings.
the first one is to go to the neurologic and the seccond is nearby my city to be, it's by t he seashore, so i will see the sea. Yeaaah like that.
it's for an interview at the revalidation centre.
hope they can help me,
hey have an fun nice awesome free long weekend, it's like you have an short vacation!!!;-D Awesome!!!;-D
congreatulations of your 100!!! as well.
lots of hugs and kisses and fun , and greetings from your other cookie monster friend,LOL
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
Thanks for favoring my H&M Inspired Dress Happy
Beads Unlimited
Beads Unlimited · Brighton, England, GB · 97 projects
Thanks for faving my pearly dew bracelet!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my friend i hope you got a 100+ , awesome the burning , hope you didn't burned the whole page.LOL
and for the next time i've you have some aquarel paint or colourpencils you can make your paper much older look a like with thea and coffee you can do it too.
make the whole paper wet and then bring some drops old thea or coffie on your paper and it will flood out and then when you like it it will look awesome;-D
humm i love your pretty cool line, LOL
don't stop , it's you.LOL like that.;-D
In dutch i have some of those lines too, but they are from my own time, not the one that my nieces are saying.
like gaaf, = cool in your langues the younger ones are using Vet i found that sooo silly sounding becaus in dutch it meand thick , big, not the word for awesome at all.LOL
at first i couldn't place the word at all.LOL so i have to ask them huhhh what did you say and what does that mean?
so every generation has his own words and lines , like that.
like history.LOL
Great that you have a cool theacher , that's sooo importend that a teacher loves his job and knowing how they can make others enthousiastic as well;-D
Had today again migraine but Karin my friend would come , her car was broken so she had to go back to home to take her hubbys car.
He is cold coloured and is a big one and very new, so Karin is called him the blink.LOL sort of kitschy translated.
so i could take in the meanwhile some meds and slept an hour before she came so i wall okay, not fine but i could bare it all.we did a lot and i have trow some old things away.LOL
Karin is always glad when i'm trowing carbage away, she knows that i can use everything.LOL
and she felt in love with her kitschy necklace and i had wraped it specially but soo tight that Karin asked me can you unwrapped it so i did and i damaged the necklace of her-S so during our work together i have done the restoring;-D
Glad that she loved her necklace sooooo much.
see not really good today of the migraine so i hope you can read my comment.;-D
Must do something still so this will be it for today.;-D
oooh acting is great , love that too, it's super cool !!! enjoy your classes!!!
hey love you, have a great fun week and lots of hugs and kisses and greetings;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOl must laugh of your word i'm a big baby. nooo you're not.
only problems with starting .LOL
Have that too a lot. and then i will work to late on it after all. that's the problem just now. i'm still working on the art gift , had made a kind of webbing material and the first one i was too impatiencens and so i messed it up and had to start over.-S
but... i have made a new one much better and much prettier after all and have done a lot of embroidery on the sewing machine the whole day.
so i'm now more satisfied of myself.
a tiny bit better, but not really good, had a big migraine today, so because i had to work took my migraine meds. and after some hours i could work.LOL
clever huh.?!!!LOL
my cats were fouling around with me. i had given them food and some minutes later i had to go in the kitchen they came too and showed and begged me for food, like they didn't have anything.LOL
smart ,like those things.LOL
now they have given it up and lay sleeping tight together on top of big polarbear.
hope they have nice dreams of great adventures.;-D
humm history can be great, it's depending about you must write.
We had at the art academy culture history and all things fallen together, sooo great to see that, why because people were dressing their self in that style and why the buildings were looking of style and the furniture and so on and what was happening in those day politic and that's swell.
then i understand endly why history was soo importend and some of the history is only repeating them selfs soo sad too say.
so when you see later those things you can use it for yourself and be much wiser then the rest.LOL
so i send you all my supporting and will think of you.;-D
where must you write of?
Mayby later you can make the puppets. mayby you can google the muppet show and then you can see i think some of it.
i love puppet theatre, i had wanted to become a pupped player a very long time, but later on i knew it wasn't for me because of my health problems.
so i have said that dream farewell and made a paper of this subject for my final exams of theatre.
still love theatre. what have you watched?
or must you still go.?
When i'm moved i will live just at the coner of the theatre.LOl swell.!!!
the music and the museons as well. so that's sooo great.
hey must go to eat something, had eaten stupid yesterday, was in a bad mood so my bowels where disagree with me the whole day.
but now i will be more motivated to eat only proper alowed food again.;-D
hey wish you much fun today and lots of succes with your h omework.
have a great fun weekend and love you and much hugs and kisses , greetings from the other cookie monster.;-D
Sanna · Växjö, Kronoberg County, SE · 8 projects
Hi. Thanks for faving my Sailor costume Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
`hey saww just yet your nice comment and your fave , thank you very much of both, hey have much crafting fun with making one of yours.;-D
he till soon , have missed you too;D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
oooh thank you that s sweet such a big complement, i'm blossing.LOL
no it's not better.
still feeling awefull my arms and hands don't do it right, that's the biggest worries just now, the migraine will cost me a week, i know this from the other times that i have damaged my neck;-/
must be patience.
LOL great that you think of puppet theatre, i love puppet theatre I think because the piggy will remind you of miss piggy of the muppet show.LOL
and in that you must think too in layers to make some depth that is fake.
so i understand this completly.LOL
hey must you go to school tomorrow i will hope you have a nice week at school ;-D
wish you much fun too love and hugs and kisses
love you xxxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Happy new year!!!!! lots of kissisngs and hugs;-D
Lucy Star
Lucy Star · Kristiansand, Vest-Agder, NO · 37 projects
Happy new year! Thank you for the nice comment and favoriting my Daruma Dolls Happy
Lucy Star
Lucy Star · Kristiansand, Vest-Agder, NO · 37 projects
Happy new year! Thank you for the nice comment and favoriting my Daruma Dolls Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi, that's great that you have two skinny jeans, i weare them too.LOL
not now it's still cold but the snow is melting , it's a lot of fogg outside so i can't see to much, lol
my cats don't like the noises of the firework, my neither.
i have a migraine day-S
so i must keep it shortly this time
wish you a fun awesome eve and a happy newyear with all kind and good wishes.
lots of hugs and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
HI HI i must say HO HO Ho LOL
sounds you had a delicious mail;-D i have worked yesterday on 4 project in the same time-S wasn't sooo smart
in the evening i saw some tele, but i dind't like the most of them, soooo well know or childish, Sooo fake. mayby that's the right word.
But because we have still the eastern wind it's from russia so it's awefull cold .
it was allready cold we using Celsius and it was -10 celsuis degrees but felt much colder, so my central heating didn't get it warm enough.
He used a temp from the outside and he don't think of how cold it's feeling.
so i was all wrapped in leggings trousers and much sweaters and my pj's.LOL
but i have done the floor in my little hall too. there was a lot of snow water melted and dried on the floor.
the snow is very dirty all the edjes are black of dirt not so beautifull any more-S
and today there is more snow fallen again.It's getting boring .LOL
but i don't like it because of my mobile problems.
yes you're right somepeople think i'm very fracile and because they like me they will give me strokes.LOL
but some thinks really that of my high i'm little and treat me like a child .
why do you think that you can say wise things, i like you of your own. and think you telling me nice wise words with a lot of compassion. like that.!!!!
so don't say that you are just a kiddo. You're a good great nice friend.;-D
i think you're wise too and smart and understand a lot of others their problems.
Love that.
hey don't bother that your sis isn't such a creative person , you make nice creative things and are glad with it, sometimes people can be jelous of that.
i have had that often with other too. And now the group of crafting people is only much bigger so you're not alone anymore.
Said a old lady.LOL

