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save the planet with marmelade, soy milk, and maple syrup!
If you buy vegan products instead of conventional food, you help to create a new and colorful world,
without speciesism and with a satisfying life for every living being.

I made this Pancakes for my Cat´s birthday...Normally she never gets sweets but she loves pancakes with marmelade soooo much!

Posted by eye*scream! from Bremen, Bremen, Germany • Published

  • Step 1

    Put all the ingredients into a big bowl, and whisk them until you have a dough, which is not too liquid and not too tight.
    Take the vegetable margarine and your mixture, and put them into your heated pan
    Don´t forget to throw the pancakes in the air sometimes, but take care of your ceiling!

  • How to cook a pancake. Yummiest Vegan Pancakes - Step 2
    Step 2

    Serve your soft-browned pancakes with maple syrup,raspberries, marmelade or just cinnamon and sugar..

    Enjoy them as if you were a child :)

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missmuffcake · Modesto, California, US · 35 projects
I made chocolate chip pancakes with organic maple syrup, sliced bananas and chocolate sauce on top (all vegan of course) with a side of fakin' bacon today! Pancakes are good!
Shae · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 3 projects
Looks good!

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