Snippets Issue 7 : The Halloween Special

Emily Strange

Deadly small chat with Emily Strange about tricks, treats and everything in between.

Emily Strange

Hey Emily, how are you?
13 earth years

What have you been up to recently?
A whole lotta nothing... Because you know, nothing really does matter!

Are you looking forward to Halloween and how are you going to spend it?
halloween is the time of year everyone gets to pretend to be what they really want to be- I prefer being what I want to be all year long... I like the haunted house on 3rd street though- people don't know it's for real!!

What are you planning to dress up as?
your momma

Do you have any pranks in mind to play on trick or treaters that come round your way?
yeah- but I can't tell you, then everyone in the world would know it was me... sorry charlie, but I aint snitchin on myself!

What's your favorite kind of trick and what's your favorite kind of treat?
I like magic tricks, ollie night flight 360s, and the cereal (which are also all treats!)

Are you enjoying having your own comic book series?
hell yeah! I find it difficult to show up to all the meetings though- so I let Rob, Buzz, Shawna and Jessica kinda run the thing...

Your last comic was a Rock Issue, so what's bands have you been listening to recently?
right now on my 5 record stacker I have Scorpions, Devo, the Cult, Buzzcocks, and Emily Haines... A lot old, a little new... I love Emily Haines- and not just cause of her name!

How does it feel to be such a popular girl these days?
Who me?

How are the cats and have they been up to anything strange recently?
Of course they have. Strange ways here we come...

You're fashion line is looking really cool, do you have any fashion tips for the readers?
It's Anti-Fashion!

Have you had any good nightmares recently?
I seem to recall this wicked nightmare where I had to do an interview- I was right in the middle of this cool experiment where I was dividing cat DNA and mixing it with DNA from this dinosaur bone I got, and was nearly there when I was told I just HAD to do this interview... I've learned you just got to roll with the punches in nightmares - even if its reality!!

Who are your heroes and who do you look up to?
I like all kind of people who think and speak for themselves and who share their cool ideas with the world as an expression - be it art or music or how they mow (or don't) their lawn... I really look up to Frankenstein's monster- but maybe that's just cause he's so cute and tall!

Are there any new projects your working on and what's next for you?
too many to list, but keep your eye out on Utube for some clips of our video game development- soon! Oh- and a new novel series out in 2009 by Harper Collins!

You can also read our interview with Rob Reger, the man behind Emily Strange in this issue too. Check out for more of the strange stuff.


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