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Chicken Nuggets Without the cruelty! :)
Chicken Nuggets without the Cruelty! :)

If anything is unclear in this How-To please tell me and ask questions I'll be happy to answer them

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  • Step 1

    Unwrap the tofu and shake off any excess moisture. Place the tofu in a Towel and drain out any Moisture.

  • Step 2

    Next, Prepare your Choice of Marinade in a bowl.Then let the Tofu absorb the marinade. Then set the Tofu to the side

  • Step 3

    Take your cornflakes and crush them until they get to a crumby consistency And add in your Choice of spices.

  • Step 4

    Then Take the marinated tofu making sure it's a little damp cut it in to your desired shape Then add a tine bit of water or an egg replacer the cover the tofu in the cornflake mixture.

  • Step 5

    Then prepare a baking sheet line it with foil and cover it with olive oil or cooking spray And place the tofu on the tray. Then preheat the oven to 350 Then bake for 25 to 30 mins.

  • Step 6

    Then you have you Chicken nuggets for all you new vegans who miss their chicken. :)

    Chicken Nuggets without the Cruelty

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Lauren W.
Lauren W. · Franklin, Tennessee, US · 13 projects
are cornflakes Vegan?
Sam Goth Winchester
Sam Goth Winchester · Crete, Illinois, US · 5 projects
This is an EPIC recipe!!! My sister is a vegetarian and we're always looking for food to make to take on car trips and the like because most places,when traveling, only have salad as their non-meat choice. we usually end up making green tea rice balls,which are awesome but not when that's the only snack brought.
ElmoGeval · Nederland, Colorado, US · 1 project
If you put tofu in the freezer for a while it gets a lot firmer (if that's a word xD) Just freeze it, let it defreeze again and than squeez it so you get al the liquid out Happy
Hot Coco
Hot Coco · Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, CA · 8 projects
I made them with tofu last night.

Sooo good! Even my meat-eating friends liked them!

Thanks so much for the recipe!

I might try the seitan recipe next time, as I've never used seitan before.
oReO~cOoKieE · 9 projects
You can also use Seitan Awesome recipe on working class foodies(:
Hot Coco
Hot Coco · Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, CA · 8 projects
I got extra-firm tofu and original Shake n' Bake today just to make these Happy
I'm so going to make them, they look delicious!
I'm totally going to make them.
Zombie Blood Glows in the Dark
oh yum! I can never find extra firm tofu but when I do hell yeah i'm trying this.
VegeEm H.
VegeEm H.
The first picture looks like the sunflower fake chicken...yum
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