You may think embroidery looks tricky but, as we discovered when we were sent a Sublime Stitching embroidery kit, it's as easy as can be.

From first look, you may feel overwhelmed and think your project will take ages to complete, but once you get started, it comes together really quickly. The kits come complete with all the supplies you need, including an adorable pair of pink embroidery scissors, a rainbow of embroidery floss, and iron-on ink patterns. Though the projects come with designs to use, the layout is completely up to you, so you can really get creative.

Just make sure to practice ironing on the transfers before you begin, because it can be a bit tricky. No doubt, by the time you've finished your kit, you'll be addicted and want to embellish everything you own with your newly acquired skills. Both addictive and therapeutic, it's a great hobby to pick up while watching TV or listening to crafty podcasts.

You can pick up your own kit now at Sublime Stitching.




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