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Corset style top made from the bottom of pantlegs
First tutorial - be nice! <333

Officially the most lucrative pair of pants EVER. First I made a great pencil skirt, and then this awesome top with the remaining "below the knee" parts. Okay, I feel bad even posting a how-to for this, because it's the easiest project ever. I know, because I was able to make it x.x I still drew you terrible pictures in paint, though!

I'm not sure what qualifies as a corset - if you make it the way I did, it definitely does a little something for your waist and bustline, but there is definitely no boning or even paneling.

Posted by Amanda L. Published

  • How to make a corset. Zipper "Corset" From Pants - Step 1
    Step 1

    So the first step, if you do it the way that I did, is to cut the bottom off of a pair of pants. I used a pair of black pants from the Gap that my cousin donated. This would also work if you just have a tube of fabric, though. Just make sure it is big enough to wrap around you, and long enough to cover as much of your midriff as you'd like to cover.

  • How to make a corset. Zipper "Corset" From Pants - Step 2
    Step 2

    Fun part! Measure your bust, waist, and hips. Lay your two pieces of fabric on top of each other and pin. I marked the top with half my bust measurement, the center with half my waist, and the bottom with half my hip, and then made a curve to connect them. Sew along the curve, and you now have a lovely hourglass shape to your top!

  • How to make a corset. Zipper "Corset" From Pants - Step 3
    Step 3

    Measure to the exact center, and cut a straight vertical line down the middle - this is where your closure of choice will go

  • How to make a corset. Zipper "Corset" From Pants - Step 4
    Step 4

    Next, clean up the top and bottom - since I used pants, I already had a hem on top. I measured sixteen inches down from the top to get the bottom hem - I'm tall and I wanted it a little longer.

  • How to make a corset. Zipper "Corset" From Pants - Step 5
    Step 5

    Attach your zipper, or whatever you're using for a closure, to the line you cut down the middle.

  • Step 6

    Embellish! I just got a new sewing machine with an embroidery function, so I put a little row of flowers on mine. Since I wanted more red, I threw on some straps from an old bra. I'm also planning on adding grommets and ribbon in the back so it looks more like a true corset.

    That's it! Please post comments, criticisms, questions and of course any versions <333

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Violet O.
Violet O.
Great idea! I love the added embellishment at the top. That really sets it off. I think you forgot to mention adding seam allowances before cutting the curves. This idea might work best with stretch denim or other stretch fabrics. Adding adjustable bra straps is a great idea for women like me. I'm large busted and would be concerned about a strapless garment staying up. <3
amazeballs · Tyler, Texas, US
Love this! I wish you'd post a video, though, because your drawn directions are a bit confusing.
Recycled Miracles
Recycled Miracles · Stateline, Nevada, US · 63 projects
I love this idea and plan on making one this weekend. I am thinking I might try to side in pockets along the sides (where boning would be) and using pieces of a gallon milk jug. If I cut a bunch tit might even be like a thick boning. HHHHHHMMMM if I don't sew the hem in those areas and only fold the fabric over I could the milk jug pieces removable for washing. Will definitely post pics for you Happy
Could You Possibly Make A Video Or Something?? I'm Confused!!
Pippa · 5 projects
This looks lovely I'm thinking about making one for Halloween but I'm kinda confused do you use both legs or one I don't really see how it would work with just one leg...
Anmorata · Lodi, New Jersey, US · 24 projects
yes! i have a pair of pants i can use! this is so easy to! thanks
Destiney Y.
Destiney Y. · Green River, Utah, US · 36 projects
super sexy!. this is perfect i have a pair of tripp pants that the button and come out of and all the belt lops are falling off.. yeah there just sad after squsing my pregnant butt into em 4 times and now im way to skinny for em.

so yeah once again my clothes hording pays off lol!
Sara A.
Sara A. · 1 project
Wow I absolutely LOVE this project, I'll be making a million of them haha :] I've been looking for something cool to do with these cheetah print pants I'll never wear lol!
Amanda L.
Amanda L. · 1 project
Sorry - use the BOTTOM. I actually made a skirt with the top of mine, and then made the corset from the leftover bottoms.
Danniee M.
Danniee M. · 2 projects
what part of the jeans do we use?
the top or bottom XD
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