We are pleased to announce that the winners of our Get A Hobby! competition are:

Jen - Creating real imaginary friends for small children, and organizing group events for them.

Leigh Cain - I would love to make outdoor sculptures from indoor items - a rose trellis from a chandelier, and things like that. I want a garden that looks like a fairy tale castle rotted away, and plants grew over what was left.

andrea a. dela cruz - my time-consuming hobby (and disturbing to some) is smelling, REALLY smelling books. sticking my nose inside yellowed pages or crisp freshly printed magazines gives me a thrill no words could describe. now if only i had the luxury of time and the priviledge of living in solace in a bookstore--ah, life would be perfect.

You can read all the entries over on the competition page now.




Leigh Cain

I'm so excited! Thank you so much!


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