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I'm a sushi-a-holic, but I'm not sure how keen I'd be on trying a piece of spam sushi.

If it sounds like your thing, check out the recipe on Zakka Life.




mars f.
mars f. · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 61 projects
My son loves spam masubi, he would eat hawaiian food everyday if he could.
Tina  K.
Tina K. · Farmington, Missouri, US
In the three years I lived in Hawaii, I never tried it. Of course, I'm not a sushi person either. I don't like fish and seaweed seems an odd thing to eat.
Melody Kitn
Melody Kitn · 2 projects
I'm from Guam and Spam was a typical meat to have on any given day, but my sis lives in Hawaii, and I miss the Spam musubi we used to get there. Now that I'm here in England, its been a while since I've had any and could definitely stand to make a dish with some!
K. I.
K. I. · 11 projects
In Hawaii these are called Spam musubi. You can get 'em anywhere--even 7/11 stores! They even sell special molds so every musubi comes out the same size. We Hawaii folks love our Spam.
Krissi · Folsom, California, US · 9 projects
I had this at a Hawaiian restaurant in San Francisco (really) and love it! Weird, cause SPAM kinda grosses me out.
Tami · Atlanta, Georgia, US · 17 projects
I have this all the time at home. My mom is Korean and she makes it in a dish that's similar to sushi called kimbap. It's rice with whatever you want in the middle wrapped in seaweed, so it's pretty much sushi, just without the fish. You put whatever you want in it, sometimes hotdogs haha.

Spam isn't that bad at all. I like it fried with ketchup. Good with eggs haha.
LaLaHappy · Florida, New York, US
I am not a big fan of spam, but I have tried something like this. It was on a dare...and it wasn't that bad. Must have been the wasabi! ;)
Shivi · Perth, Western Australia, AU · 14 projects
What exactly is spam? It looks gross though
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