The super friendly team at Photojojo sent us one of their new iPhone Rangefinders to test out. We think it might be the perfect accessory for your craft desk and taking photos for your how-to's!

The Case

Not only does the case protect your iPhone but it transforms it in to an awesome retro camera with a selection of snap-on lenses. It has its own rangefinder and shutter button meaning that you can use your phone just like a point-and-shoot camera.


The lenses attach magneticically so they're really easy to snap on and off. They work with the case but also come with magnetic rings so you can use them with any phone camera.

Fish Eye Lens

Let's start with the fish eye as this lens is the most fun, allowing you to take close-up distorted shots for a comedy effect. This is great for taking fun photos of your pets and friends. The fish eye works great at fitting way more in to a shot than you can ever imagine, which is perfect for taking photos of your friends crowded around a table.

Macro / Wide Angle Lense

We think the macro lens is the most impressive of the three and is perfect for taking photos of close-up details that you can't even see with the naked eye.


The iPhone really struggles with this kind of close-up shot but the macro lens allows you to get so close that you're almost touching the subject.

Even better, this lens doubles up as a wide angle lens allowing you to fit even more in your shot.

Telephoto Lens


The telephoto lens adds optical zoom to your camera, giving you a 2x close-up. You can also use this with the built-in zoom on the phone, allowing you to get even closer up. Perfect if you spot something in the distance while out and about. 

Note: These lenses also work in video mode so they're not just for stills!

The Rangefinder also comes with an attachement for mounting your iPhone on to a tripod, which is great if you don't have a steady hand and for holding the camera while recording video.

This is perfect for crafting, as we're always wishing we had a third hand for taking photos while working on projects.

The other great thing is that you can also attach a camera strap, which is perfect for taking photos while out and about. If, like us, you worry you might drop your phone while taking pictures, this will make sure that doesn't happen. You can also carry your phone around you neck, meaning that you're camera is always ready for snapping.


We love the iPhone Rangerfinder and think you will too!

You can order the iPhone Rangefinder and lenses from Photojojo now but watch out for the stowaway-asaurus »




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