Yes it was for them an hard time, in those years it was not great to got a child so young . People thought of it like it was a curse.
so i was always sooo frighted to become pregnant too to young. Okay you could used protection but not all were sooo safe and ...
but after all i had choosen to don't take children of my own.
It was hard but now i'm glad. I know that a lot of my heatlhproblems were a matter of wrong genes John had the same bad ones so they child we could have of our own would have the same problems, and we thought that a kiddo didn't like that.
so that why we didn't want them of our own.
Johan my ex has a child or more with his seccond wife.
i see him sometimes in my envirment on his bike, because he works in my neigbourhood as a social worker.
i was working some time ago in the same organisation to try to become more driveable buildings and it was a great succes but at the end we had a great opening party in the building and he had told my colegea that he didn't want to see me.LOL so she said now then you must take a day off.LOL
she told me that.LOL
i think he 's afraid of me, LOL i wasn't mean to him but told him the truth when he told me to stay away of his mariage, i only had to come to the party for collea's , after such a long time of friendship.\
So i told him that he was a coward that he was hiding him selfs after his new wife and don't stand up for his friends. (that was the problem)
His new wife couldn't understand that i don't wanted Johan ever back again.
I was sooooo glad and happy with my own partner.
but later i thought oooh she has had the same problems with Johan he wasn't so faithful as a hubby. always fallen in love with other women.
I told his new wife that i didn't wanted johan back never, but i think she didn't trusted Johan.
so when i told him all those things we broken our friendship and he was afraid of me.LOL stupid.LOL but he was mean he told the others of his job that i was the one that didn't wanted to see him so that he because o fme had to take a day off.
and it was just his own problems-S
When i heard that , they told each other that when i was there ,. they didn't know that i was the ex.LOL So at first it made me sad and thought stop you are having a big party and you did a good job and you have John that s the best thing ever.LOL
so i had a lot of fun and all my friends and collegeas were proud of my work.and liked it very much.;-D
i learned of it be your self no matter what they say. that was the lessonLOL

In the 50's and 60th the dutch people were always to each other very prejudgable.
when you did something on an other way it was bad and so on.
To in the big city's nowedays it 's less but then all was a since and they weren't nice to those others.
i lived in the early 60th's in 'Amsterdam and when my mum divorced it was a big discrace . We were on my neighbourhood the first family , so i didn't was alowed to play with a lot of friends in their home, and most at the time people were gossip about my family.
not fine and good.
Try to speak only gentle to others or when i have a problem to talk with the person it selfs and try to make an solution. And when it don't help to talk with the board members to find the solution. We had a problem in the choire .
After all i told the board that i wanted to stop with my work for them, and they said jet please stay because she will leave the choire soon.
so i was patience and try to don't react on here mean things.
She was jelous so sad when people do that.
okay it's an emotion , but they are grown ups and sometimes you mustn't react on those emotions.
i'm working today again on a lot things at the same time, i thought oooh stupid i had to do other things just right now.LOL
but i always loved it when i see a comment of you;-D
he dear friend stay save have an nice xmas day, we have two xmas days
funny.LOL On the seccond most people go in the afternoon to their family.
My mum has always my sis with her daughters in her house, at the first my brother.
so i don't have too.LOL
sometimes it very smart to don't have children .LOL
i will call her this week.
my sis told me that she would cook for my mum. they don't like their food.
It' s just an generation conflicht and taste.
i always liked the food of my mum so...
but mayby it's stands for an other problem bewteen the two of them.
i have talked a lot with my mum so we have cleared up all the problems.
and when they started again, try to tell her that and find some solutions.
it's a lot of work.LOL
he be safe and have an nice comfy and cozy day , love you and enjoy the xmas kitschy lights;-D
greeetings fun hugs and xxxxxxxx

Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hello hungry cookie monster, and are you totally dressed in new cloths;-D
i hope for you!!!
yes that's excithing like those things too.
always buying the same .LOL humm not so smart, LOL
but i can't go in those tiny dressrooms to change my cloths and to try to fit them. my wheels aren't fitting in themLOL
so i always buy them and then must try it at home and must hopefully not back.LOL
John was very long for his generation, i liked it, i had always dreamed of a friend after my first hubby , the last one too. of a taller one.
so i loved him off that too,
i always could see him above the the shopping shelves. very handy.LOL
he not he was always looking were i was.LOL
i'm normal of length but because of my wheels i show like a kiddo.LOl
but i'm not some people like to act to me like a child-S
don't like that too much-S
so i do the same by them.LOL
They don't understand it.LOL

In my hubby's family all the girls had to married on the age of 16 because they were expecting-S So i was for his family very old.LOL
for mine family i was too early.LOl it's never okay what yoy do.LOL
but they were after all right about it.

John my partner was much friendlier and kinder and nicer and creative too.
it felt much better, i have lived with John 22 years , glad off.
still missing him.
specially those days-S
but i'm try to be stong and like the kitschy lights everywere.LOL

must do a lot of those shadow boxes. i have cut the parts but i thought suddenly then you must make picts for a tute, so after all i couldn't made it finished to day.
tomorrow an other change.LOL
hey have an nice eve and sleep well my yummie hungry cookie monster.LOL
lots of love and hugs with xxxxxxx
Jet H.
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Hello cookie MonsterLOL
had to laugh of your stories. LOL
likes hem.
sad for you, but later you can laugh of it as well!!!
i didn't like the washing the dishes so i had bought tiney toys to make it more fun when i were doing that boring job with those toys in the soap it was much funnier.LOL
i gave my mum one too but she became angry she told me that she didn't found it a boring thing to doo.-S
i think she had given it away to my brother aweful kiddo's.-S
but it was a nice idea.LOL
still have some to help me to have more funLOL
When i was married , tooo early on age i was 20 and still studying my hubby had very long hair as well, He was like me a hippie,LOL
lt was near his waist, blond and style, sometimes when we walk on the street some people thought that we were lesbians.LOL
must laught of that always.
John had long hair as well but more like those tiny curlys and black .
liked it, my aunt called that sheep woollen yarn hair.LOL

Yes that's not fun to have sooo early when you are still a kiddo of yourself a baby-S i always hopes that they will managed and get the help they need with their child and with finishing school , We have that problem too in the big cities but less then by you.

