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It's coming up for the time of year where we've got to start thinking about what seeds we're going to plant for the summer and what better way to remember which is which, than these gorgeous quilted Plant Markers by Kathy at Pink Chalk Studio. Thanks for the idea!

Kathy Cano-Murillo has shared a tutorial for Glittered Soda Pop Bottles on her Crafty Chica blog.

They look fantastic and they'd make great vases.

Jessica turns her used up mechanical pencil refill containers in to super cute Top Secret Message Holders and we love them.

Check out the how-to from Lost Button Studio »

Craft Finds »

I know it's a bit late for Valentine's now, but I absolutely love this Valentine's Bouquet from Sarah on Pink Of Perfection.

She filled the base of a vase with Love Heart sweeties before adding some flowers and it looks so sweet (excuse the pun).


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