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So so

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Auburn, Alabama, US
Square small ga tech
Square small teacup
Square small alex braves
Square small braves
Homemade wall decoration!

I did mine a little different than the original. I made this for a friend who is into publications so I tore newspaper and collaged it instead of using paint for the background but I still painted the edges. This project is a big hit! I would recommend! This is pretty easy it is just a little time consuming and takes some patience so I put so/so.



Threaded Wolf & Moon

Threaded Wolf & Moon

Inspired by string map art by Saskia

♥ 26
String Art Boat

String Art Boat

Cute little boat

♥ 9
String Map Art

String Map Art

Nice gift for travellers

♥ 139
String Art

String Art

Art made of... String!

♥ 10
Rebel Alliance String Art

Rebel Alliance String Art

An easy & artistic way to express your love of Star Wars with string!

♥ 19
Pink Cross

Pink Cross

A bit of wall decor

♥ 5



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