hey have an nice fun day and stay safe , again lots of hugs and kisses and have much fun crafting fun or game fun;-D
greetings from an other cookie monster aaaaarggggggh.LOL
Jet H.
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Hello my friend, aaaaw so sweet of you to fave my tiny fave paperdoll project.
i'm making an other tute of the same boxes just now to make shadow tiny boxes.
i thought of it yesterday night.LOL
aaaw it\s still soooo cold inside as wll much east wind from Seberian and russia. brrrrr.
don't like it any more.
ooooh scarry, the fire alarm was turning on , aweful hard noice-S
but when i was out my door finely still in pj it was only a drill.LOL
my poor cats their ears they have much bigger ones then normal cats i hated the noice too, but i can leave hte house.
hey have an nice day, stay warm and comfy, much hugs and xxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
awesome , congreatulations with your winning!!!;-D
aaaw that's sad to hear that it' s your game and your sister had made a lot of charackters so you don't have any space for yours;-S
my sis and i had always a quarrel too. now we are big friends and love each other very much but when we were your ages no, way.LOL
Now we can laught of it.;-D
but at that time arrrrrg.LOL
she always managed it soo when we had to do the dishes that i had do it by my self.
she made me always mad of anger and then i send her out of the kitchen and had to do it my selfs or she had to go to the toilet and didn't left it no more util i was finished.;-D Very smart girl.LOL
No i don't think you will got more weith, but i have still long hair.
Lots of my age women had all cut off hair, they look alll like each other.
When i was a student i had to talk with women of 50 and there was only one women with long hair the others had all the same short cut and they look very like each other.
that women told me and my other students that we had to be long hair to don't lool of all the others so i have always thought of that.
i saw a woman in the city of 50 with long hair and i liked it, JOhn not.
he told me that it looks childish , i wasn't agree with him, she was stunning because of her long hair and she was not like all the others.
When i was 33 and started to study at the art academy all the others students of my class cut off their hair and they had too all the same model-S
didn't like that.
they didn't understand why i din't want to cut it of either, my friend had too long hair so we were the only one and later of the whole academy.LOL
still proud of it, but i became bold-S
it's of my meds-S
and i'm not eating very well of the meds too.
so i must think of solutions my friend Karin told me too don't cut it off now you can cover it a little bit off.;-D
not like some men does, but it 's above my head so that's whey i have the high ponytail.LOL
litlle sneaky.LOL

Glass is a strange thing , it looks beautiful and classy and when it's broken it's strange dangerous looking
i have done with that some art work. it almost cost me an eye._S
i had then allready problems with my hands , so that 's why it almost happened, and an other student had hit an tl light and i was looking at her and got the gazz glass cloud in my eye. Very hurtfull , the gp had got 5 pieces out of my eye.
and i had to stay home for two weeks to let it health again.
so i'm more carefully.
A friend that is a big fan of my work want one of that serie artworks.
i have promesed him that one after he have helped me move;-D

hey for you the same, i have worked hard to day on the art gift, some steps forwards, glad , i had a lot to figure out still.
but how it now looks is it okay i think.
hey have an nice eve and sleep well. enjoy your xmas time at home , cookie monster.LOL
Gerard calls me sometimes cookie monster.LOl must always laught of it.
but he said a lot of other things.
he have told me when i'm upset to be easy jet like the aeroplane firm.
but then really easy.LOL
but most people makes fun of my name, it's allright because i like that,,make of my own a lot of jokes of my name as well
he be safe and have a nice fun week and a happy xmas time.;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
And have you won?
I know you didn't meand it sooo bad what you told me of your family, so don't bother about it.;-D
i tell too of my friends because they are a big deal of my live.
I had to laugh of it too.
yeaaah that's yummie, when i was a small kiddo the milkcar was fallen down, at that time we used glas botles and all the glass was on the street , it was summer and i was 5 years old and thought how is this feeling with bare foods, so i tryed it out.
hummm after all it wasn't soo funny and good idea.LOL
my mum was very angry i did a lot of strange things , she never have understand that, she always told me behave yourself like a real girl.LOL I think she didn't had done a good job because i'm not a well educated girl.LOL
but i'm kind polite to others, and still doing not the normal things.
they must adjust to me not me.LOL
When people do know me they must laught of it.
so... i'm a big entertainer often.
Last xmas it was the same like now so i must be brave and patiencend . happily i have lots to do.;-D
hey have an fine nice day.;-D
love hugs greetings and fun and lots of xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi , hi.
glad i hear from you agian, i have missed you a lot.
must laugh of that you had wanted the make up for your self.LOL
i know that kind of feelings.
aaaaw poor you, i hate those problems too of computers-S
i had got as a early birthday present 3 months ago a new phone for inside the house of Karin and Gerard and i was soooo glad and suddenly he was broken.
i had the same feeling of crying and breaking down. so i thought okay i will mail Gerard and he will sorted it out.LOL
i had an other phone and happely he still worked, so glad !!!
Gerard has wraped the phone and took him to the shop.
so i must wait for him.
There is soooo much snow here, on friday the was a big alarm that nobody had to go out to drive a car or walk outside.
i had to do some shoppings so ... i was glad that i had done it on time. but when i had bought the cat litter and cat food , and i drove back with the cat litter bag on my lap with my big wheels i came stucked in the snow layer in front of the frontdoor of the flat.LOL
it cost me 15 minutes to make me free of it and come to the door.
so after that i'm stucked to home and there is fallen down even more snow so i can't do nothing .
saw a woman that was pushed in her wheels by 3 people , stupid you can't drive with a wheelchair this moment .
the cars too not.LOL
so my sis had would come sunday and today Karin my friend told them to stay at home.LOL glad that i did that.
Gerard told me he was stucked too when he drove that afternoon of Utrecht to Nord Holland it cost him 4 hours to get home.
my sis told the same.-S

yes parents aren't alllways fun but it comes all okay again.
hummm i that's not fine that you missed your own bed.LOL
nooooooo i didn't thought she was sleeping outside the door.LOL
i thought that you had to sleep in a corridor in front of your roomLOL
i 'm working on the art gift for my organisation , we have a yearly prize for the best driveable building and i have got the order to make the art gift.
have made the hardest part , but i think it's nice of shape ,stil lmust do a lot, it must be finished at the end of januari,
but i must do a lot of other things.
so i have still a strange stayvacation . my longs are much better again and the migraine and sight problems are the same i try to accept this and i have found a new neurologic md next week i have an MRI scan , so i will hopelfully know what is wrong.
of the last whiplash.
he took me very seriously, glad of that.!!!
More isn't to tell of here, i live at the moment very boring.LOL
humm not true, i'm sleeping to less hours sooo i'm very jumpy .LOL
poor cats of mine.LOL

