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Craft Projects tagged Hearts

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Wire Name Pendant

♥ 0
Twirly Heart Mobile Card

A lovely card for that special someone

♥ 8
Paper Heart Garland

Why not get started on some Valentines Day decor?

♥ 1
Heart Shaped Elbow Patches

Update a Tired Cardigan or Sweater

♥ 1
8 Bit Minecraft Hearts Hama Bead Necklace

Hey! Be careful with that sword! I've only got one and a half hearts left!

♥ 2
Clay Heart Drop Necklace

DIY Drop Necklace

♥ 1
Crochet Hearts

A quick project for Valentine's Day

♥ 10
Embroidered Hanging Heart Decoration

Hand embroidered heart

♥ 1
Hearts By Hearts

Make hearts made from paper

♥ 0
Penguin Slippers

Happy Feet

♥ 1
Cross Stitch Heart Picture (Made Using Your Own Stamp)

Stamp yourself on someone's heart with this picture

♥ 1
Solemate Slippers

Let the warmth from your heart, reach down to your toes

♥ 2
Glitter Writing

How to make glitter writing that won't come off without expensive supplies

♥ 4
Love Lights

Show someone how much you love them with one of these jam jar candle holders

♥ 18
Wall Of Love   Valentines Garland

Surround your special someone in love with this garland!

♥ 2
Diy Lush Sparkly Bathbombs With Glitters   Valentine's Day Gift Idea

The perfect Gift Idea for your friends for Valentine's Day =)

♥ 9
Cute Cameo Necklace!

♥ 5
Love Struck Felted Heart Ring

♥ 0
Red Heart Pouch

♥ 1
Chevron Heart Necklace

A playful take on the chevron trend that's perfect for those tiny scraps!

♥ 9
Beaded Hearts

♥ 6
How To Make A Lucky Heart

Put a little bit of love in your life

♥ 11
Crochet Heart

crochet yourself a little garland of hearts, or use them as decorations on gift wrapping

♥ 88
Kursed Eve

♥ 8
Floral Pattern Nails

♥ 12
Peach Circle Skirt

♥ 10
Polka Dot Shorts

Shorts that add a cute touch to an outfit.

♥ 23
Lacey Layers Dress

♥ 8
Purple Summer Skater Dress

Lovely summer dress - Skater style :)

♥ 95
Heart Patch

Jazz up a plain tee with this Heart Patch Pattern!

♥ 3
Heart Topped Valentine Gift Boxes

Quick and easy beautiful gift boxes

♥ 5
Heart Knee Patches

Great way to repair your old leggings

♥ 18
Heart Envolope

A Cute Envolope for love leters, valentines and more :)

♥ 24
Candle In A Teacup

Its a classic........Pretty pretty pretty

♥ 10
How To Make Heart Shaped Bag Accessories

How to make heart shaped bag accessories

♥ 10
Tin Candle Tea Light

heart and smiley face tea light

♥ 3
Homemade Heart Hair Clips

Homemade heart hair clips

♥ 4
Heart Shirt

Easiest shirt design you will ever create.

♥ 6
Diy Jewel Word Decoration With Photos!

Decorate a cute word to jazz up your bedroom!

♥ 1
Valentine Day Plushies

Plushies for my boyfriend.

♥ 6
Cardstock Picture Frame Earring Holder

Make a cute earring holder that can withstand heavy earrings and pendants.

♥ 1
Be Or Not To Be

♥ 0
Hair Bow And Bow Belt

How to make a hair bow and belt.

♥ 51
Full Body Apron From A Button Down Shirt

Easy and cheap to make.

♥ 7
Folded Cards

tiny little homemade card.

♥ 14
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