Both innovative and intuitive, these fingertip control tools offer a much greater degree of control, making common tasks like cutting as simple as running your finger along a piece of paper. Such a simple idea, every crafter should have some.

Mini Rotary Cutter - ideal for cutting patterns, the blade glides smoothly across the paper and, with the finger control, you're far less likely to go off course.

Craft Knife - this cutting knife cuts so smoothly and is a lot easier to hold than a standard knife, as it doesn't have a big handle to get in the way. The blade is nice and easy to replace too.

Swivel Knife - the perfect tool for cutting curls, swirls, or cutting zig-zag shapes, as you can change direction without lifting or repositioning the blade.

Craft Tweezers - these are really comfortable to hold and they make picking up small items a lot less fiddly than with normal tweezers.

Self-healing mat - not only does this mat heal itself after cuts, but each side is coloured differently, so you can pick the colour that best suits your mood. Ideal for snapping photos for your CO+K projects.

All of these tools are available to buy now from the Fiskars website.




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