hey have a nice fun pretty crafting vacation and hope you have a very awesome xmas time , ( i love the kitschy lights i have in my house.LOL) and wish you a happy fun nice good great creative crafting new year;-D
lots of kisses and hugs and fun my dear sweet friend;-D
Chuckee · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 15 projects
Halloween, New Year's and Earth Day
Chuckee · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 15 projects
Don't worry. I don't celebrate it.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
must laugh of your drooling, LOL
so it's cold by you too, on here is a layer of thick snow-S
i haven't try it out, i had only to ride a short piece thought the snow to come to Gerards car yesterday.
we were going to my new neurologic md. He took it very seriously the md, glad , i must now wait for the examination and the results.
but it's very soon.
i will have an other MRI , i have had this several times, so i'm not afraid of it. only it's hard to lay so long time still.LOL
and i always keep my eyes closed because it's soooo nearly in the machine.LOL
i always think of widely seashores.
and then i was really ill again of the traffeling so i have slept a long time on the couch .
today i had to rest too, i had only some phone call appointments.
great that you stand up for t hem, like it,
we are all people to bad that some people always forget those things-S
by us they have the same rights , and are alowed to married, like that i had several friends that had problems of being so long time together and didn't had the same rights for their partner, so i'm glad that thats now over and no longer a problem anymore
Okay in holland there still some groups that has problems with others, but they have that will all t he people that aren 't like them. so that is a very long list.LOL
hate the cold. lay now in my bed all dressed up and underneat 3 thick blankets and all my heating pillows .LOL
John always asked me when he slept by me why don't you change your cloths you're still totally dressed up.LOL
loved that joke.LOL
i had tryed to order clover suplies, we had a very good internet shop in holland, but they have stoped, sooo sad-S
the lady told me try to order what you want, mayby we have a rest or i will give you some new adresses to order them.
sweet and kind of her.
i''m much better my longs still not okay but happy that it's more easely to take a breath.;-D
yes it's fun to have two day's we have that with some other christian hollidays here as well.
in North holland a province in Holland they have 3 day free with pinksteren.
i didn't know that, when i was studying on the art academy my friend didn't come to school and we called her why she wasn't at school and she said we have 3th pinksterday.
We had to laugh because we tought it was a joke of her, of playing hoockey but, nooo it's true ,
its a historical fact. LOL
Gerard lives in the same town and told it too.
they have earned it by a battle long time ago. LOL
love those silly differends.
We have some big sales too , one very expensive shop has every year the 3 crazy days and what you telling me that's h appening there too.
i don't go to those days too crawded for me.
they don't see me then and fall all over me and on my lap. if they were handsome, okay mayby i liked it, but hummmm i like to choose them myself.LOL
And the big sales are in januari,
but most people have spend then all their money allready.
first we have sinterklaas on 5 december. love that feast/
it's about a real bishop that had lived many years ago , ages ago in Spain and loved children and was kind to them and a great caring person for them,
he still comes by boot in half november to Holland.
and then the party and the mistory for the kids is starting allready. for the grown ups a little bit later,
it's more for them the fun and teasing the others, you must wrap your gifts very specially or very dirty .LOl
and make teasing poems.
i'm not good in the last part but people loved my suprise wrappings.
i didn't make dirty ones, only once i have make a bread of dough and baked it in the oven with the gift in side it, it was super okay.;-D
this year i don't celebreath it, but i love the storys of my friend Karin she does the make up of the servant of Sinterklaas the Pieten.
they all called Piet, it's a dutch commen name, like peter by you.
When i was a kiddo there were always then snow too and it was soooo cold inside the classroom my mum was a teacher and we had fireplace only so we all sit in front of the fire to come on temperatur again and my mum told out of her heas a story of Pieten.LOL all adventures, she is a very good storyteller,
she has learned me it too.
loved it.
hey must go to eat some thing and take my meals of meds.
hope you have a great rest of the week.
oooh one last thing, Wolfje her breeders told me that one of the kittens were called dribbel and they hated it, because it in englishe translate in drooling. i didn't know that.
we have a children book with dribbel so i did know that.LOL
so that's why i had to laugh of you.
hey sweetie have an great time at home and hope to hear soon of you again.
lots of love , fun greetings and hugs with lots of kisses
Beads Unlimited
Beads Unlimited · Brighton, England, GB · 97 projects
Thanks for faving my peyote ring!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaaah so sorry for you.LOL
must laugh of your story.LOL
hey why not taking some paper and clip it on a book and draw all the things you see to be a little less bored.
or draw your sis and other family in real turkey look a likes.
or other animals just for the fun.LOL
dont like those killed animals too-S poor ones.-S
When i must wait for my taxi (it's not a real taxi it 's the public special bus , they are alowed to come an half hour to early or to late. and all the time you must wait beneath the door-S
i always play games then too, counting the cars with special colours or how much green i see or how much several colours of green i see, or just looking to the clowds to see where they are lookin off.LOL
or just reading my mail.
and listen to my ipod.
humm thank you for your happy thanksgiven we don't have that day. but i appreciate the wish.LOL
we have the 5 december a feast, we celebreath Sinterklaas. it was a real bishop that live in the 1600 and was very kind and caring for children , he was living in Spain,
so every year he comes by boot with his black servents to Holland and the children may set their shoes to the heating place, and the next moring they have got a small present.
On 5 december we clebreath his birthday and the children become a lot of presents, and candy, special candy.
the growingup has a lot of fun too they are teasing each other with poems that are on the gifts and special wrappings some beautiful but most often very dirty.LOL
And then it's almost xmas.
i'm working on my xmas "cards" My cards aren't cards but always small gifts that stand for my statement for the next year, all my friends love them soooo they will recieved one.
humm to m uch; to make-S
but i love to make them, this year i had to much idea's so gerar said okay now make your decision and i did, and then i became to ill, i have had still not better, but much better then before a long virus infection.
so i couldn't breath anymore , -S but now with them meds its much beter , stilll hurting but lesser then before.
and i thought i must began to make them and then i must work on the art gift for the yearly prize.
only i had figured out a smart solution of fuseing plastic but my asthma don't alwowed that anymore so yesterday i had to found some sollutions but takes to much time.
humm have allready finished 10 of the 30 .LOL
hey must do still alot soooo. hope your drive to texas will be better;-D
fine day and lots of greetings and hugs with lots of kisses and hope you had a really fine thanksgiven;-D
Fléance · Berlin, Berlin, DE · 6 projects
Thanx for the Thanxgiving-Wishes...got some for you too!!!;)


