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T Shirt Crafts

Things to make using T Shirts

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T Shirt Shrug
Shrugs >

T Shirt Shrug

How romantic.

♥ 3782
Jumper Skirt Out Of A T Shirt

Jumper Skirt Out Of A T Shirt

Make that big baggy shirt into a cute stylish jumper skirt.

♥ 1932
Teen Vougue Shirt....

Teen Vougue Shirt....

I found this at Teen Vouge...I just loved it!

♥ 798
Recycled Tee Circle Scarf

Recycled Tee Circle Scarf

Make a circular scarf out of an old tee shirt! No sew!

♥ 789
Oversized T Shirt To Comfy Yoga Pants

Oversized T Shirt To Comfy Yoga Pants

Oh so comfy!

♥ 788

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Little Mermaid Crop Top

Ariel's Seashell Bikini Shirt!

♥ 11
Cheap Cheat’s Dress

Lazing on a Sunday Crafternoon

♥ 0
Crossback Cami

Great project for total t-shirt reconstruction

♥ 3
Patriotic Yoyo Headbands

Make way for the Red, White and Blue!

♥ 1
Up Cycled T Shirt

a simple way to add style and edge to your t-shirts!

♥ 10
T Shirt Print   Rusty Heart


♥ 0
No Sew Bow Cardigan

No Sew Bow Cardigan

♥ 3
A O O T Shirt

♥ 1
Tshirt Into Lace Infinity Scarf.

A really simple project to do with a tshirt and some lace.

♥ 1
Half Lace Oversized T Shirt

A simple project, but a step up from the average oversized tee.

♥ 0
Achieving And Maintaining Brightly Coloured Hair

Showing you how to achieve, maintain and care for your brightly coloured hair

♥ 13
Gorillaz Side Cutout Tank

Get a fitted side cut out

♥ 4
Slash 'n' Fringe

A project inspired by looking at too many Cochella photos

♥ 0
Old Tee Into Rocking Jacket Patch

wear those old tees of yours in a fresh, new way!

♥ 3
T Shirt Reconstruction

♥ 1
Braided T Shirt

♥ 2
Rocket Ship Stencil Diy

Easy Rocket Ship Stencil DIY

♥ 2
No Sew Infinity Scarf

Turn an old t shirt into a beautiful new scarf

♥ 8
Mini Upcycled Geometric Cushions

Turn old t shirt sleeves into cute mini cushions!

♥ 3
Dye Your Tshirt, Yarn Or Fiber With Snow Or Ice

Dye a Tshirt, Yarn or Fiber with Snow or Ice

♥ 2
Bad Wolf

♥ 1
T Shirt Pants

♥ 0
Diy Romantic Lace T Shirt

DIY t-shirt and pattern

♥ 41
Sunkissed Tunic For Little Girl

Boy's T-shirt to Girl's Tunic

♥ 1
Bleach Bridal Party Shirts

T-shirt + bleach gel = fun design!

♥ 3
How To Print Fabrics With Crayons

Most resistant printing technique!!

♥ 182
Yoga Pants

♥ 2
T Shirt Reconstruction Ruched Sleeve Top

This simple T-shirt Reconstruction can be done in under 10 minutes!

♥ 5
Painted Geometric Tee

When your craft project ends up on your white t-shirt...

♥ 1
The 4 To 40 Top

hilariously recreating the past

♥ 3
The Flirtastic Silvester Skirt

Create your own swing-y skirt in a flash with a few bits from the bottom of your stash…

♥ 2
The Just Too Easy T Shirt Fix

...from boxy to girlie in 5 minutes flat!

♥ 9
T Shirt Pillowcase

Use a favorite old t-shirt to make a pillowcase ~ great for kids!

♥ 3
Disney Shirts

♥ 0
Reconstruction: T Shirt To Tank Top

Turn an old T-shirt into a tank top in a snap!

♥ 9
Make Yourself A Cartoon Tee

Make your own cute cartoon Tee

♥ 4
Diy No Sew T Shirt Scarf

Super simple tutorial using an old t-shirt!

♥ 34
Rag Rolling Hair Tutorial

How to get lovely curls with an old shirt!

♥ 30
Strawberry Stamped Shirt

Sweetest shirt around.

♥ 40
Peter Pan Collar T Shirt Dress

A cute and comfy vintage option for a teenager or woman that is easy to make.

♥ 18
Made: Sleeve

Perfect Pink

♥ 6
Easy Summer Maxi Dress

Use an old t shirt and some fun fabric to make this quick maxi dress

♥ 8
Art Nouveau Inspired T Shirt Refashion Tutorial

Refashion a t-shirt

♥ 6
Men's Graphic T To Maternity T Refashion

Becuase it's hard to find anything both awesome and maternity

♥ 4
Retrp Swimsuit Refashion

What can you get out of a bra and a maternity dress? Well...

♥ 13
T Shirt To Cheeky Garter Belt Refashion

A sexy refashion with a little punch

♥ 62
"We Can't Stop" Romper

This refashion is perfect for dancing around your house to Miley Cyrus music

♥ 19
T Shirt Rug

recycle your t-shirts on a cardboard box loom

♥ 3
Lace Back T Shirt Reconstruction

easy way to revamp your t-shirts

♥ 4
Super Hero Bow Headband

♥ 1
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