Snippets Issue 2 : The Sideshow Issue

Home Sweet Hoarder

Ruth Paxton invites you in to her fairytale hoarder's house.

Home Sweet Hoarder

I live in a dilapidated old detatched house with my fiancee and my close friend Kim. There are 6 rooms downstairs and 3 upstairs and we have a lovely back green.

When I was about 11 and getting into proper films, I started to cover both sides of my bedroom door with millions of pictures from films and of actors cut from magazines, so I had lots of Jack Nicholson and my hero at the time, Robert De Niro mixed with Jayne Mansfield and Monroe.

I'm reeeeally into taxidermy at the moment, but it's hard to find good quality stuff that isn't extortionate. I love religious iconography, I've got crucifixes all over the joint but I'm not religious - some people find the heavy Catholic decoration a bit much. I like odd Victorian objects too and I like the ornaments your Granny would have in her cabinet, in fact, I'm always tempted to be light-fingered in old peoples' houses!

I'm anally tidy. I suppose it's organized mess to some people... I can't sleep if there's any mess. I'm frighteningly anal about it, everything at a right angle type of person! I pretty much have my wardrobe in theme and colour order, but I ran out of space a while ago and now things just get hung wherever there's a hook or ledge!... My dream would be to have the wardrobe she has in Clueless and I'd have all my bras and pants on clippy hangers.

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