Beads Unlimited
Beads Unlimited · Brighton, England, GB · 97 projects
Thanks for faving my vintage earrings!
Beads Unlimited
Beads Unlimited · Brighton, England, GB · 97 projects
Thanks for faving my medieval jewellery set!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
woooow i like your new project and your new avatar well done!!!!;-D
i had to laughted a lot of the story you told me .LOL
i think mind , is green , and green is i think by a dey colour of food.
we have green ones too, and the taste is always the same.
i had a project with chewing gum so i have tasted a lot of colours, not heathy don't try this out too.LOL you will got diarhia.LOL
i have made for today an appointment with the gp , it was hard to get some time for today, but she must listen to my longs .
i 'm too tired only of take some breath.LOL
so it's very silent on here and quiet i only ly on the couch and sit behind my screen;-D
i had to wrap a lot of my art for the storage which we had planned for friday, but i can't do anything very boring , it' makes me resless and i'm very irritated, poor lady's of mine-S
a crumpy housekeeper around themLOL
no talking don't help no more, they always tell me that they didn't do anything and ...
so i do now other things to get more fresh air inside. open windows.LOL and the ventilator on the highest position.LOL
and take more meds.
thats' why it's not good anymore, there must been more improvement after some days, and not getting worse.
so after all i may come to her in the late afternoon. happy.;-D
Carrots of candy is yummie but i love carrots too.
not coocked.LOL
i saw i'm not a good eater an project by a mum that made ice vegetables for her kiddo, like the idea, mayby i will give it a try too.
i always now by a lot of drink fruit and vegetables, there are from that brand, 4 colours of boxes and i always want them all but they standing suddenly to high for me so i must always ask somebody around to pick them up for me.
and they allways are stunned of it.LOL and i always tell them no they aren't discounted but that the way i like to eat my vegetables and fruit more stunned faces, but then i have said allready thank you and have a nice day and i'm off with my wheels.LOL
i'm making of those wraps baggy's but when i had made most parts , i had to less and then i noiticed that the brand had changed the shape of the wrapping-SSSSS
so now i had to start over again. my sis likes them too much . and Kairn my friend too. so they are a high level of greadyness. that awesome. when they are done i make for you all a tute.
but still must drink a lot of them.
i told one of my helpers this story and he told me a story of tins of the same.LOL
awesome!!! he is of my age, i think that's the age which is growing up with lessmoney and the knowledges of the parents which had suffering a lot of hungry in the World war II
so we always must be economical.-S and recylle and reuse and so on and don't trow a little bit of food away.
i had a training in a school and the theacher told me the same problem and he told me that his sun always told him, dad you don't eat that rest anymore after a week in the fridge but he told but then it's really spoild so i can do it more easely.LOL
and when he was teaching i saw he was trying to do in a draw of a sick kid and the drawer was stucked so after a lot of pushing and ...
the drawer opend and we saw a spoiled apple inside ,and i said out loud ooo this is an easy one for you and he couldn't stop with laughting .LOL
only the class didn't understood the joke.LOL
they thought ooooh they are getting crazy.!!!LOL
hey have a nice free off day, lot's of love, fun hugs and xxxxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL must laughed a lot of your story.
and be just nice and pretty with dressing up i like that look too;-D
and yeaaah you're right of not making those little ones tooo scary.
they don't understand what's just real or not so they will be traumatized.LOL
you're a wise person!!!
LOL must laugh too of the mask of your brother, awesome.
we don't celebreathe like your country halloween we have one eve only in North Holland (a province) that will celebreathe Saint Maarten, then you must walk with chinese laterns and dressed up like a fairy tail person. My sis was one time totally forgotten to buy some real candy and she had only carots so that was what she gave those kiddo's their mums were very pleased of her, but the kiddo's not.LOL
When i'm moved i must buy candy too because i will live in that province too.LOL
i'm having a lot problems with breathing, my neigbour don't want to smoke outside on the balconey and is now smoking on the toilet but his smoke is getting through the flue in to my house and toilet too and because i have very bad asthma i have very bad problems.
talking don't helped no more , so i must take more meds , my gp didn't understand this ugly people too not.
so i'm very tired out of only to get some air in my longs-S
and can't talk to much.
but my cats don't bother of that, only when people calling me, i very short speaking.LOL
my friend Karin would like to say it' s very quited.LOL
OOOh the cartoon you can see it on here, and.... yesterday i got a big bouquet of flowers to thank me of his compagny. Awesome they were very bright yellow flowers in it.LOL
like those jokes.
i have got my sliding board for my transfers and he is a yellow banana (he 's called banana and then a yellow colours, how funny can you be LOL)
the community worker did like the name of it, but what's a nameLOL
it's just a suply for me.;-D
today Gerard i ill too, so i have an other free week.LOL
but i have seen him on wensday, he brought me 80 moving boxes, so we stored that in my box and a neighbour of mine an elderly woman will always check and asked me what i was doing and if i was moving, and i said no i'm just storing my things.lOL
i must at first tell my own neighbours in the living group of my plans i didn't done that so far.
but it's still to early i have something more of 6 months her to go.;-D
i'm try to upload on cok to day some more tutes.
and tomorrow i must got my flu injection and must pack some art work of my own for next week;-D
and must check my postmail too, so it will be a busy weekend,
but it's for my future so it 's awesome;-D
hope you have an awesome fun weekend too with out to much homework.
lots of love , fun, hugs and xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Chuckee · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 15 projects
Yeah, well then I assure you the candy canes are a delicacy
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
Thanks for favoring my Ruffle Front Top Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaaaaw poor you.LOL When i was your age i had the same problems with my sis.LOL
i think most sisters has those problems. So i know you love her.;-D
And she is okay, mayby i've she don't want to borrow her camera, ask her when she has some free time to make the picts for you.
Smart is it to make an appointment when.
Sounds mayby strange but then she don't feel disturbed by you.
Or tell her...LOL ... you will make one for her too.( a little foul playing) but making peaple a compliment or doing nice will help too.LOL
hummm i'm agree with my md's that i don't recouver any more.
so my gp send me now for an interview to the revalidation centre. hope that they will help me. Only a long long waiting list, and i go to an new neurologic md to asked him/her why i don't recouver from my third whiplash anymore.
so that's okay news/
only not that i must accept that i will have everyday migraine and eye migraine-S
and some problems with my hands and arms.
so i have learned an other transfer from my wheelchair to an other place or backwards with a sliding board.
i have asked this thing by the community to get.it's way to expensive-S
and i have send finelly the offer to the community too, now only waiting time to hear what they will aproaved or not.
then i can go to the final step to order the new little replacement chair.
All the steps are cost me to much time-S my wheels are now broken for almost 1,5 years-S so i must have allready the new one now!!!.
i have heard this weekend that i'm alowed to make the art gift by our yearly prize of the most driveable building that year for our own non profit organisation Disability Affairs, very proud of it, and glad too.
Because it's too in honour of my just died friend Jeroen. He came with the idea of trying to transforme the sad not good buildimaging of people towards disabled persons. so it's a good thing to do;-D
Muis her leg is recovered totally she is jumping and running and walking very well and free again. She loved that. Wolfje not so much, because she thought the whole house was here's.LOL
so a lot of fitghting between the lady's-S but they are close too, they sleep every time very closely and tight against each other, soooo sweet and lovely to see;-D
Hey i must go on my art work, i 'm drawing the cartoon i had promised the salesman of my big yellow wheels by his very large big discount ;-D
it's a joke of the tooooo bright colours pimped chair.LOL
Karin and Gerard has seen him in progress and they had to laught too;-D
hey have an awesome week, Halloween week too! and much love, hugs, fun and xxxxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL such a relive to hear.;-D
oooh i didn't saw you like that.LOL i think very highly of you.;-D
but i know how addicted all the things that new are could be and curtainly internet for me.LOL
I have only 2 cats, that's enough for them too.LOL
A friend of mine which had such a helping caring dog to help her with her daily things had almost talk to me to have such a dog too.-S
but that's not good for me and not for the poor dog. He will be crazy of me, her loved me too much too, but didn't saw me as a wheelie.LOL He was very bored of me because i do a lot of by myself still. Okay i must, because i'm living alone.LOL
but...the other reason i'm not consistent enough for a dog.LOL
By cats i'm enough of that but dogs need more of that.;-D
so i thought nooo i must think of other solutions i mustn't do that to the dog to be and my self;-D
my cats like the silencend life in my house, i'm very calmly working the whole day , and they used to have a lot of helping people too in the house but i'ts not like my sis , she is very chaotic and her girls too so the animals too.LOL
She had asked many times i will have your cats when your dead. Nice huh that eveybody will have them.LOL I'm not so ill or haven't plans soooo it 's a little strange of all of them, i always translated it that they love my cats toooooooo much and would love to care for them;-D
but i have arragent allready a solution for them. My old breeder has signed to take care of them and will look for a nice new home. my cats are tooo beautiful and friendly and they can't live with everybody, so it must be careful replacing. They are soooo differend of normal cats so they need special attention and suplies.
Mayby strange to read, but when you would have a kitten the breeders are very carefull because they know that they are not good to live by everybody, i know this story's too soooo sad for the kittens-S
But i had always the happiness to be okay for them, because when they heard of the birmees that i had allready they knew of that and my stories that it will be okay.;-D
hey it's very early in the morning here, i 'm sick, still migraine so i must call Karin that she don't have to come. so i can go back to my bed.
hey have a nice school day and lots of fun,
love , hugs , fun and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL must laught of your story. and did you win?
and had you scored a better higher place on the top?
soooo addicting.LOL
okay i'm addicted to other things.LOL
but i must sett for this site the alarm to don't be the whole day on internet or here.LOL
we all h ave those silly things and when it's not toooo bad or damaging your healt it's okay.
hey sweety you must sett an alarm too because you will be asleep on school too and then all the teachers will be angry too on you.
and it's better for your body some rest. so mayby it's smart to speak with yourself how much time it's nice and good for yourself.
you have only one body, when i was young of your age i didn't think of that either and that people could die , we thought all that we were living for ever.lOL
but we were chocked and anwoke by the suddenly death of a very young teacher of us, she was only 25 , what the problems was we didn't know, so the idea of living for ever was gone -S
now more friends are dead not nice but that's normal i think of my age. still to young ones. too.
so please please take care a tiny bit of yourself!;-D
okay i' m not a crumpy mum of yours so i will stop.LOL
hummm said story of your dogs. My sis has to much and to many animals too, and i have noticed that when they are new they got a lot of attention but then there will come an other animal in the house that got all the attention so they must be feeling alone.too.
And my sis is chaotic, I love my sis very much, but i think it would be better to have just one cat and one dog and no more other ones.
she has now a very big dog and denish dog, soooooo big, he is nice and good raised and listen very good too.
and he is fond of me, i'm normally afraid of those dogs because my face is bitten ready on them. In my neigbourhood we have such big ones too and they aren not good raised so it's very dangerous for me and they always don't like the wheels of me and the sound of my motor.-S
so .----S
so that's why i have only the who cats. Yes they are very soft.
Muis has a woollen furry, she had has a silk one, but suprisely not.
Wolfje has silk furr, it's very soft and she has longer hair then the normal birmees , so it's more fluffy, when she has it cold.
but i'ts a lot of work, she looks like a husky dog, she has a black silver shaded fur, it's beautiful , and rare.
so all t he people likes her, she loves visiters too, she thinks that she comes for her alone to play so she comes to them with all her toy's to play with her. Karin my friend tells her always say woof, LOL
because it's a dog game, i'm used to those games because all my birmees did this. and they are very adjust to human not to their houses. so ....
my vet told me i will have her, so when you'll be dead please give her to me, i understand this. LOL
but he said to me you can't let her walk freely, i know that too.
but too of an other reason. in my neigbhourhood is cat aids
so they will got it too of fitghting with a hiv cat.
My sis her cats are too infected with hiv for cats.
not nice, and not cure.
so i think it will be better to let them live inside. i live on the fourth floor and have a lot of space. and inside i have lot of climbing and shelfs near the ceiling so they like to play on that level too. it's all around my space so they can walk all around. sometimes they forget they were walking on it, and they forget to be careful to go around the edge with a run and then they will fall down.
like that.LOL
and they can go outside on my big balcony.
so they are not crumpy and they are cats that can't be live alone so that's why i must have two cats, i'm not a great replacement .LOL
one time i had three cats two normale ones and one birmees and she did a lot like a group together under the leading of the birmees they opened together a lot of closets that they didn't opened before her.LOL
so on the frigde and on the trash there had to be more closuring on.LOL
wolfje is too clever too so at first i had to adjust to that, but i like her cleverness too.
i think paste is okay when there will be flesh or vish on it.
but better is there own food. and when you set it down, be careful not only cats comes for it but rats too and mice i don't think you mum likes that.LOL
so only when you see the cat and then a little while hold it away.

