Snippets Issue 7 : The Halloween Special

Costume Competition

If you're dressing up for Halloween and like the Suicide Girls, show off your costume to win an SG membership.

Costume Competition

By Cat Morley

We've teamed up with the Suicide Girls to bring you a very special Halloween Competition. Simply post a photo of your Halloween costume below, with a short explanation what you're suppose to be. One lucky winner will win a membership to the Suicide Girl's website, eye candy galore!

The winner was LBJ with her iPod advert costume, well done!

ipod advert costume

You can check out more from the Suicide Girls on their website.


Me as the fabulous Divine...
I was Cherry Darling and he was Stuntman Mike from Grindhouse. I bought a toy gun, sawed off the stem and spray painted it black. I realized it was a bad idea to tie my leg back, so I had a black stocking on my leg with the gun, and I wrapped gauze around the stem of the gun and my leg.

We couldn't find a jacket or patches for Stuntman Mike, so I found a good place to pause the move so I could replicate each patch on Photoshop. I printed it on canvas and sewed them on. We found some good scar liquid, too.
This is me as Mia Wallace...od style! xxx
ok please ignore this if its one entry per person

but i went to a party as amy winehouse

coke on the nose, blood from the fight she had with her boyfriend ( google it!)
generally the least classy costume possible
This is me as Cat woman and my husband as The Crow! what a couple!
This is me as margot tenenbaum for halloween (i had the fur coat, but it was hot in there) my friend is from the life aquatic
I dressed up as a punky nurse this year :]
It took me a while to make the hat, but here it is XD
i was coulubia from the rocky horror picture show, which i dress up to go see it live. not the greatest pic but my full body one is blurry and far away.
This year I decided it'd be fun to be a bearded lady. I made the beard, hat, and stole and wore them with some vintage clothes and jewelry.
This is me, as the Queen from the Terry Gilliam flick a couple of years back, The Brothers Grimm.

All handmade: hand-drafted patterns, hand beaded (2,000 + beads), handmade hairpieces, handmade organza ruffle trim, belt, headpiece...and even those crazy earhooks!

It took a long time to make, but the cost for supplies? Thanks to my uber-thriftiness and love of DIY to save money and learn as much as possible-- about $80. Happy
This is me as Little Apple Doll 'Circe'.
zombie nurse! i think i bit everyone at the party that year...
Me kickin ass as Chun Li...need I say more?
me as divine <3
This is me last year....I think I was a punk rock dead hooker. I wore some Pleather pants and a black tube top with pink feathers on it....
This is my queen of hearts costume that I made from scratch (except for the shoes and petticoat underneath.)

I wore it for two years in a row because it took me so long to make! Have you ever tried to find heart-patterned things in the Fall? Near impossible!
dead wife and husband ... obviously im the petit weird husband haha...

I was a zombie police officer last Halloween! It was a lot of fun! I just threw it together last minute, and it ended up being one of my favorite costumes ever!
this is me as an i-pod commercial!
i was painted black and i had a piece of yellow posterboard stuck to my back
Hand-made Kimono-inspired Loli costume.
Click link for costume w/out jacket.
school girl me
I was Harry Potter (a sexy, girlier version) with fishnets and a miniskirt to boot! The man in the photo with me tried to get frisky so I decided to cast an evil spell on him ;)
This is me as a frozen dead bride. It included a long velvet dress and dead flowers. Its not the best picture of it, but its the only one I have.
This is me as Marie Antoinette last year! Happy
This is me as Broccoli Girl!!! and my mate as cavegirl. I choose to be broccoli as it's my absolutely favourite vegetable, some people however find it disguisting. Also i decided to make it into a superhero type outfit, as broccoli raw is meant to be a mild aphrodisaic or so i read somewhere, oh and i knew no-one would have the same costume as me. Check out the floret mask. Happy
This is me as Princess Peach, accompanied by Mario, of course ;-)

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