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Have fun with fabric dye
Reasons for dying, they were dull and I didn't like the colour. This is a great way of revamping something you love, or maybe something you have never worn because the colour didn't suit you or in this case were just 'bla'.
Remember to check your fabric first as you can't dye certain fabric, the dye just won't take. Also note the colour mixing rules apply (e.g.. blue on red gives you purple), so if it's white or pale coloured that's perfect.

Choosing a colour, Okay so think about the colour rule or you could end up ruining your item. If it's pale or white, than you can go for any colour like I said there is a wide range so see what's in trend or simple what suits you. Also if your using an ombre effect you can use a few different colours.

Different technique, there are so many dip dye, tie dye, ombre and double dying. So don't think you have to dye the whole thing or just have a solid colour. Have a play with different items to see the different effects (you can always swatch a piece of old fabric if your unsure). If you have a plain white shirt why not ombre the bottom of it.

Fabrics you can dye: cotton, linen & viscose. Lighter shades on wool, silk, polyester.
Fabrics you can't dye: pure polyester, acrylic, nylon and fabric with special finishes.
Wash separately for first few washes to remove any excess dye

The longer you leave the fabric it will soak up more colour.

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    This was just a quick video, to show what you can do with one pack of hand dye which costs under £5. A way to update your wardrobe and get wear out of old clothing.

    So this is how mine turned out:

    The lace dress was perfect, I knew it wouldn't take to the underlay which created this very now look that I have seen in River Island, Topshop and other high street stores for 2012 lace dress.

    The T-shirt looks more tie dyed, this is because I had it with other items so it come out more patchy. If you want a solid colour remember it's better to dye an item on it's own and leave it for a few hours just to be sure.

    Zebra Print dress, as planned the ombre effect worked with only a little dye escaping I'm really happy with it and now look forward to wearing this dress. Remember you can always dye the bottom, or even double the ombre by dying the other bit another colour (e.g. If I dyed the bottom green).

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Serena A.
Serena A. · Paris, Île-de-France, FR · 96 projects
This looks just like a top I wanted to buy this summer **
Law1sfab · London, GB · 4 projects
I know tie dye is very on trend now, as is neon. It's so easy too Happy

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