hey have a lazy sunday afternoon and a lot of fun next week;-D
love hugs and lots of kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Yeaaaag-S i didn't like it neither.-S
i got some money but to less , i got several time to sell him for more money-S but i was glad that i got some to get my material i had spend on it half back.
she was yealous of me-S don't understand that sort of persones.
i didn't had a great childhood a very bad one.LOL so i think always oooh are you yellous i will be change with you happely.LOL
but they will change only with one small part-S
i'm okay by that, but most women had those problems, women don't be really nice friends, when they see an man they think that their friends a rivals and no more their best friend-S
and they will look to other women with the eyes of a men-S
i don't do that, that has a reason, and i try to fight this really out, not only small , but really and then i'm free of it, most women put it in their pocket the rest of the issue and are behaving friendly , but suddenly the bom can explote again and all the old anger of those issues will becoming too.LOL
i had spoken about this with a persone that didn't had thought of that, He was the coach of the disabled team on the disabled olypic game the last time, and his team lost of those issues that explote on the wrong time. -S
i felt sorry, men are very exploding too, but only once and then its over. LOL
i know this of Gerard and the band he is playing in.
but when you know those stranges things i always try to act otherwise.LOL
so later on i thought okay Jet it was bad and i was sad too, but lifes goon and i thought i can't get it back so i must make a new replacement for him.
so i made a much funnyer pig , it is a big one that is flying.LOL
i always must smile when i see him in the living room so the lost didn't hurt me anymore.
i have now a much better one.LOL
the furry's of mine loves each other again, they sleeping very tightly together. so sweet view.-D
yes it's hard to live without a pet, i can't , mayby later you will have one too;-D
my mum didn't liked it when i told her that i got two tomcats the next day to live with us in the toooo tiny house i then was living.
she told me that they would made a lot of broken things, and yes i had a paper lamp above one table and they love to jump in it and then swing on it.LOL
so everytime my mum would come we bought very quickly a new one to change the broken one.LOL
smart though.LOL
it was the only t hing that was broken , afte r they were a bit older it was the edges of the carpet that they love to raffle.LOL
so after some more my mum in law fixed it for us. LOL
i lived in an other town so i saw my parents not much-D
i was at that time a student so we were very busy with studying.;-D
hey i told pj that i will go after such a long time to less hours sleeping i will go this eve early so that s now;-D
hey sleep well too, and have a nice lazy sunday;-D
hugs, love and fun with kisses
Chuckee · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 15 projects
Heh. I hope I didn't freak you out too much.
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
Thanks for favoring my Labyrinth Masquerade Mask Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
AAAAAh sorry for you;-D
my parents were when i was a kiddo very stickly and i did some like you too.LOL and had the same problem too.LOL
so i had learned my lesson too, and don't do anything like that anymore.
so i was sad and angry when a grownup woman of 50 did the same with art work of mine, she had made it lost, and didn't tell me anything so i came behind it per excidenlty and she became angry on me????? so then i became angry too.LOL
i can think of why she didn't told it but become angry on me ?
strange, but she was a very strange person and ugly too.
so i was glad when she left the choire and i never had to seen her any more.;-D
mayby it's better to tell everybody the true i suppose how hard it is thouh-S
then the others can be more nice.
i had learned that on my class , we used some puty material of silicone and it didn't hurt your skin, it was very expensive at that time. and the brushes are easily to make you must use a not too soft sponge with a lot of wholes in it, (or gaze of textile) and then dip it in the red paint and then on the skin.
underneat you must do some layers of green pearple and blue and yellow and then the red stucture so it looks real;-D
a worker in the Royal theatre of Londen did this when we had to visited all the workingplace , and my teacher was very angry and upset that i lett it on my face during the day.
so most english people were chocked when they saw my face.LOL
but when i had to go back to my hotel after a whole day with my brushed face in the to crowded metro i hold it off.LOL
i t hought that would be better.LOL
about the people that made it allready mayby your 's is better and about it didn't stay long on your face mayby add some vaseline it can help a little when it's on oilbase or some water when it isn't oilbased;-D
mayby an eye that hangs underneat your face.LOL
or some very thick lips with some theeths in it. or nails scrazes and bites or a bee that is hanging still in a very bumby cheek
you are i think creative enough.LOL or some SF things, worms and other nasty ugly creepy animals or bugs.LOL
like the thoughts of it.LOL
much fun with your designs keep me posted!!!
hey must still do a lot and done to less because i'm haivng migraine and i will only lay in dark rooms and be crumpy.LOL
i cant' so i must try to do something of my cleaning work ;-S
i have uploaded one project there will come an other too later.
hey have an awesome fun weekend and stay out of troubles.LOL
love you, greetings, hugs , fun and xxxxxxxxx
aneniine · 58 projects
Thanks for the fave! Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi, hi
i played the mandolin, i have played in an orchesta with it.LOL
bas blokflute and alto blokflute, i have played with the bas in a octete , we played baroke music .
This was during my art academy period so i played with students of the music acamdemy. It was awesome.
and i song always in a choire.LOL
i have played with John too he played classic gitar , i liked that too.

