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I'm a sushi-a-holic, but I'm not sure how keen I'd be on trying a piece of spam sushi.

If it sounds like your thing, check out the recipe on Zakka Life.

I absolutely love these Butterfly Paperclips from How About Orange. What a fantastic way to brighten up any dull document.

Check out the how-to to make some for your own paperwork »

Fancy a little indulgence for breakfast time? Try out this Nutella Strawberry Crepe recipe from Chocolate Chipped.


You may or may not have noticed this, but we've launched a brand new area on Cut Out + Keep called Crafty Superstars. Here we'll be showcasing how-to projects from crafty celebrities and some of the big names in craft.

Head over now, to find how-to's and crafty chat with Pink Ribbon Boutique's Sarah Rhian, Venus Zine craft editor and 99 ways author, Justina Blakeney and craft party hostess, Lady Wurlizter.

It feels like everyone has been making Origami Paper Stars on CO+K recently, so here's a perfect project for you.

PlanetJune have posted instructions for making a Lucky Star Garland, that would look great strung up anywhere in the house. So pretty.

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Mix Tape is a charming little zine hailing from Australia.

A relative newcomer to the zine market, Mix Tape is full of articles about craft, indie business advice, book reviews, project ideas and creative interviews. In their 3rd issue, the $6 publication features how-to guides for making Eye Candy Bead & Pillowcase Bib, a guide to Growing your craft business ethically, interviews with music mamas and fabric designer, Bianca Van Meeuwen, 10 ways to Green Your Wallet and a lot, lot more.

This would make a sweet little addition to your handbag - sure to brighten up any bus ride, traffic jam or waiting room blues.

Find out more over on the Mix Tape blog.

How pretty are these Crayon Shaving Hearts on Skip To My Lou?

Luckily for us, Cindy has posted a how-to, so we can make our own.

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Do you ever worry about your bagel getting squashed in your bag on the way to work?

Fear no more, Acorn Studio have posted a great way to repurpose a CD-spindle case in to a Bagel-to-go CD Case.

Mark Montano's "Big-Ass Book Of Crafts" is literally a really big and heavy book of craft, but not without good reason, as it contains over 150 how-to projects. Covering everything from homeware and clothing to artwork and beauty treats, there are dozens of useful and practical ideas to keep the craftiest fingers occupied.

The book also has a bunch of quirky and off-the-wall projects too. Including a chandelier made from twigs and duct-tape furniture for your living room.

With so many projects, there's definitely something for everyone. This book will leads to days and days of craft-filled entertainment. It may be big, but it justifies it's over-sized space on the bookshelf.

Check out Mark's website for more info or to pick up your copy!

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