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From boring wooden crates/milk crates to adorable shelves!
Using old wooden crates to make into beautiful storage shelves!

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You Will Need

  • Step 1

    1. Get yourself some crates! It dosen't matter what kind, or what size they are. I used different sized and shaped crates, I think it makes it interesting. You can get these crates anywhere; garage sales, estate auctions, or even your grandmother's attic!
    2. Take your crates outside. They're most likely dirty and spiderweby(is this a word?! haha).I used a broom to sweep all the spiderwebs and dirt out.
    3. Next, wash out the crates using a bucket of soapy
    water and/or a garden hose.
    4. Leave out in the sun to dry.
    5. Once they're dry, the fun begins! Take them inside and stack them however you want! And decorate them
    however you want!

    You can use this for soo many different things;
    *A bookshelf
    *Organize and display your jewelry, clothing, and accessories (like in the first picture at the store)
    *Fill it with picture frames, vases of flowers (mine has dried flowers from every time my boyfriend's given me flowers), and other memorabilia that you wish to display!

    Check out my website for more pictures!

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hey guys, checkk out my blog to see a complete how to of how i made these! thanks! Happy