Snippets Issue 2 : The Sideshow Issue

Beauty Tips

Lacey Demure shares her luxurious beauty and fashion tips.

Beauty Tips

Burlesque star Lacey Demure
Burlesque star Lacey Demure

Make up:

I love to wear red lipstick but this looks awful when it starts to wear off, so, i put my foundation on under my lipstick to help it last. Then put the colour on, blot then reapply! I also like using a lipstick brush.

To make my eyes look wider I like to put a dark colour on the outer corners and I find it easier to use a thin eyeshadow brush to apply black eyeshadow under my eye rather than eyeliner, I also find it easier to remove! I LOVE fake eyelashes, from small ones for everyday use to make your own eyelashes look thicker, to massive ones for nights out and performing!

I also make sure I smile when applying blusher to get it on the apples of the cheek.


The outfit in the picture is really simple and comfortable, I like pencil skirts because they are so flattering and make your waist look small, espacially with a high waist band. I love wearing black and white together as it never clashes and looks quite classic. I also love the shirt as you can button it up or down depending on the company!


I like to play about with different hairstyles, in these pics I have made small waves at the front using cirbbies and as I have very long hair I have used a hairnet to gather it all together at the back.

You can find out more about Lacey Demure on her myspace.


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