I think i know the problem of your story -S not good , sorry for you.
i love trompet , awesome My ex hubby played valve trombone, so all my friends were very music minded, like now Gerard too.
Hey i have happy news.
the story of muis, she had broken 1,5 years ago her behind leg, very complicated so it was inside and outside scaffolded with surgical metal, and it wasn't healing very well, she got of mistakes of her orthopedic vet a third broken bone as well and she needed three big operations in that time, and she needed a lot of anti biotics meds too because of a bad inflamination in her bones.-S
so she had to stay in a large bench for a half year, i was her nurse.
When her sister was died and Wolfje came with us her breeders noticed that she was walking strange, at first i thought it's because she is afraid, but after a while she started to limb with her leg.
so i had got made some xrays of her leg and then the sad news was that on of the broken bones inside wasn't heald at all, and the inside pin was become unfixed and had damaged her knee, so that 's why she had to stay after a big surgery again for three months.
but yesterday i heard she is recoverd and may jump and walk like normal cats.LOL
so i'm soooooo relieved but Woflje don't like to share the same space anylonger, yesterday the problem was that she smelled after her vet, but after some rubbing of both smell parts of their head and lots of time underneat my sweater on my lap laying , its not the problem any more, they must adjust again to each other.
Muis is very afraid of Wolfje so i can't move very quickly because she is hinding of Woflje underneat my sweater.LOL
poor cat, and she liked her bench still because he is safe resistend of Wolfje.LOL
We have in our country a website that you can tell that they are not allowed to call you. mayby they have in your country something like that.?
And yes they will go for it, till you have bought anything, it's not the same persone that will call you everytime.LOL
funny that you like those games, that's why i don't want to play them.-D
i will do the same then too.LOL
John and i had bought such a game too and we were like you very addicted to it.LOL
Hey have a nice day and for tomorrow a nice fun awesome weekend,
greeting, love , hugs and a lot of crafting fun with some xxxxxxxxx
Chuckee · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 15 projects
Yeah. I was brought up well: my parents taught me to share among other things.

Now, in complete seriousness and at the risk of giving away my age: I have to tell you, from the point of view of someone who is right at that point between you and your mother, so to speak, that you're both wrong, you're both right. The truth of the matter is that if you plan on only striving for a single thing, especially if it happens to be an art, you're setting yourself up for a very unhappy ending. Yet, if you decide to give that thing up entirely to become (in this instance) a doctor, you're in for a whole lot of self-injury. You need to keep your options open, start small. Get yourself safely through high school, with the highst GPA you can manage. Travel... spending a year abroad, on your own is the most fulfilling way to self-enlightenment. If you go with friends, you'll still relate to yourself through them, but being forced to look at yourself entirely from your own point of view is so exhilarating! Get a job. Go to a 2 year college. Take every available class that catches your eye as you page through the brochure, even if they don't match, because when you finish them all you'll know which ones you would like to expand upon, and whether or not you could handle working a carreer out of them. Don't settle down or have kids before you become an independant woman! This is an important point in womens' success, no matter what people try to tell you! And they will try!
Remember that once upon a time tye Arts were key, fundamental parts of life and society for humans, but now sciences and maths are important, while arts are more and more a luxury, something you do because you can afford to, for yourself. If you are a musician, never give it up, but don't stake your life on the belief that you can make a living on that alone.

Heh... I think I'm done sounding all wise for a bit. ;)
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi, hi.
great idea to use the make up and make a lot of tute of it.;-D
Gitar is a fine instument, i never played on it, i had more not so commen instumetns.LOL
so i knew to play some instruments as well, i liked it, now a days it's to heavy and to wrong for my arms and hands and neck so i 've been stoped-S i must make choises and i like to craft and make my own artwork and drawings so i had to choose-S
but the gitar looks awesome i'm agree with you, hope you win him;-D
hey has the strange caller stoped too? i hope so!!!
Today Muis is back to her orthopedic vet for new xrays i hope she must only stay some more weeks in her bench and may out of it.
crossed my fingers for her, soooo hard then to type.LOL
i hope it for her and for wolfje and my self, i'm sooooo tired out of the less hours sleeping during this 3 months. and..wolfje misses her, she had come to visited muis in the bench but she did the whole time it not so clever so she was not alowed of muis to lay aside her.LOL poor cat.
so i'm both of them their surrogate cat.LOL
hey must call some people that must do something for me, hope you have a nice fun day and crossed my fingers for you too to win the gitar.;-D
love, hugs and crafting fun with a lot of xxxxxxxxxxx
Chuckee · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 15 projects
Yeah, why not? I think it'd be fun to sleep with a sexy rockstar for Halloween! LoL!
I still haven't gotten past that phase of my development. My mom says I should have outgrown rckstars at least 5 years ago, but... well, I just can't help myself. XD
Thanks for accepting my freq
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi, hi,
i have read the post, not everybody will understand this problem. i had such a thing too, but we couldn't see who was calling.
John picked allways the same call up and nobody said anything, he could heard the breathing.
after several years i sorted it out that it was an exboyfriend.
not a really boyfriend. but he loved to think that-S
so when i had a vacantion of the art academy he called on the same time and i picked it up and asked him and he said yes that's me.
so i was furious and told him don't ever call me!!!

