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the perfect home decor to make with your kids!
I admit, that there are a TON of easy DIYs out there to make with your kids. But I honestly never found any home decor that actually isn't seasonal or long lasting. That's because most home decor DIYs are only suitable for adults.

This is a super easy and fun project (not to mention budget friendly) you can make with your kids then adore on your home every single day.

You can also attach a bamboo on one side if you'd prefer to have it as a wall hanger.

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Posted by judithchen from Ilmenau, Thuringia, Germany • Published See judithchen's 35 projects »
  • How to make a tablecloth / table runner. Watercolor Insect Print Table Runner - Step 1
    Step 1

    I would reccomend to wash and iron the table runner first to give it a flatter, cleaner surface. This also helps the fabric to absorb the paint better.

    Pick two or three colors of acrylic paints to mix with the white fabric paint, or you can just simply buy fabric paints of your choice. This is just more economical and it works perfecty well until around 1:5 ratio of fabric paint to acrylic.

    Mix both paints thoroughly and add a few drops of water to thin it, and gives the water color effect on the fabric.

    NOTE: each color would look slightly different on the fabric. make sure to make swatches first on a scrap canvas, also to make sure the colors you pick match perfectly. I wanted to make mine mint and lavender, with golden insects but I made a lot of swatches before I decided on the color.

  • How to make a tablecloth / table runner. Watercolor Insect Print Table Runner - Step 2
    Step 2

    Brush your first color randomly. If you think its too thin, add more acrylic paint (or the colored fabric paint if that's what you use) and if it's too thin, simply add a few drops of water.

    Make sure one color is dry before you add another, unless you want them to overlap and get slightly mixed to get a third color. I let mine dry because mint and purple doesn't make a nice color when mixed.

    TIPS: if it's already dropped on the fabric and you want to thin it, simply brush it with a sponge. A cosmetic sponge would be best. I mostly use a brush cause my color swatch is rather soft (mint and lavender)

  • Step 3

    After both colors are dry (you can add more if you like), you can start stamping. This is my favorite part! Remember not to add water to the paint for this step, and use brush to cover the stamp with ink instead dunking it in to the ink bottle. It gives a thinner, and even look so you get a clearer sillhouette of the insects.

  • How to make a tablecloth / table runner. Watercolor Insect Print Table Runner - Step 4
    Step 4

    Let sit and dry, then iron with a damp cloth in between (see the instructions in the fabric ink bottle). That's it! Now you may use the shadowbox as a center piece. I left one slot in the middle empty for a jewelry slot in case I want to sit down after going out and take off my rings.

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