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Based on Wizard Wand by Katie's Crafts
I bought a 7/16 inch wooden dowel for a dollar.

It was 3 feet long, so I had my dad cut the end, he used a Cutco kitchen knife, which might as well have been a saw. I told him I wanted a pointy end so he used a pencil sharpener! The 7/16th inch is perfect size for the larger hole in the old school pencil sharpeners.

I cheated and left the point at that, but if I have more time I'll go back and lengthen the slope of the point with sand paper.

Next, I used acrylic paints to first paint the dowel black. I covered the non-pointy end in gold to give the illusion of a handle.

The longest part of this project is waiting for the paint to dry!

I found some crystal accents that conveniently had holes in them. I picked a round one and managed to perfectly thread black floral wire through it. If it hadn't fit, I would have had to glue it down! I slid the crystal down the wire 2 inches and used the extra to hold the crystal down to the dowel (because the crystal wouldn't stay with just glue).

So instead of wrapping the rest of the wand with thread and gluing it down, I just wrapped floral wire around it. I clipped the end of the wire with some pliers and tucked it against a coil.

Now I've got a prop for my Harry Potter costume!!

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PK · Modesto, California, US · 8 projects
Yes, I watched your video. I loved the crystal at the end. I would have been so sad if I hadn't found one!
Katie's Crafts
Katie's Crafts · Dracut, Massachusetts, US · 16 projects
Just curious...did you watch the youtube video of my project? In it I put a crystal as an optional part, and you used a crystal...i just thought that was cool!
Katie's Crafts
Katie's Crafts · Dracut, Massachusetts, US · 16 projects
Your version of my project came out AMAZING!!!!!