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... made from Ikea velvet to rock boring dresses!!
So, I bought the olive-coloured dress some weeks ago and thought it´s too plain and has also quite an ugly waistline seam... well, to cover and spice things up I decided to try something new and make some more accessories in general. I saw some kind of this belt a while ago and liked it. So, why not sewing one by myself?
The shell fabric is the velvet Ikea had in store, it´s so cute it has a paisley pattern in dark red, brown and blue shadings. The jacquard lining and the buckles I bought at a fabric market.
As you only need small amounts of fabric it´s generally a cheap project. Maybe the buckles can get a bit pricey.

Posted by So from Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany • Published See So's 58 projects »

  • Step 1

    Get a fitted basic pattern for blouses/shirts, no matter if there are darts or not.
    Draw in the belt as you like, just make sure the measurements at the side seams are equal.
    Measure the length of the closed buckle and reduce accordingly at centre front. If you want to have two small buckles with a "hole" in between like me, measure the buckle width and draw the hole in between.
    if you have darts, you can cut the pattern and close them. Maybe you have to adjust the side seam curve inwards so the waist measurement will be kept.

  • Step 2

    shell fabric:
    1*back on fold

    same as shell

    2*back on fold

    Don´t forget to add seam allowances, except at the new centre front.

  • Step 3

    iron the interlining on the all pieces.

  • Step 4

    sew the side seams of lining and shell fabric, the right sides of fabric are facing each other.

  • Step 5

    right sides facing, sew the lining and shell fabric at top and bottom seams as well as the holes. Crop all seam allowances and cut a tiny slit in the vertical middle of the hole.

  • Step 6

    turn the belt so the right sides of fabrics are showing, press and finish the frontal ends with a serger.

  • Step 7

    sew on the buckles at the frontal ends you just turnt and finished. I made it freehand because pinning the pleather wasn´t helpful on the velvet.
    it might take some time as the velvet is a bit slippery.

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thatgirlrahma · 4 projects
I want to try doing this with fur instead of velvet
nhothman89 · 11 projects
aww i have never seen such a belt (or belts?); creative! I recently have been trying to make a peplum dress, somehow, I made it too high-waist and the peplum kinda of camouflage my waist and made me looks like a pregnant mum :'(

I guess this belt would do the trick, instead of me having to re-operate the whole dress again. Thanks, great job!! Happy
pittysoares · 6 projects
What a nice idea!
Felecity W.
Felecity W. · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 86 projects
Gorgeous as usual. Cute necklace too!
So · Hanover, Lower Saxony, DE · 65 projects
i pass that to its creator Happy thank you!
. · 1 project
Oh I love this! It'll work so well for Ren. Faire when i don't feel like wearing the corset...So cute!
Ravens Trove
Ravens Trove · Wenatchee, Washington, US · 35 projects
I've just started re-constructing some belts, this is GREAT!
Regina K.
Regina K. · Thisted, North Denmark Region, DK · 5 projects
That dress is so precious and the belt is fantastic! Such a great combo!
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