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Wire Mesh Bangle with a Viking Knitted Red Tigers Eye Camachon
A very easy bangle to make if you know how to do Viking Knit.

Posted by SheShellsJewellery from Fleetwood, England, United Kingdom • Published
  • Step 1

    Insert ready made bangle (mine was from Beads Direct) into 85mm mesh, cut to size with a small overhang on both sides. With some 20mm wire mesh, pull apart to make waves then place the mesh on the bangle and as above, cut to size with a small overhang.

    Fold the overhangs over the ends of the bangle, on the inside of it and use 0.4mm wire to sew the mesh to the bangle from top to bottom on both ends.

    Using 0.8mm wire, working straight from the reel and bail making pliers or a round mandrel eg a pen or similar, coil the wire around enough times that when you pull the coils apart sideways, it is long enough to fit around the cabochon. Do not cut the coils off the reel yet. After your last coil make an oval shape just smaller than the underside of the cabochon.

    Cut off around a metre of 0.4mm wire and see the loops that you made from the coils to the oval shape you made at the end. Wrap the 0.4mm wire around the oval 4 times, then go through the nearest coil and the oval twice, to tie them together, then repeat with each loop. After the last loop, wrap the wire around the oval 4 times then cut the remainder of the 0.4mm wire with flush cutters. Pinch the wire in at the end, so that it can't catch on anything.

    Place the Cabochon into the piece you have just made and told the tops of the coils over the cabochon.

    Now use the Viking Knit technique to finish the piece.

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