The lovely team at Lomography sent us a Diana F+ to play with. This was our first time shooting on film in a long time, so we didn't know what to expect when we got our first roll developed but we were really impressed with the results.

The Diana F+ lets you shoot in two different sizes, either 16 shots at 4.2x4.2cm, or 12 larger shots at (5.2x5.2cm). The square dimensions add to the retro feel of your photos, that you just couldn't get with a digital image. The camera also has two shutter modes, one for shooting in daylight and another for indoor and nightime photos. The camera is also really light weight, so you can easily carry it in you bag on photo-taking adventures.

Double Exposure

The trick that we enjoyed the most was taking partial or double exposure photos. This basically takes two or more photos on top of each other, to produce a really interesting looking photograph.


The camera also doubles up as a pinhole camera, allowing you to remove the lens and shoot through a small hole. This gives your photos an old-school soft-focused look.

Coloured Flash

The Diana F+ comes with a detachable flash and a selection of coloured filters, allowing you to tint the colour of your flash and your shot. In this photo we used a red flash with a double exposure for a creepy graffiti effect.

Infinite Panorama

We didn't get to try this with our first roll of film but the camera also allows you to place sequential shots right next to each other to create an infinite panoramic photo.

Make sure to enter our Lomography Contest for your chance to win a Diana Mini and you can find out more about the cameras at the Lomography Website.




Alya · 6 projects
the diana F is so cool! It takes great photos!
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