Snippets Issue 2 : The Sideshow Issue

Arcana Soaps

Our product panel put Arcana Soap's potions to the test.

Arcana Soaps

Anodyne Scent
Swashbuckler Soaps Develish Scent

Chris This has a really strong smell, quite syrupy ans sweet. The kind of thing you would want to smell if you had a cold, it would be quite comforting. It has a really pretty colour. It has a lovely smell, kind of like aniseed or something you would want to eat. It really appeals to your sense of taste. I like the way it looks, but I'm not sure if you would want to smell like it. The soap is my favourite product. This scent would go with low lighting and a cosy ambience. It has a soft fruity smell. I prefer this to the other scent.

Elise This is really nice. Very minty and refreshing. Top notch. It's very glittery for something that you're going to use, I really like the colour. It's a bit strong smelling, but very nice. Mmm, this is far more discreet than the other scent. Smells more perfumy. This is my favourite product.

Cat I love the packaging and the colour of the oils. Anodyne's suppose to work as a medicine and sooth your mind, and this oil smells like it could do that. It has quite a strong menthol scent, but it's really pleasant. Mmm, I really like the way the soap smells. It says it contains rum and you can smell it. The colour is really nice too and I like the glittery embosses skull. I don't think pirates would smell this good. I don't know about devilish, but this bath oil smells heavenly. Hints of vanilla.

Check out Arcana Soap's website for more fantastic products.


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