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My Little Pony
My BBF has a 3 yr old who loves the new My Little Pony series. And for her 3rd birthday we thought it would be cute to dress up like some of the ponies. So we picked the two who had horns for our selves. We used some Crayola modeling clay we had for the horns. We molded the horns, and used a safety pin to create that unicorn spiral on the horn. Then let them dry for over two days. I hate air drying clay, but sometime you've got to work with what you have. Be sure to poke holes into the bottom so the inside dries out faster.

We molded them out of the right colors, purple and white, but as mine was white, every little piece of lint showed. So we painted over them in said colors. Before painting, we poked toothpicks into them to prop them up while drying, so we weren't holding them forever. We didn't have it, but we would have suck them into styrofoam to hold them up while the paint dried. We let that coat dry, then painted another. I added a light blue to the crease of the spiral to make it pop. Then using the paint like glue, we covered them in glitter.

After the paint was dried, we sprayed them with hair spray to help seal the glitter and paint. We didn't have and spray sealer ether, which would have been better. Then we glued them to the head bands. And they look absolutely fabulous!!

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