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Punk Knit

We chat to Share Ross about her latest knitting book.

Punk Knit

punk knitting book

Share Ross has just released her fabulous new book, Punk Knit which is full of patterns for all kinds of punk and rockstar wear. We had a chat with her about her work:

How old were you when you first learnt to knit and how did you learn?
Ha! I learned to knit via the internet (online videos) about 4 years ago.

What tips would you give to people starting out?
First and foremost...go to a yarn store to learn to knit. I wish that I had done that in the beginning as it would have saved numerous hours of frustration. My only other to relax and knit loosely!!!! If something is too tough ...move on to something else and forget about it! Knitting is supposed to be fun!

What are you favorite things to knit?
I really enjoy making things that are deconstructed looking...stuff that doesn't look like it came from a department store!

Of the patterns you have made, which were your favorites?
Ooooh...tough question! My favorites are always the latest thing I've made! But from the really does rotate...I love simple things to add to an I really love the arm warmers and gloves and hats and things like that. But I am particularly chuffed with the Decon Sweater. It's just so......outrageously holy!

Where are your favorite places to knit?
I love knitting on my couch! But I also love to knit on trains.....watching the scenery going by...knitting away.

Do you do any other crafts?
Hmmm....does music count? I'm mainly a musician and stumbled onto knitting and found out I loved it. I paint a bit but wish I was more crafty. I've been looking over the many projects on the Cut Out + Keep site and trying to decide what to go for next!

Do you have any other knitting projects up your sleeves?
Nothing major right now. However....there's always new ideas and concepts brewing in the ole brain...

To find out more about Share, or to pick up a copy of her book, check out her blog.


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