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Wire Crafts

Things to make using Wires

Top Projects

Wire Wrapped Tree Of Life Ornament

Wire Wrapped Tree Of Life Ornament

A detailed tutorial.

♥ 1448
Paper Rose Boutonniere

Paper Rose Boutonniere

One of a kind handmade rose =]

♥ 1384
Wire Tree

Wire Tree

a little decorative tree made of wire and beads

♥ 1284
Wire Wrapped Ring

Wire Wrapped Ring

Tutorial for making wire wrapped beads.

♥ 653
Yarn/Wire Earrings <3

Yarn/Wire Earrings <3

Cute Yarn/wire earrings!

♥ 634

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Ankh Pendant

♥ 0
Chocolate Chip Cookie Ring


♥ 2
❤ Diy Room Decor : Brandy Melville Inspired Wooden Signs

The perfect DIY Room Decor project *-*

♥ 1
Bookshelf Pendent

♥ 3
Diy Room Decor : Brandy Melville Inspired Chanel Wooden Sign

Another CHANEL inspired project! ❤

♥ 1
Diy Loki Helmet

I am burdened with glorious cosplay!

♥ 6
Stackable Bangles

Make stackable bangles with zip ties and leftover fabric scraps

♥ 7
Diy Olive Oil Lantern

How to make a candle lamp using olive oil

♥ 7
Rose Ring And Earings

super easy, jewllery that complements any outfit.

♥ 0
Woodland Forest Lamp

so ruddy cool.

♥ 6
Recycled Bottle Owl

Have I got a fun project to make out of a recycled liquid soap bottle . . . a cute little handcrafted owl!.

♥ 0
Swirls & Beads Bracelet

Make a swirly beaded bracelet!

♥ 3
See Through Picture Frames

Made By Yourself

♥ 8
Antler Hatstands

Vintage Home

♥ 1
Body Building With Yuki Onna

It's been a while so... here's how to make a lady body...

♥ 3
Swirly Stud Earrings

Easy to make Stud earrings

♥ 23
Hook And Eye Clasps

Jewelry For All Seasons

♥ 7
Wrapped Loops And Connectors

How to make wrapped loops

♥ 2
Bleeding Heart Bracelet

Jewelry For All Seasons

♥ 6
Woven Bow Charm

Attach the bows EVERYWHERE!

♥ 32

Stylish sushi sheath

♥ 5
Mirror Charm

♥ 0
Wirework Key

When you're feeling down, make a key. Said no one ever. Except for me!

♥ 57
Spider Web Choker

♥ 1
Silver And Green Choker

♥ 0
Simple Seed Beads Bracelet

Turn some extra seed beads into a fun fashion statement!

♥ 5
Farewell Bubbles

Rustic Chic Wedding

♥ 4
Celtic Butterfly Pendant

A mini butterfly to grace your lovely neck..

♥ 71
Angel And Demon Wings Pendant

Everyone has a light and dark side...

♥ 83
Dragonfly Pendant

D.I.Y wire dragonfly pendant

♥ 18
Wire Star Bracelet

A chain of stars upon your wrist...

♥ 21
Rain Cloud Lariat

A mini rain cloud to adorn your graceful neck...

♥ 13
Bead Wrapped Pendant

birds nest pendant... modified!

♥ 4
Swirly Tree Of Life Pendant

Fun with swirls!

♥ 16
Swirly Wire Bracelet


♥ 37
Butterfly Bookmark/Pendant

A duel-function butterfly to satisfy your bookmark needs..

♥ 11
Wire Beaded Bracelet

D.I.Y. Beaded Bracelet

♥ 0
Wire Wrapped Bead Studs

Cute and Easy Earrings!

♥ 10
How To Make A Luna Lovegood Cork Necklace

Make a necklace like everyone's favourite Ravenclaw!

♥ 2
Swirl Wrapped Bead Ring

More Swirls!

♥ 6
Chanel Inspired Giant Pearl Bracelet

A fun and affordable take on Chanel's Spring 2014 collection of baubles!

♥ 6
6-Swirls Wire Ring

Swirly jewelleries!

♥ 9
Swirly Double Heart Ring

D.I.Y. Wire Ring

♥ 3
Swirl Wrapped Bead Bracelet

Fun with beads and wire!

♥ 21
Paper & Gold Wreath

Make your own paper leaf wreath

♥ 2
Wire Wrapped Button Ring

Turn some of those lovely buttons you've been hoarding into rings!

♥ 11
Steampunk Marveletta O'houlihan

A softie from a past that never was.

♥ 17
Support For A Climber (Willow)

A very easy and simple yet pretty support for your own climber plant!

♥ 2
Charmed Key Necklace

A little wirework makes a charming necklace!

♥ 20
March Hare Costume

Who says the March Hare can't be cute?

♥ 1
Trinket Box From A Soap Dish?????

upcycled soap dish

♥ 1
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