and a man that called me in the middle of the night for sex.
that's making me furious too, so i called him a durty bad .... man, and he was furious too and called me things too, so i hang up and i knew he would phone me again and i know that he speak in my voice mail , so i didn't listen.LOL
but i've you are soooo scared don't anwser those strange number, mostly we women knows when this are feeling bad.
let them ring,
and do not open the door i've your alone in your house. i do the same. i'm a wheelie and i can't see who's outside so i don't answer the bell, then it will stop.
and you can block the strange advertisments i think in your country too?
that will help too.
i only open the door when i have an appointment with somebody.
And i've he will stalk call the police.
and talk about it with your parents. You can make an appointment with them that they don't answer those telephone numbers for a while and then i hope it will stop too.
i hope you have a little help of mine answer, you're not crazy.!!!
don't get bother aboout that, we woman allways feel things in the right way when things are scarry but you must feel your self save in your own home so make appointments with friends and your family to stay with you to overcome this.;-D
wish you still a nice lazy fine weekend with a lot of fun!!!
love, greetings and hugs xxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL you're right ,when you didn't make such special design of your own and dare to weare them with nobody else , they mostly love that.
and ... they will copyed you -S but.... you can see it too as a big complement.
i had have the same, i can't stand sunshine, because i have on some place to less colour agent in my skin, so i will burn.LOL
so i had crochet some cool stuf for the summer and a year later i saw them all around-S
but i thouhgt wooow i was smart to design them.LOL
so later on i had still the coolest and best one i was proud of the other followers on my self by such a nice thing to make.LOL
mayby it's a little bit better to bare when you think this way.
you'r e more creative then the others!!!
i't not having a big mouth i like the story of yours.;-D
it's being to dare to be differend from the others! proud of you!!!
i don't macht either.LOL
but i always think that is because i was 18 during the hippie time in amsterdam.LOL
so it don't borther me at all that i weare differend things then the others, and when i got my first wheels, it thought wooow everybody is watching my wheels and not me, so i must take my chance to dress my self very colourfull and differend so that they all watch me as a person and not my wheels.LOL
and it helped very good.;-D
hey have a nice day, lots of fun and hugs with xxxxxxx
Chuckee · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 15 projects
A7X! *sigh*
I changed my mind, I'm going to be Syn for HaLLowEEn... or just DO him for HaLLowEEn!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaah thats kind of you!
a lot of mums have those feelings on the age of 44 and older.LOL
My neighbours has the same. so one of them she is a little bit older has endly got her first granddaughter.LOL
and she has found the solution to start baby sitting.LOL
it helps!!!LOL
yes when they are little they are sweet, but later-S
i love my nieces still but when they were tiny kiddo's they were much sweeter.LOL
i had lent them often in the weekend. and was glad that they were picked up to go home by their mum.;-D
I think i did to much things with them, so it cost me a lot of energy.LOL
but it was cozy and lovely to have them;-D
hey what are you making?
much fun today.love , hugs and crafting fun;-D
Lucy Star
Lucy Star · Kristiansand, Vest-Agder, NO · 37 projects
Thank you for adding my vinyl record bookends to your favorites! Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Yeaaaaaah we're friends.!!!!!!LOL
thank you for adding me to your list and asked me as your friend.
love that.
hey, hugs , love and crafting fun;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
wooow you're look like me.LOL i'm a bad sleeper too.
i have always a lot of things in my bed to don't get to bored during the night.LOL
Books but to notebooks and pens and pencils and a lot of plushies that i use as cushions for my body when i have problems with finding the right position.LOL
so handy those soft toys.LOL
and my cats are in my bed too.LOL
ooo and my ipod .
Like it that you told me that you thought of your childhood, i had the same, they maked me happy and smiling too.
I maked in my childhood a lot of those tiny dolls with dollhouse and so on. But when i came to the art academy they don't appriciate those craftings of yours, so i had to stop with them.
i think that's stupid, okay there is a differend in my art work and my crafting for friends, but i use both materials and things in each other.
but art academy's has most time strange thoughts of which is okay and not, i had a lot of discussion on there about comics , i knew that they were artist, but they didn't know that world of comic books.
so i brought some real fave one to show them and they didn't had expected that. so it's good to think not the same and go in discussion.LOL
too for learning a lot .LOL
the twins isn't yours, i hope? LOL One of my friends had a twin too, i had the same difficulty .LOL and glad one of them got some scares of a childillness in his face. LOL it helped me a lot.LOL
poor boy though.;-D
but very handy for his envirement. One of my friends is a twin too, but they don't look no more the same, because my friend is becoming a lot of weigth and her sis lost a lot.LOL
When they get older, it becoming more easyer, so there is hope for you.LOL
hey have an awesome fun week and i hope you will have a fun birthday party of the twins.;-D xxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
ooooh and thank you very much too of your fave, like that, still excithing when i have uploaded a new project hoping that others like it as well;-D
hey have much crafting fun with the making of, i have made more tute's of those, so there will coming more versions to help others to make those things from almost nothing.
hey have an awesome week too;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaw thank you for your sweet words on the comment of he's in love;-D
hey have an nice lalzy sunday afternoon;-D
EVEnl · Leidschenveen, Zuid-Holland, NL · 319 projects
Thank you for your comment on my how to and for the fave! Happy
Alicia C.
Alicia C. · Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canarias, ES · 6 projects
LOOL xD My friend and I sing everytime this song together everywhere (bed , shower, the bus .. )
Lolly.Bot · Enfield, England, GB
LOL ooooohh dear, well unfortunatly you're prioritising, which is a word that only grown-ups use *sigh* Happy
Oh dear, honey just cram cram cram, like you've never blinking crammed before!!!!!
So · Hanover, Lower Saxony, DE · 65 projects
oh, and my military skirt!! Happy
So · Hanover, Lower Saxony, DE · 65 projects
hi!! thank you for faving my uniform shrug!!!
ocean o.
ocean o. · San Diego, California, US · 25 projects
If you like to see the tokidoki makeup video tutorial!
the link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4MlrZbKcl0
I'm still new at cut out+keep, i meant to upload the video but I don't know what happen =(

Thanks for the love!
Plushbox · Bremen, Bremen, DE · 67 projects
Hey thanks for your nice welcome here ... sorry for my late reply, but I had been very busy with producing and the convention last weekend.

Thanks for your kind words concerning my business ... I think without a cam I would have lots of problems ... because lots of my friends live in the other parts of Germany and I wouldn't be able to show them (and of course here, too) what I made ... I think cameras are a good chance to show.

I think you also can sew, everybody can try it and I must know it I make several plushie workshops on our conventions here in Germany :3
Lovestruck · 5 projects
yes they are Happy and i love it
Lovestruck · 5 projects
skittles are hard to hate Happy
Suzi P.
Suzi P. · 12 projects
thanks^^ i love making up crazy theories about things, that's also why i take a philosophy class in school. your idea about bees getting high was great,too Happy
Lolly.Bot · Enfield, England, GB
AWESOME!! I can't wait to see it Happy

CO + K User

No...lol. I knew about felt. I just thought it was used for kindergarten crafts. lol

CO + K User

Thanks for the comment! I've just recently (last few months) discovered felt thanks to co+k and now I can't stop! I don't know if I'll ever spend hours/days cutting and hemming and lining up grain lines again! My poor sewing machine and serger are lonely. (they've literally got dust on them) lol
Disnerd85 · Bedford, England, GB · 20 projects
Thank you! Lol yep I totally adore Hello Kitty Happy I'm currently working on some more Sanrio- related projects I'll post them some time in the near future
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
It's pretty easy to make. Thanks for favoring my T-Shirt vest Happy
Tainted Towey
Tainted Towey · Magnolia, Texas, US · 4 projects
I can't speak unkindly about others who don't sing well because, truth be told, I don't sing that well. However, I can do a wonderful job at Chinese Opera. ^_^
katcar~ · 27 projects
oh, thanks!!!!! Happy
katcar~ · 27 projects
oh, thanks!!!!! Happy
Tainted Towey
Tainted Towey · Magnolia, Texas, US · 4 projects
Haha, you completely called it. I couldn't resist the cuteness of Ali however, I must admit..Zevran has quite a nice voice. ^_~
Did you finally give your eyes a rest?
katcar~ · 27 projects
thanks for faving my ladder chain necklace! <3
Tainted Towey
Tainted Towey · Magnolia, Texas, US · 4 projects
I am a Mage who constantly thinks she's a ba-dazz fighter. I'm always throwing spells whilst running in the middle of battle. ^_^ to be honest though, I did eenie-meenie to pick between mage and rouge. My next playthrough I'm gonna be an evil rouge. ^_^
The only thing I hate about this game is you can't be in a relationship with Oghren. That guy cracks me up!! I think the makers have something against dwarves....-_-*
Tainted Towey
Tainted Towey · Magnolia, Texas, US · 4 projects
I LOVE Dragon Age. I am so addicted to it. ^_^
You just shot up to adore level.
Tainted Towey
Tainted Towey · Magnolia, Texas, US · 4 projects
I would first like to thank you for adding my goblin headdress to your favorites. Then, I would like to thank you for giving me a good chuckle. Your "about me" section is quite humorous and I <3 you for that.
jonesy · Cheshunt, England, GB · 58 projects
thanks for faving my how-to

CO + K User

You're only 12? Your writing style is much more mature than most of the 12 year olds I know. Shoot, even better than a lot of adults. You give me hope for humanity. ;)
katcar~ · 27 projects
thanks for faving my akela necklace! <3